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  1. Is the Cat even sorted out yet? I’ve ridden with a few from multiple years of production and all of them seem to have their little quirks. A close friend of mines zuk 800 runs great. He’s had a few sensor issues but I think that was because the previous owner stored it outside or something. The 2019 850 Polaris in our group had its odd ball issues but never left us working on it or dragging it out of the woods. Everyone I’ve ridden since that model year has ripped. I can’t believe we don’t have pages of blown up Polaris 800 engines here yet…oh, that’s right, our faithful
  2. 110% the 2006 900 Fusion I had for 650 miles before making Polaris buy it back.
  3. Had a Cavalier come in one time that needed a brake switch. Every inch of the interior except the drivers seat, center console, headliner and dash was covered in cans of cat food. Fucking thing stunk like hell too. Had an ASEP student at the time that got a quick lesson in why the job sucks the big one sometimes.
  4. One of the Duramax forums I’m on is pretty tight but with little VS intervention.
  5. I bet it does not last for long. It can’t. Patient care takes much more of a hit and the country will be in deep shit. More and more companies are working around the mandates. The more that stand up, then maybe there’s a chance. I don’t know if they will have to though. The country can’t support what they are causing with this shit. Someone is goi f to have to step in and end it. I wouldn’t mind if we just stopped paying for pensions and lifelong pay for these DC and government fucks. Literally no one else in this country gets that shit, why should they?
  6. Totally aware. Most of these people hadn’t washed their shit in months, had months worth of trash on the floor or had other steering/suspension parts LITERALLY falling the fuck off but god damn that stupid I shaft clunk.
  7. My 2006 with 220k on it has the original shaft and it’s quiet as a church mouse. Now, lower column bearing on the other hand, I just replaced the original one of those this week. I was a steering/suspension/brake tech in a Chevy dealer from 2000-2007. Well versed on the i-shaft deal. No idea on how that was a deal breaker for some people back then but it is what it is.
  8. The old LM7 5.3’s were tough too. Early GM LS engine cold piston slap was a bit of a thorn in the side but I’ve never seen an engine fail from it and a lot of the Triton Fords did the same thing.
  9. That 6L/4L80E HD powertrain combo has to be one of the best as far as longevity. My work car is the last of the 3800’s, my HD is an LBZ and the wife’s Jeep has a 4L in it. All some of the best engines as far as longevity ever made. The Michigan road salt is long on its way to killing the steel on them but amazingly the only one showing external rust right now is the truck. Hoping to take care of that next year sometime.
  10. Your intermittent stupid rants about political arguments, on a CE based site, are fucking retarded. Take your meds already.
  11. It is especially noteworthy when you drive the car hard. You can beat it senseless and it just takes it. No crazy overheating or anything. Yes, in a street trim setting the base car pushes pretty bad. Better tires and alignment cure about 90-95% of that though, in my experience.
  12. See and all of them that I know, spent every free dime they had and still are. I live quite modestly but wouldn’t mind living better and with less debt which at this point is pretty much just our house and the wife’s camper.
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