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  1. Thanks. I just about clipped a guy a year or so ago. It was getting near dusk & his left wheels were on the yellow line. I didn't realise he had a deck (no sleds loaded) on it since there was no clearance light @ the left front corner of it. I did shift over to the shoulder to avoid hitting my mirror.
  2. I'm just glad it's only 20 minutes or so to the Coe Hill lot. Met 5 guys there that had left Hamilton around 6 AM to hit the snow. Talking to them @ the end of the day & I think they did around 250 klicks. We did 190.
  3. The decks on top of the box, that stick out past the sides of a typical pickup (wide enough to carry 2 sleds).
  4. What are the regulations on vehicle widths/clearance lights in regards to sled decks?
  5. Up to Lake St Peter Today More sleds parked across the front of Porterville too. Honey Doo's has been sold and is now: Will check it out next time we're up there. Also Trudy's is closed & for sale. No gas in Coe Hill.
  6. My fear is that in 2 or 3 years (or however long the gap is) the same issues are found on the French River bridge & it gets closed for repairs...
  7. Some pics from Blue Monday
  8. Breaking trail around the yard. Surprisiingly I didn't get stuck in the snowbanks beside the driveway. Off to the woodlot tomorrow to break the trails there & over to E107.
  9. As of 11 PM 7" on the snow stick here in Apsley. Nephew was saying 9" on the ground at Ballyduff (north of Pontypool).
  10. If you have received my POI file in the past, I have updated it after a couple of season. PM me if you're interested in the .gpx file.
  11. I was thinking of a couple of spring shackles too LOL
  12. In case some of you have forgotten what a snowmobile looks like...
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