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Michael Flynn: Trump could deploy military to 'rerun' election

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18 minutes ago, Crowder said:

Yeah sure he is. :lmao:And Flynn told him to:lmao: 

He’s gonna do it. This is all about conditioning the minds of the trump cult. They’ll do and go wherever he says. The next 4 weeks is gonna be fun. You’ll know it’s coming down when you see some people at the White House running for the doors. He’s already dismissed every high ranking military official who would stand against martial law and replaced them with those in agreement. 

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He's gonna do something. 

I'm pretty much convinced ..............he's gonna' do SOMETHING!!! 

I know this fukkers mentality. It's not the money.......it's his EGO!!! 

Problem is..............he has a lot of support. 

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1 hour ago, Rigid1 said:

I mean really??.you take up server space with this..

no different than 'the kraken' or all this supposed evidence of election fraud that exists but somehow never gets presented in court by the Elite Strike Force.

Actually now that I see it in print, it's a fair bit better :lol2:

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25 minutes ago, SayatodaU.P.eh? said:

Can you believe the mind bending commie liberal SHIT STORM that would ensue if DJT DID do this? Fuck yeah. Let’s do it. I want to see this off the charts bullshit. It would be great entertainment. 

I wanna see really really bad. 

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