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  1. Good ole Musky... I still hope he buys bookface and cleans house
  2. I command you to leave my profile

  3. All that free healthcare taking care of these people is costing time and money... letting them off themselves seems like a cheaper alternative
  4. Tough call I have an 09 600 Etec with over 10,000 miles. Starts easy and runs great, I used it as my backup sled on my last UP trip when the primary failed on my 14 800 Etec. Id make sure its completely cold, start it up and put it into reverse after about 10 seconds of it running. If it stalls out, pass... if it goes right into reverse, maybe offer $3500 and see where it goes from there. If a dealership had their hands on it last season I'm sure they sold him everything they could, might be a good machine
  5. Shannon Brandt sounds like a huge vagina... and eye for an eye would be nice
  6. I didn't think so... Your parents are proud I'm sure.
  7. Retirement? You're an adult? You going to ever start acting like one or?
  8. I was 14 or 15 and getting BJ's in the movie theater... haha! The chick was a little older than me though, maybe 16 or 17. Good times! If I was starting at 14/15 years old I can only imaging what the kids now-a-days are up to
  9. This is terrible.... RIP Godspeed to her family and friends This guy needs a good long swim with the fishes
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