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  1. I got the letter saying 12/15 BLA BLA BLA. I emailed the dealer I snowchecked my sled from and they just replied saying that mine will ship before 12/15, but Polaris didn't have a date yet nor could they verify if my sled would be shipped without parts. Polaris did tell him that some sleds would be shipped without the new gauges and spindles. I got the standard gauge on my XCR 136 650
  2. George, We have been working diligently to build and ship 2022 SnowCheck snowmobiles out of Roseau, Minnesota. As you are aware, there have been significant global supply chain challenges, and we have been affected by a number of these. This is an incredibly dynamic environment, with component availability changing daily. Beginning this week, we will begin shipping 2022 SnowCheck orders. Some of these sleds will be complete and ready to ride, and some may be missing some delayed componen
  3. You ain't getting shit, Why? Because your a piece of shit.
  4. Took a ride on my motorscooter from Pembine WI to Florence and out Hy 70 to Eagle River. Gorgeous color ride.
  5. Stupid fucking Eskimo, can't even shoot a shotgun. From the sounds of it you've been shun by your own Father, not to mention the tribe.
  6. Got a 2021 Mach Z and snowchecked a 2022 Polaris XCR 136 650. The 900T is a proven rock solid engine and I'll have a 4 year warranty on the Poo. I've been a every year snowcheck person, odds are these will be my last 2 sleds. I'm 60 now and my body has taken a hit over a lifetime of off road riding. Reconstructive foot surgery gone bad, right knee replacement in March, bla bla bla. Bought a Harley a couple months ago so I'll be getting in to that and fishing in my boat
  7. Over 3000 new cases reported in Wisco the last 4 days and a 1000 to over 2000 prior to that. HMMMM could it have something to do with all the county fairs, state fair, and Summerfest and not to mention all the other events opening up?
  8. I carry a Powermadd canvas roll up tool pouch bag with a folding saw in the back of all my sleds. I have some 2" black foam that I put in there so it doesn't bounce all over the place. I've never had an issue with snow in there in any of my Poo's or Doo's
  9. I know with aftermarket taillights and headlights I have on my truck, putting some die-electric on the seal of the LED bulbs stopped the fogging.
  10. I live and work with tech shit every day. I go to the northwoods every weekend to escape it and leave reality behind. I want to smell the 2 smoke on my 650 and here the turbo spool up on my 900T. So PIDD for me.
  11. $2.94 this morning in Sheboygee Winisconie for unlead
  12. New "U" variant has been discovered, we're all fucked.
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