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  1. Not a lot of trucks pulling trailers going north, but enough. I just said to myself where the hell are they going, no decent snow from northern WI to the shores of Lake Superior. Then I see pics on FB by the MSA at the Hoop and Holler of a bunch of sleds on the lake and sledders outside the bar doing their thing.
  2. Didn't say that. Theres a time for UTV's and ATV's and thats summer. Restrict UTV's and ATV's to the summer months and sleds for winter, but then like the Eagle River recreation dickhead told me . UTV's and ATV's are here to stay there were 300,000 UTV and ATV's registered last year and 200,000 snowmobiles. Numbers may not be right I don't recall his numbers in the email.
  3. I'm just fucking fine thank you.
  4. I did tell him I looked forward to meeting him.
  5. They'll reveal JUNK like every other year.
  6. Bet that made your sphincter pucker.
  7. Just inquired about an additional 2-3 extended warranty yesterday on my 2021 Doo with 4.6 miles on it. Was thinking to I should have kept my 2020 Poo. In all I guess I'll be keeping my 21 Doo for another year, but then ya never know word on the street is a 2022 850 turbo Poo for the low landers is coming.
  8. UTV's are what? up to 64" wide? Sleds around 44". Some trails in northeast WI in some areas aren't wide enough for both. Just pisses me off when I see AVT's/UTV's on the groomed trails rutting the fucking piss out of them. Snowmobiles and sleds shouldn't be on the same trails.
  9. Warranty starts the day I picked it up. Extended B.E.S.T. warranty would start 1 year after my pick-up date. So if i picked it up on 11/16/20 the one year warranty would expire on 11/17/2021 and the B.E.S.T. would start then. The 4 smoke Doo's are just so reliable so I'm not sure if it's worth the $700 for the 3 year extended or $650 for the 2 year. I just threw $420 at my dealer for the 2 year if they bite I'll buy it.
  10. Somewhat shocked here Chris, but you have to do what you have to. I myself only got a 1 year warranty on the Doo and contacted my dealer about the cost of an additional 2 or 3 year warranty due to the lack of snow and use this season.
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