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  1. You’re going to be waiting a long time.
  2. You do realize that your beloved Tesla is practically leading the way with this bullshit, right? SDVs (software defined vehicles) are coming folks. True reality. It’s probably even a bigger push inside automotive companies, than EV is, currently. Don’t worry, this won’t lower the cost of vehicles at all. Electrical accessories and EV range is just the beginning. Imagine if you could pay a monthly fee for more HP or a number of performance/handling improvements. Yup yup. It’s a comin. Thank the millennials and Gen Z.
  3. Had both. Even two in the same chassis. If straight line traction/acceleration was what I was going for, I’d have the longer track. I’m happier with the 129 for what I bought the sled for.
  4. Says the weirdo that has two separate accounts on the same fucking web forum account. pSyChIatRIsT!
  5. We are talking about dual use sleds in deep off trail and trail riding. You said we were selling them short without being specific at where we were doing so. So, my post stands. Tipped up rails or not the only place an Assualt is better than a 129-137 on trail is putting power down in the straightaways. Total waste of time imo. The amount of people in Michigan that I see riding a 155 on the trails (like legitimately all day trail riding) and guys trying to play in the deep back woods shit on 144 class sleds, is astounding. I’d rather not ride before I’d ever take my Indy off trail or my SKS trail riding.
  6. Yup. Totally agree. While up to my in laws place, a month ago, our friends/neighbors up there asked me if I wanted to go on a “guys ride” later in the afternoon that day. I agreed. I’m riding with two Assaults. One 850 with a 1.6 cobra and the other was. Boost with a 2”. Fourth sled was a Riot 146, didn’t even pay attention to the track. I had my 129 Indy that has a Rip2 on it. We end up back in these gas well areas where there’s some hills, only about 20-30” of snow. None of these yahoos could hardly pull a line and all they are doing is running up and down the hills. Even had a couple of them stuck. I didn’t have a problem and spent a lot of my time on my seat because it was so lame. They kept saying to me “show off” and “when are you going to take us UP back country riding to show us what’s up?” Yeah, um, like never? If you’re struggling in less than 3’ of snow, in the open, and you’ve been riding all your life, you need to just stick to trail riding then. Off trail riding is in fact more than just how much track or ski stance you have. These guys were logging road only guys. Which is fine if that’s what you want to do but it’s not what I drag my SKS to the UP for. I’ve had two. Even spent a bunch of time trying to make the first one into a mini RMK (SKS 146) Still not going back. They are not great on the trail and they are mainly a logging road sled off trail. Get them in the trees, gulleys, etc, and you’re fucked.
  7. No, you just weren’t going far enough off the trail, that’s all. Lots of guys have tried to come off trail ride with us with their 137 x 1.75 sleds. They usually don’t have a very good time. Not trying to be a dick but we actually won’t even bring them anymore. You spend all day digging them out and you can’t even go where you really want to go.
  8. 3000 miles on my 2015 RMK. Original 2.4” 155 track. It’s lived it’s entire life out in the woods here in Michigan and a few trips out west. It’s missing the tip off 2-3 lugs, that’s it. The PC is a nice track but I don’t see it holding up any better than the Polaris tracks. The only Cat guy left in our group has similar mileage on his 16 M and he has just as much track damage as I do. The 155 is nice to explore areas that sleds typically shouldn’t be in, that’s for sure. The still get stuck if you try hard enough though. Now that I’ve had two sleds for both types of riding, I’d have to give up riding one of the two types before I went back to one sled. Soooo nice to not have to compromise.
  9. I literally only posted that just because you talk like a man with a paper asshole. I bet money you don’t know one gay or trans person. You’re just posting this shit to wind people up and waste time out of your pathetic fucking life.
  10. Look who’s fucking talking. Talk about mentally unstable. Anyone that believes in the shit you spew here, as wholeheartedly as you do, need serious mental help. I hope to fucking god you didn’t reproduce.
  11. They did get a refresh yesterday, from what I heard. They needed it. The first picture I posted is from the Lake Superior outlook, on Trail 8/H-58 just south of the Hurricane River Campground Friday, before they got the LES storm yesterday. We could still get into/out of Seney and Grand Marais. No good trying to get into Newberry but should be no need for you guys. Everything north of Seney has plenty of snow. We will be back up there in two weeks for our annual spring ride with the off trail sleds.
  12. Wife’s sled has the Polaris M10 in it. Great for her but I don’t like it.
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