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  2. Umm, you would pay sticker?? I myself might get a little better deal than retail, I think some others too..
  3. I just didn't want to deal with roofers this year, you broke-ass bitch. The ones I did call/ came up, all sucked. I didn't like any of the bastards. I'll find a good outfit next year.
  4. He is all mouth , that's why he loves sucking cock
  5. Ur still yapping about his wife , ur a fucking Asshole !!
  6. It popped in my feed on YouTube I thought it was interesting that Rogan who knows fighting says it was a slow count You clearly care about me as you follow me around the forum. I live in your head rent free Jimmy Cuckhold
  7. I've spent more than your wealth this year. Not jealous at all.
  8. You made nothing u have nothing , ur a LIAR !!
  9. 4 broken jonsereds, a leaky pickup, and a box of shit is all kinds of stuff Not sure why you want to choke everyones chicken on this site. Money and offering of male sex is in WAY too many of your posts. Having a mancrush on everyone here is really weird. If you were a baller you'd have enough to not care if you took some out to spend it on a roof since it would grow either way. You obviously have no idea what a real TNW is.
  10. I never asked about your wife. I asked about your dirty, smelly, fat-assed, droopy-titted, ass-odored broad!!
  11. I made numerous dollar bills in the last two days. Another couple of days like that, and I'll be at my ATH........again!!! Are you jealous of my wealth?
  12. I told you I would post a pic of my wife after you did your house. You are the chicken shit that is creepy as hell asking for everyone to post pics of their wives.
  13. No you don't. You've proven that already. No you aren't. You did some half ass redneck job your siblings paid for while you were the mule.
  14. You're afraid to post your broad, because we'll all laugh, and I'll say she has ASS ODOR!!!
  15. I had the money, I just didn't want to deal with the fukkin roofers this year.
  16. Post your broad, and we'll decide if she's hot, or not. I'll decide if she's an ASS ODOR candidate.
  17. So you didn't save $16k then dumbass. Nothing you ever type has any truth to it. Special "man" you are.
  18. Nope. Never experienced that with any women. You must roll with beasts.
  19. Yeah, I know it's a temporary fix, at best, you electrified dildo. How about your broad? Does she EVAH have ASS ODOR? Have you ever been doing her DOGGY-STYLE, and had her ASS ODOR come wafting up to you?
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