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  1. I mean, if their sled wrap AND all of their gear matched then yeah, I agree with you. However, my group all ride in Klim and 509 gear because for the most part, it works AND because one of the guys in the group is a dealer for both. Said dealer is always getting samples of other gear to try, as well. So far he’s just stuck with Klim and 509. 509 is sort of on my personal shit list lately though. I liked the idea of easy changing google lenses but almost ever set of lenses I’ve had since getting the damn things, have been a pile of shit.
  2. Should have seen the group of rich Northern Michigan University kids that I ran into that were jumping back and forth across the trail just south of Marquette. I watched one run into the back of one of the others and then I literally almost t-boned another one that never saw me and even though a couple of the kids in his group were trying to wave he over out of my way, he never saw them or me until it was almost too late. Not one sled in that group of 8-10 was more than two years old. ALL of them had some sort of brightly colored flashy “LOOK AT ME!” Wrap on their sled as well.
  3. SUUUCH a good job Big Gretch and Co are doing. The best of jobs, yes, yes. Nothing to see here. https://www.mlive.com/news/2023/01/michigan-ag-wants-to-seal-evidence-defendant-in-gov-whitmer-kidnap-plot-threatened-to-expose.html
  4. Zero bullshit. Every main trail or trail and road intersection we went through, last Saturday afternoon trying to get back into the town we were staying in, there was at least one young kid trying to ride wheelies on a Doo long track. It was like those old school side shows they use to have at the circus.
  5. Well, after ordering/trying on 5 more helmets, and not finding one in stock anywhere to try on, I ordered a CKX Mission off Amazon to try. First part is to hope it fits. It still amazes me, after all these years at how far off helmet manufacturers are from their “size charts”. Even two helmets from the same manufacturer are horribly different sizes. I am a little worried that this CKX will be too warm but I really want a shielded helmet, with a heated shield, for trail riding that again, isn’t a modular. Looks like this might me my last option other than some cheap, off brand snow sh
  6. He disappeared from this place for a while until his beloved political party had their large “showing” this past fall. Now all he wants to talk about is 100% liberal dem shit.
  7. Anyone with a double digit IQ has him beat. Add to it that he’s a lib, so he loves himself some Big Gretch and he’s doesn’t even live in this state. You know, the one that’s been under repug control for all these years yet it’s still a fucked blue state.
  8. I’ve had great luck with their goggles until the 2.0 Aviators that I bought last year. Complete garbage. I’ve been through 5 lenses. The foam that separates the two lenses keeps coming out of place and allowing snow dust in between the lenses.
  9. I had an ice cobra on my Fusion. It worked well for on and off trail. Ended up going back down to an ice ripper though, when I took the 136 kit out of it.
  10. Most of our trails end up with an ice/hard base. A studded short lug track always seems to run cooler on them. I wouldn’t want a BC track for trail riding either for the same reasons, noise and lack of traction on icy trails.
  11. Except for the fact that the only gas engine that Flint truck assembly uses is the 6.6 L8T which will continue to be used in the HD trucks going forward into the foreseeable future and is built at Tonawanda.
  12. Touché. Sounds like a really warm helmet though. If I had something other than my Klim F3, I’m sure I’d be ok. The F3 isn’t meant for trail riding though and that’s not what I bought it for but it’s comfortable so that’s all I have for a helmet right now. I have heated 509s. They weren’t melting anything yesterday until I stopped and left them on.
  13. I was riding in a very light freezing drizzle mist today. While I hate those cords too, sure wished I would have had one today. So, that’s a non-point with me. Plus, I haven’t found a helmet that I can’t fog, even if just a little bit, without a heated shield. I’m fat and out of shape. I breathe and sweat a lot. Even if a helmet can evac all of my breath, it’s usually sealed tight enough that my sweaty head will make it start to fog.
  14. I’ve been on the scene of two bad sled accidents in my life where someone had a modular type helmet. One made it but their face was all scratched up to shit (BVS2). The other was my brother in law. He’s no longer with us. His helmet (SD Modular) was in 8 pieces. I’d rather have something with a real chin bar. Close enough, imo. Plus, if I was going to pay that much for a helmet, I’d just buy an oxygen, tbh.
  15. Still a modular type helmet. Hard pass.
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