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  1. Cats on the top https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOzcrPogmyU&ab_channel=SledsandGear
  2. Yes that is, in the back 40 after the Polaris ride we were on.
  3. BOOM! I'm going to start mine up today and see if she blows.
  4. Was looking in my Dad's old rivet gun case and found some old Kat Klaws that we used in the 70's. Brought back some memories of broken cleats and riveting them bastards on. Studs and technology has sure come a long way.
  5. I got a 12,000 watt coming that has both a 30amp plug and a 50amp. Looking in to a interlock switch it's the way to go. Just put a 50amp breaker in, 50amp receptacle outside. Wire that to the 50 amp breaker and I should be good to go. I like it THANKS
  6. Didn't know that. Going to look it to that.
  7. Just had a 60 hour outage up here in northeast Wisconsin so I bought a 12,000 Watt portable generator. My question is should I go with a 6 circuit or 10 circuit transfer switch?
  8. Lets give 10 billion to Ukraine and raise all the prices in the states here to pay for it.
  9. I'm still getting royalties from the marketing video they did with me.
  10. A05GSHO

    2023 Ordered

    My build was $22,017 and one of the dealers I've dealt with for many years gave me a price of $22,495 WTF. VR1 Boost with the 137 cobra and ES nothing more.
  11. and just what does the S4 weigh in at?
  12. That would be cheaper than the 850 VR1 or Assault turbo
  13. You guys need a Ski-Doo Renegade 900t XRS
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