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You need to stay out of ALL the sled threads.

This fucker is pretty damn nice...1.6” track, 850...love the colors as well.   

I love all of the talk about sled weight from fat guys that can’t walk around the block.

Posted Images

1 hour ago, Skidooski said:


Looks like the 850 Doo gaped the new Poo  :snackalack:

55 minutes ago, awful knawful said:

900t faster than poo 850.


My 900t was interesting, some days it felt faster than an 850, some days not so much.  

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38 minutes ago, mnstang said:

Surprised on the weights, the cat 600 is the lightest of them all.  The skidoo 850 is about 20# lighter than the skidoo 600?

notes (no electric start) - RXC has tall gearing which I'm sure doesn't help it's ET from a dig.

900T Doo is apparently a romper beating the Poo 840 - but the TCat/SRX is still the current king of the dragstrip.

I'm going to write some numbers on a piece of paper, change the results to my liking, take a picture and post it here.  :whatever2:


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36 minutes ago, SnowRider said:

I’d ride circles around you :lol: 

Yes, we know ... that's how shit normally works.  It circles the toilet before going down the drain.

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43 minutes ago, Zambroski said:

You need to stay out of ALL the sled threads.

I mean he actually goes on big trips farther than 40 miles from his house unlike you ya dubbah. :lol: :bc:

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