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  1. So you’re saying that the previous “owners” of Twitter were using it as “an electronic dartboard to control their, and only their views”? That’s accurate. And if Elon has plans to do the same, NONE of them would have tried like hell to block him from buying it or be crying about him now owning it.
  2. I’m sure you think the same of Bezos and WaPo, right? Just for one example. Unbelievable levels of stupid in you. Really.
  3. You know there are plenty that can and still are even after this deal is done.
  4. The people that can’t afford the big trips will just camp closer to home. Also, since the Covid camping spike, most people figured out that the didn’t want to deal with setup/tear down/towing but liked the actual camping part, so they just bought a seasonal lot. Seasonal lots are almost non existent now and campgrounds are building more, if they can. We didn’t get into camping to stay in one place all the time. We bought it to travel. Camping is a big enough waste of money. If you don’t own the lot that you’re keeping it on, that’s even worse, imo. Only thing that is cuttin
  5. Eastern UP yesterday. It’s probably mostly done after tomorrow though.
  6. Accurate. Minus the 10 mm bullshit. It’s pretty dumb and played out.
  7. Or a 2000’s era ZRT/Thundercat being hauled in a steel framed trailer with a sticker on the back ramp door that says, “When this gate drops, the bullshit stops.” Never mind their PLETHORA of Cat leather riding gear and Gen 1 SD modular helmets.
  8. Found the end of the snow pack about a mile or so from Superior.
  9. I think this was the last one for the year, today. No complaints on how it ended, if this was it, either. Keweenaw will easily be riding into May and I’m jealous. I’ve ridden the last week of October and the last week in April, in Michigan so far.
  10. That’s what I’m saying. Polaris will error on the side if warranty costs with the engine calibration. They are using similar controllers to the auto industry now.
  11. A turbo 2S sled is going to be hard to be consistent, performance wise, unless it’s ridden in perfect snow and weather conditions. Even then, Polaris will error on the side of warranty and there’s going to be people who will be pissed when it keeps pulling timing dumping off boost and adding fuel to save itself. I always said that a 2S low elevation turbo would never work great but if it was attempted, you’d need some pretty serious engine management. I think Polaris has the engine management part onboard now so they figured fuck it, give the masses what they are asking for.
  12. Don’t bring HIM into this. He changes his clutching for different HP levels on his T4S Cats. It’s CLEAR that he doesn’t know shit so why would you want his opinion on this?
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