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  1. What are the meth or crack heads getting for them. I remember about 10 years that it was iffy when parking in the GO lots.
  2. That pretty much is similar to my thoughts. Its a few litres of motor oil, gear lube & ATF along w/ a tank of gas in Lake Simcoe. I doubt that when it's lifted off the bottom, there would be much 'sheen' on the surface. It's not like it's the Exxon Valdez or a broken pipeline. The recovery cost to the owner is enough of a fine.
  3. In light of the news segment of the F150 going thru the 'ice' on Lake Simcoe the other day I got into a discussion w/ a person that really doesn't have any knowledge of the situation. In a case like this & recovery not possible until after ice out what (if any) charges and/or fines would the owner be liable for? My friend says the fines would be huge. I didn't want to say if there would be fines if the truck was recovered or how 'huge' they would be. Sean do you (or anyone else) have any knowledge in how the MOE and/or MNR deals w/ these 'episodes'?
  4. Maggie sure didn't add much to the genetic equation...
  5. Not quite 3300 klicks. Even got some riding in down by Havelock & Hastings on separate rides.
  6. https://muskoka411.com/snowmobile-rider-charged-after-taking-off-from-opp/ I hope I'm not putting you in a spot asking you about this, but what would've prevented the officers from laying a 'flee from police' charge?
  7. Is that Bull from Night Court? (asking for a friend)
  8. revrnd

    Well that sucks

    And newbies to the sport... We've been sledding in the Apsley area since Winter '70 & there have been a few drownings due to bad ice over the years. The most recent pair were a couple that were on Jack's Lake much too soon for the conditions a couple of years ago. The 'narrows' is bad & not safe. Anstruther has had 3 or 4 drownings @ the north end when people drove into the open water (mid winter even in the coldest winters). You have folks that are new to cottaging or never wintered. They would likely have no idea where the 'no go' areas of their lake are.
  9. After reading the posts, I was talking to the neighbour at our woodlot on Sat' & said that I'd had the sled out on the property. Neighbour: Did you hear what happened in Tweed? Me (expecting news of a sledding fatality): No was there an accident? Neighbour: No apparently they're fining and turning people around with snowmobile trailers. Me: I'm not sure if that's legit or not (and I told him what you had said. I'm guessing Tweed is in you territory Sean? This is getting really stupid. A lot of these 'I heard it from a cousin who's friend told him he saw it on Face
  10. Thanks! The helmet looked like 1 of those $45 Crappy Tire open face versions... Some people go all out for the best helmet (in their mind) that money can buy, while others go for the 'cheapest bucket' that they can find...
  11. Speaking of helmets, here's a new one. (As a cyclist I shake my head when I see 'riders' wearing a ball cap under their helmet. Not really sure how that would work out on impact) Now to today, two older couples ride by on 4 Harleys. The second 'woman' and I use that term loosely, was wearing a baseball cap under her open face helmet. We've heard grumbling about the police checking helmet straps at spot checks on the trail. Discussion has gone back and forth about whether this is for checking for helmet secureness and/or booze on the operators breath. Now to my question Sean, what wou
  12. Dumb question of the day. Quoted from Faceplant: I've been driving since '77 or '78 & never heard of this until today. Barefoot yes. File this along with the "it's illegal to leave the trailer hitch installed" nonsense?
  13. That's not the EOTA though. You can 'ride' the length of the Hastings Heritage trail & you'd be hard pressed to see where they've done anywork. I think the EOTA caused some issues w/ the implementation of the Hav-A-Ball loop that the OFSC was planning last winter.
  14. X2 on both bolds. The km markers & the stop signage needs a major refurbishment. The decking on the Heritage Trail on most bridges is in awful shape. I think even though the carbides & studs cause the majority of damage, the sled clubs are hesitant to repair the decking because the ATVers see the most usage of the trail. The only project I recall the EOTA being involved in was replacing the bridge by the Bancroft airport a few years ago. A few years ago an ATV club in Havelock was trying to 'take over' the E107 towards Apsley. I can't see how that would help ATVing
  15. https://buffalochronicle.com/2020/05/10/gerald-butts-fears-that-indigenous-activists-are-extorting-trudeau-with-evidence-of-illegal-sex-sources-say/
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