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  1. What the issue with the 6-speeds? I’ve heard it’s better to own a recent 6-speed than the 8-speed. Most of the GM gurus I know recommend putting on one of the “range” or other devices that disable AFM and DFM on the 5.3 motors.
  2. No. How you post this shit without doing two seconds of research is beyond me. I’m not cheerleading the drug. Just pointing out the obvious.
  3. BS. Know two. Both about a year in between cases roughly. One not vaxxed. The other I’m not sure.
  4. That’s pretty funny. I agreed with the verdict but Greene is a fruit loop
  5. Saw that. Was probably a brilliant move to increase her social media traffic and any interest in her. Bet she doubles her income in the next few months with the golden shower.
  6. Some of these guys sure get fired up for this show. Ha! I quit watching it last season after it got ridiculous, though I did watch the finale. I bet viewing demographic is about 75% chicks. I did tune again for the season premiere and didn’t think it was as bad as I expected so I’ll keep watching until it gets really bad again.
  7. You sound like an offended libtard. Maybe you never played sports. The lineup and hands has been that way for 40+ years. Kids and coaches need to go to their safe space if they can’t handle it. Parents are pretty out of control these days with kids sports. I’ve always found it odd when parents literally live their life posting and fully consumed over teenage sports.
  8. True. The last of the good SNL was when Farley was there and then during the days of “celebrity jeopardy” .
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