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  1. They told him he was barely alive as it is. Take a booster and it might improve the Bidenesque brain activity.
  2. She lost me at 1 in 61 people have died of Covid. Is she that stupid? Is anyone that stupid? I’m not an anti vax.
  3. Didn’t read the previous 7 pages of this. We all know he was a fag along with the most of the polaris mods along with zamboni who thinks he’s a comedian but sounds like a tool. Tomcat was cool though. The old HCS days where fun. Haven’t logged in for a couple years. It’s a shame though since the new thing is facebook groups that bring out the dumb with their name attached to it. I must be getting old but semi anonymous forums were a lot more educational and interesting.
  4. Who knows how much truth to it there is at this point but it wouldn’t surprise me. Similar issue around 20 years ago or more when they were forcing the anthrax vaccine on pilots. Many refused and had concerns.
  5. Interesting. If that’s true it pretty much blows a hole the leftists arguments doesn’t it. Sadly it’s political for some odd reason. I guess you could claim they are downright lying…..if real research shows otherwise.
  6. Can you imagine 3 more years of this guy? Never going to happen. He’s pickled.
  7. Allstate for me. Best prices I found. Under $350 total for 3 sleds that are 3-7 years old. Price was the same when they were new.
  8. Title should be a nut job at the airport not anti-masker. Good lame attempt at trying to prove something.
  9. Watched 30 minutes of MSNBC to hear the spin. Quickly mentioning Biden has his hands full and the rest of the time talking about Trump Bush and the other “architects” of this mess they claim. 🙄 Shocker.
  10. “I recommend the vax for some and try telling everyone to get along” meanwhile posting a thousand threads on why Covid isn’t bad, vaccine this or that. 😂 As I’ve said since the beginning, the Covid hoaxers are as bad as the shutdown the country masks everywhere crowd. Neither shuts the fuck up. Not a whole lot of people in the middle using common sense in my opinion. The truth is in the middle.
  11. I remember seeing the 83/84 Hurst Olds at the dealer when I was a kid. Great looking cars and those Lightning rods shifters were cool. I’ve got a friend with one. Total pigs but so was everything in the early 80’s.
  12. It’s pretty messed up. Instead of being pissed at China we have a bunch of cronies running around pissed off at our own country for trying anything whether it’s vaccines or any other measures to fight this. It’s pretty laughable if you think about it. China must be laughing their asses off. “Those dumb fuck Americans”
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