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  2. https://news.yahoo.com/deontay-wilder-finally-pays-tribute-190015752.html
  3. Yup, the CBC also had a segment where they used a mannequin in a hospital bed to report this fake news story.
  4. Holy shit. I 100% agree with you. Both of them, worthless, making millions off lies their audience gobbles up.
  5. Yup. Media driven irrational fear
  6. So let's walk through this since I can tell you're getting frustrated with facts. If traffic dropped, say at any time in 2020, anywhere from 10%-50%, in any state, does that automatically mean delivery drivers stopped driving and delivering? Did you not see that UPS, FedEx and USPS drivers were deemed essential workers? Wouldn't that mean they still had to go drive their vehicles? Now, let's move to the subject of non-essential workers. Literally millions of people transitioned from travelling to their workplace, to working from home. The technology demand was insane trying to meet the de
  7. He was a fucking idiot. The true counterpart to Maddow, preaching to idiots that have the mentality of a second grader as he connects all the dots for them.
  8. An slEd might work for me most of the time. Doubtful a Taiga is my cup of tea as far as an enjoyable sled, but still applaud their efforts. My favorite evening loop is 70 miles round trip and most of it is twisty and in the woods. My favorite weekend run is about 180 miles. Both are an enjoyable physical workout and I'll typically put on 2k a year doing those type of runs. I do have the option of riding numerous cornfield and rail bed loops if I want to ride wfo and rack up miles. I'd rather watch paint dry. There's plenty of mileage braggarts on the forums and in this thr
  9. Hey, at least the sent two tips for the glue, enough to get your booster next time.
  10. I woke up about an hour and a half after assembly...face down with my pants around my ankles. Not sure what that was about?!?!?! Also, pretty sure somebody vaccinated me while I was unconscious. WTF @ArcticCat?????
  11. That glue was some strong shit. Even with exhaust fan on it took a while to clear.
  12. Pretty awesome to have two races in the States, just wish they were closer, only have an F1 race and Moto GP race on the bucket list left to see.
  13. Honestly, I never heard anybody brag about high miles until I got into forums. Maybe they did but, I just wasn't in their circle to hear it. We just rode until we got tired or, tired of it.
  14. I wish they would come back to Watkins Glen, that would be amazing with F1's history there
  15. When you ordered online, how the fuck does it get to your house, a magic fucking carpet?? How does the product get to the distribution hub or store? Another magic fucking carpet, I do 1300-1500 a week of windshield time traffic has been normal for well over 18 months.. But anyway, let's go with your fantasy, since traffic is as normal today as it was in 2018 and I will agree for a couple months traffic was down while traveling, but definitely not all of 2020 as you claim..When should we be seeing fuel costs go down to sub $2/gal levels?? In 2-3 months?? In 4-6 months?? or once Biden is out of
  16. My son just came back to work today after his bout with the China Flu. He felt pretty shitty for a couple of days with flu symptoms but the worse part was quarantining for 10 days.
  17. Yeah I'm not into racking up miles for the sake of padding your tally. It seems very basic but to each their own. Just seems the guys that do that thinks that's the only way to do snowmobiling... Big "trips", hotels, set routes, being a tourist and then back to the suburbs and proclaiming that the hotels don't have charge hookups so electric sleds are worthless. When I was a kid we'd ride every day when there was snow, rarely rode trails, never even talked about miles. We pounded ditches and raced in fields and knew how to get all over the place the way only locals can.. I still like t
  18. Today
  19. Wait, let me throw this in since you seem to communicate better with these.
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