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  1. revrnd

    Gas Prices

    Tourism guy for the Kawarthas said last week he didn't think the gas prices would affect visitors this summer. I'm sure he's been huffing gas to think that way. It cost me a hundred bucks today to fill 2 5 gallon cans w/ premium @ the local station. I can just imagine what marinas are charging for regular. I recall a few years ago seeing folks at the station w/ a utility trailer full of jerry cans. I'm guessing it was worth the hassle to fill them up in town to fuel their toys than go to the marinas on Chandos or Jack's.
  2. Used to sight in my rifle before the deer hunt at the Raglan Pits or Tank range as we called it. The last time that we were @ the Third Hole was about 20 years ago. Sadly after we left there was a fatal dirt bike collision where 2 collided. I think that started the end of it. As we were sitting there watching the guys running the mud, two couples in a Benz M class SUV rolled in (Mommy's ride?). I said to my brother the trails must be getting too easy if something like that can drive in. I know 1 day I drove my stock S15 from Burketon to the Pits across the Boundary Rd & there were a couple
  3. Great pics! I'll have to dig up some pics from Nightmare Alley which was west of there closer to Durham 57.
  4. Quite possibly. I think my brother (he's 58) knew of him in the mid 80s from his days of 4 wheeling (trucks) out @ Baldy/The Third Hole, east of Burketon.
  5. Dave has been around for as long as I can remember (Used Parts Plus I think was his previous business), so he's probably in his late 50s and ready to retire.
  6. Up & running this morning (responding to a PM).
  7. Sean I saw the article before it was posted here & was thinking of the insecure helmet charges. I'm sure the rule has been discussed before, but how common is it. I know once I inadvertently hadn't done up mine up, but I would never ride w/ the straps just flapping on purpose. How often is this charge laid?
  8. My ride on Tuesday was just over 180 klicks, Good conditions all around. Good job by the Centre Hastings, Percy Boom & Havelock District clubs. 961 klicks so far for the season
  9. Brother sent me an update & I contacted a friend (from the victim's hometown). Knew the guy (a neighbour) when he was still living in Ontario. Seeing as it's in Dysart et al, the accident was very close to the bottom end of Algonquin by the old Martin Lumber saw mill. Did a 120 mile loop from Apsley up to Bancroft & Baptiste today. Ran from Ptbo out to Campbellford on Mon'. Haven't run past Hastings for a couple of years. Hoping to stage near Havelock on Mon' or Tues' & head east. Not sure what my total is for this winter. 18" on our snow stick
  10. revrnd

    District Maps

    Does anyone know if the districts have started getting their paper maps? Seeing as the T.O. show was cancelled & didn't go to Sledarama. In the past I've missed getting the odd 1 map, so contacted those districts.
  11. revrnd


    Sad indeed. I got a message via Faceplant that he had passed away. I never met Gary, but always enjoyed his posts. A good friend of mine (and a sledder) has cancer. He wasn't able to hunt this fall, but has been doing the preseason work on his sled. His permit came in a couple of weeks ago. He figures it's just be at his parents' farm if anyone visiting wants to ride.
  12. I have 6 extra 303-1AH-C-R1 U01 relays. If you're in the Ptbo or Bancroft areas, I can deliver, $10 each.
  13. I'm no longer a mod on OC, so I'm not sure who you can direct any inquiries to.
  14. What are the meth or crack heads getting for them. I remember about 10 years that it was iffy when parking in the GO lots.
  15. That pretty much is similar to my thoughts. Its a few litres of motor oil, gear lube & ATF along w/ a tank of gas in Lake Simcoe. I doubt that when it's lifted off the bottom, there would be much 'sheen' on the surface. It's not like it's the Exxon Valdez or a broken pipeline. The recovery cost to the owner is enough of a fine.
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