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  1. Will probably do a dual rate fts spring set from Hygear as well.
  2. So hopefully no more Advil/Tylenol combo after riding now? Heal up buddy. That new sled isn’t going to ride itself.
  3. Mine is lucky to hit 45 on a long, straight, open stretch. So, no real worries there. I am more concerned with assholes hitting her. That’s why she doesn’t trail ride much. Just unmarked stuff for the most part these days.
  4. Honestly, I would be better off having a solid communication system between my wife and I while riding. She’s polish and overly sensitive. No idea WHY she married an Italian but whatever. Literally she wanders at times and when I try to rein her in with hand signals, along with trying to talk to her through helmets with sleds running, she always thinks I’m yelling at her.
  5. I had an original Doo modular and BVS2. When my brother in law got killed on his sled, the pieces of his original Doo modular were scattered everywhere. Sold both of my modular helmets shortly thereafter. I bought an HJC full face like I use to wear, before open face and modular helmets and I never wear it. Too heavy and can’t see anything. I’m just as warm in my Klim F3 and my heated 509 goggle solve any sight issues.
  6. Yes. I get my discount on them from Paul. Going white/red/black to match the rest of the sled.
  7. Ordered XHD torsions, mid height deep snow white windshield and the larger Polaris windshield bag for it today. Going to start the search for a proper dual rate spring set for the front skid shock as well. I will make a decision on the front springs/shocks after I ride it.
  8. Yes ice storm not ice cobra. Had an ice cobra on my fusion when it was still a 136/7 and it was a great off trail trail. Not my favorite on trail though. I would definitely run the 1.5” track gearing if I went with the Storm. Hell I use to run 22/41 in my Fusion with the 121” track. Love that corner to corner pull. I usually only go to the UP to ride off trail. Wife’s family has a place in the northern lower where I do 95% of my trail riding. With these shitty winters that may change a little though. Scratchers irritate me on my RMK where they are a necessity at times. I’d rat
  9. Never really been a 1.352 Cobra fan. I want enough traction for glare ice, otherwise I would be fine with an unstudded track. Cobra is $515ish. 96 studs is $200-250. Ice Attak or Ice Cobra is $595ish.
  10. 137. My temp issues always stem from lack of snow on the coolers and lack of coolers themselves. 600 HO Fusions always struggled with coolant temp issues. I could literally feel the difference in the sled, when the trail would get thin because even with all of the extra wheels I was running, I could feel the hyfax drag more. Click the temp gauge up and it was running 10-15 degrees warmer already. Hit a patch of good snow, all was gone just as fast. Try to crawl through the woods with the women in the family, it was always running warm. Even if it was cold and there was good snow. That
  11. Yeah, it was a rental. I think I’ll be giving the Ice Storm a try. I put an Ice Attack XT on the wife’s Classic and it seems like it’s a really hard durameter track. It makes a TON of noise. The only thing that I DONT want is a sled that runs warm all the time because of a tall lug track, shit snow conditions and slow speeds when riding with the wife and her family. I HATE scratchers on a trail sled too. So I am still torn between an Attack and a Storm. The place in your link is $10 cheaper than Snow City MI. That’s where I’ve gotten all of my tracks in recent history.
  12. Yeah, fuck that. I look at this like driving a car with cords hanging out of a tire.
  13. Flex seal maybe? No? Hot glue then? Buddy of mine: “Run it. It’s only one.” Um, the fuckin cords are showing brah. No thanks. I’ll just replace the damn thing. Chaincase and bearings need to be serviced too so, no biggie. $600 track beats the shit out of a wrecked trip.
  14. Well this is sort of a bummer. I was just going to throw 96 studs in this track but I guess I’ll put that money towards an Ice Attack XT now. It is the only one that I’ve found so far but the lugs remaining are really worn as well. The skid is coming out for a shock rebuild, heavier springs and probably some bearings anyways.
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