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  1. Paudash had to reroute part of the 619/Chandos Trail. Green is the new 'trail'.
  2. Good news a solution has been found: From the Paudash Trailblazers Faceplant page today:
  3. Some good news for a change: https://www.timminstoday.com/local-news/area-snowmobile-trails-get-funding-boost-5881196?fbclid=IwAR2OFsuenbLoJvVRSXtKoK0WbnYCD8DV94e4-12TkN_xqJg17Ii_HD_e1Ek
  4. revrnd

    Grease Shortage

    Apparently there was a fire at a factory in Illinois last year that makes a main component. Google: 'factory fire grease shortage'
  5. revrnd

    Grease Shortage

    I was looking for some chassis grease the other day @ 2 Crappy Tire stores. Between them they may have had 6 cartridges & none were what I wanted. Even the low temp stock location was empty. Looking @ the inventory online of a 3rd store, same thing, zilch. I checked @ the local NAPA & was able to get some. I asked them about shortage & they more or less looked @ me like I was new. 'Yep we've been dealing w/ it for several months now. We never get the amounts we order for restocking'. So I guess if you're looking low temp or any grease for this coming winter, get it when you h
  6. On the lodging front I see that the Nordic Inn in Dorset is now the Firehouse Lodge. If you know of any other lodgings have closed or reopened, please post here. Thanks to you guys that have over the years sent me updates.
  7. If anyone here knows a friend in the Durham Region or Peterborough (I'll even include City of Kawartha Lakes) that dabbles in web design, could you PM me. I'm looking to 'move' the web design and hosting closer to home. Here are a couple of screen grabs that you can pass along: I can pass along my contact info if necessary.
  8. From the Paudash Trailblazers Faceplant page this week: Maddening about this is that last winter the club opened a new trail to make access to the gas station in Gooderham easier.
  9. revrnd

    Gas in Coe Hill

    I was there today and the business was open. There was a sign on the pumps say GAS COMING SOON. I'm not sure if the place is under new management or not. I know there was no gas there last winter and quite possible that the business was closed altogether. This is good news for sledders passing thru on TOP E.
  10. And jokingly commented when her mic was on that she didn't know how much she was paid...
  11. Justin only got back from LA a few days ago and I hear on the news he's off to Europe...again.
  12. I saw that online last night. It's only taken this long to figure it out. Fail, on your quote of my post, I'll take it from where it's coming from.
  13. https://www.reuters.com/news/picture/g20-protests-idJPRTR2FQPJ
  14. Some people seemed to have forgotten about the G20 riots in Toronto.
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