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  1. Tired of changing diapers?????
  2. Has to be polaris 550 in the background?
  3. If you can fly it, fuck it or float it....rent it!!!
  4. Freedomsledder's Most Annoying Member At least you are right about one thing...nailed it!
  5. Kinda like Kamelatoe Harris, our "Border Czar".....
  6. That would be the dumb 1/2 of the country. Unfortunately they currently have the majority vote.
  7. Thanks for that Joe......
  8. Spot the fuck on!!! "Freedomsledder's Most Annoying Member" Noggin is a close second to you though...better keep an eye on him.
  9. Just curious as to how much you pay in taxes on your marijuana distillate sales per year???
  10. Did leave them several hundreds of millions of dollars worth of military weapons and infrastructure to use against their neighbors and us in exchange.....
  11. Paranoid much???? Dude, you need some serious mental help. GET A FUCKING LIFE!!!!!
  12. Funny as FUCK!!!! I didn't see you maglite in the picture....up your ass perhaps??
  13. How fucking sad that you have your very own thread to remind you how fukin deranged you are!!
  14. MC is the designated pants shitter on FS
  15. You have to have the SMALLEST DICK on the interwebs....but somehow you manage to be the BIGGEST DICK at the same time. Get it over with
  16. Cat parts are getting harder to find a decent deal on from my experience lately... Several online parts outlets stopped offering them.
  17. It's "kaddywampus' out here in Oregon....at least in my family, as it's about the only place I have heard it. Funny to hear it, regardless of spelling as it's apparently an older saying cause you I don't hear many people using it
  18. A lure made just for suckers!!!
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