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  1. Those skis are interesting looking..
  2. I think the 60 degree angle allows the insert material to be increased length for more surface material to contact the track as well
  3. Trade deere for cat...no thanks. Keep the cat name and it's not so bad
  4. They're different in the angle of the insert. There was a whole write up on them.
  5. The hardware has gotten out of hand
  6. Starting to come together.
  7. I saw that one on FB. It was a good price. I just cringed at the holes in the hood from those mirrors
  8. Delayed response from the EV superheros on here, but now it's getting entertaining
  9. There's proven vaccines, and there's "vaccines" And unfortunately there's stupid people
  10. Electrical gremlin I bet. You probably end up making your way back to the stator. And you pulled the reeds, so you know those are good.
  11. Dam, that's a tough one to diagnose
  12. They need to start building good clutches again for that.
  13. Mine as well throw in a comparison for 440's from the 60's to now.
  14. Not really, that's why they're all over 800cc's now
  15. Why does anyone think a 600 will make any more power especially with emissions standards now in effect? There's only so much air it can push through, especially with a single pipe.
  16. I think it's more about money than control, control just goes with it. All government issues come down to, follow the money
  17. Why does it say "stock break in 2"?
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