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  1. The only reason I'm not backing out is because MY23's will be more expensive and I bet we wait just as long.
  2. I was told on 1/7 that my expected ship date was 1/1 - 1/14. Emailed them on 1/14 and got this reply in a email. I apologize for the delay thus far. It sounds like you were given some incorrect information. Your unit has not shipped yet and the snow team is currently working to get an updated ETA released. Once an update is available you will be notified from them via email. Respectfully, Gordon, Representative, Owner Connections 2100 Highway 55 | Medina, MN 55340 Now I see this on Facebook looks like some will be waiting even longer.
  3. Polaris called me and said my sled is at the distribution center and should ship within the week.
  4. 2007 Crossfire 1000 Sno Pro was mine, MAN I was excited to feel that 1000. Bought that sled to join the 120 club. Modified that bitch with a Boondocker, air intake, D&D Y-pipe, BMP Fat Ass pipe, and I clutched that fucker, maybe some other shit as well I don't remember. Well after all that the POS was a belt muncher and the diamond drive was garbage. Bolts fell off of the fucking thing. Well after 1400 miles I was sick of the POS blowing belts and DD's so I got rid of it never to buy another Cat.
  5. GUARANTEED delivery by 06/2024. Thats my prediction. I'm done. IF I get my 2022 snowcheck it'll have a 4 year warranty and I'll run that and my Mach Z until I die.
  6. I've ran Rox on my sleds for I don't know how many years now, only ones I'll use. Got a set on my bench for my 2022 XCR, IF it ever comes in.
  7. Got the email, January, what next February, then March. Yeah I'm getting pissed. Since you last heard from us, we’ve continued to work tirelessly to get you your snowmobile as soon as possible. We understand that you want nothing more than to be out enjoying the winter weather on your new sled. And believe us, we want that just as bad as you do. Unfortunately, due to continued delays in component parts your snowmobile has been delayed and is now expected to ship in January. We understand this is not ideal, nor what we desired, but we wanted to provide as much notice as possib
  8. Flip Flops? Crocs man, they'll be wearing crocs
  9. Another 7-8" last night. Hope at least half of it holds through the warm up.
  10. I think Polaris will be sending out emails in the next 3 business days about the status of our sleds. If mine is extended any longer I'll be at my new dealer working a deal with them on one of the 2022's they have in stock or just getting my deposit back and fuck it.
  11. Stop your whinning or I'll send the Pitcunt over your way. Anyhow I see my new dealer has 2022 850's on the floor. Go get your deposit back and go get a 850. https://kenssportsgreenbay.com/Showroom/New-Inventory/New/Polaris/Snowmobiles/2022
  12. This area is here for serious snowmobile related questions & answers & NOT Sarcastic or "Bashing" in nature. Clean up in isle 8 please
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