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  1. Cat parts are getting harder to find a decent deal on from my experience lately... Several online parts outlets stopped offering them.
  2. It's "kaddywampus' out here in Oregon....at least in my family, as it's about the only place I have heard it. Funny to hear it, regardless of spelling as it's apparently an older saying cause you I don't hear many people using it
  3. From today's ride Preview attachment IMG_2623.JPG IMG_2623.JPG 32 KB More snow on the way!
  4. Sent you a message Thanks, Mike
  5. I could have ridden October 16th, but I was too busy elk hunting. Late October is not uncommon here for those who can't wait.....it usually melts off with the real base starting around turkey day.....but we also get to ride till May always, and usually the late part of June
  6. They are becoming very popular here in Oregon. No restrictions as far as riding trails since our regulations specify that any vehicle with a track is legal. I'm looking forward to getting on one this season. I should have free access them as a tour company I do maintenance for is going to have some in their fleet
  7. That last CM was probably me...from adventuremotorsports...

    1. ckf




    2. Mikeadoo


      Thanks to you.  

      Hope we get some snow early this year so we can get some snowmobile topics going....this political stuff is driving me nuts!!!

  8. The blade was cool when it came out....but it was still a tub style sled with the bars/rider waayyy behind the engine and the front suspension hinged from the outer edge of the frame instead of the center. But boy does that drive shaft mounted brake look familiar....although the XP has the rider's foot right next to it instead of a foot or more behind it. They did get rid of those stupid trailing arms though.
  9. No....just that Doo invented the REV platform that led the industry to where it is now... Also, you forgot to add Ski doo's electric reverse to your above list of industry innovations. All the manufacturers have contributed.
  10. If you look under the plastic on your polaris, you will see a pyramid frame....polaris' version of the REV. Like it or not, Doo changed the industry with the REV and the other manufacturers followed their lead.....thank god or we may still be riding some old tub style POS.
  11. Forget about the REV platform??? It's the one that everybody else copied.....
  12. "It was only in 1960, when engines became lighter and smaller than before, that Joseph-Armand Bombardier invented what we know as the modern snowmobile in its open-cockpit one- or two-person form, and started selling it under the brand name Ski-Doo. Competitors copied and improved his design."
  13. My "Free" 07 800R 151 Summit. Was given to me...all it needed was a shortblock. Also have an 05 800, an 04 550 summit ZX, and about eight 550fan Revs...plus a couple other oddball sleds I'm rebuilding to sell.
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