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  1. WTF? Absolutely not. New Balances and jorts. You clearly don’t know much about Corvette owner stereotypes. Actually, the C8 has been selling to a lot more younger people than previous gen vettes.
  2. It’s actually really easy to drive really fast. You know you’re hauling the fucking mail while you’re doing it though so unless you’re really comfortable in that environment, most don’t have the balls to hang their ass out in that car for very long before they puss out and back it down. It’s certainly not made to do that shit on a public road either so yeah, there will be plenty of them wadded up, just like other crazy fast shit.
  3. I’m aware. Thanks for the heads up though lol.
  4. That car that burned down wasn’t an EV/Hybrid. People just like to jump all over anything automotive and fire with a “it was an ev deerrrppp”. https://gmauthority.com/blog/2022/08/burnt-down-c8-corvette-in-spain-wasnt-an-e-ray-gm-says/amp/
  5. Still not paying over retail for it.
  6. Everything costs too much Mark. I was going to order a new Camaro later this coming summer but discounts on SS and up models got cut so not gonna happen until that reverses course.
  7. You need to drive a C8 then. Agree on the bimbo. She has to be one of the more irritating YT’ers/car “influencers” on the planet to boot.
  8. But the grip that areo provides is where it’s at, at track speeds. Not to mention that the Cup2R tires you get with the Z07 package are just street legal racing slicks. They cannot even be run at an SCCA auto cross event, other than prepared/mod classes, because they are a 180 tread wear rating.
  9. Find a mass produced N/A car, in this price range, that is faster. Top speed wise it could be faster but not with the current final drive ratio (5.56:1) that it has which was used to put the engine speed where it needs to be, to be better on the track, corner to corner. Also helps with 0-60 and 1/4 mile times not to mention just everyday driveability.
  10. Not bad for an engine that’s basically an LT5, eh?
  11. I agree, I don’t know how Whitmer is still in office other than there were a few groups that tried to recall her and nothing happened. Not to mention, the idiots in SEMI, Lansing and GR just keep bringing these idiots into office and like everywhere else, then run this state. It’s pathetic. I’d be happy to have something like Texas or Florida up here and but I am not moving to either of those states though so here I am, trying like hell to do my level best to get these idiots voted out. Personally, I think Whimter’s goose was cooked until the RvW deal. Then, with all the dems not ha
  12. I see a few between mid and semi. Not a lot, but a few. No one is excited about her because she’s not the nominee that most people wanted.
  13. She don’t fucking need him to speak, to win. So why waste the time?
  14. It’s how Michigan has always been, thanks to the UAW. You can’t even watch a news channel other than CNN, in any UAW plant that I’ve ever been in.
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