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  1. Isn't it about time you go back under the fuckin rock you were hiding under for the last few years?
  2. NOTHING of VALUE!!! Oh, wait, he did cover his piece of shit sons ass!
  3. I guess I do have to give him credit on that redeeming quality. He has actually done two or three other good things for our state over all these years.
  4. Wyden is a fuckin dumb shit Biden wanna be. He's been fucking up my home state for decades.
  5. 30 inch dump last week....another 30 coming this weekend/first of the week with snow in the forecast all next week. Just hit our maximum depth base for the season. Should put us out till at least mid May for riding. Oh, and it was 80 degrees here in town yesterday!
  6. I was not referring to the government per se. The bold was referring to you and thinking your buddy Brandon has done anything real to help the US....you know, the kind of stuff that would boost a president's approval rating.....
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