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  1. That sucks. Sounds like the Elan the last couple of seasons. It would start OK, run it around the yard for a few minutes & then quit. Last year I didn't have to tow it back to the shed. Everything seemed OK. Fresh fuel, carb was clean and spark. We guessed that maybe the coil was 'breaking down' as it got hot. Brother installed a new 1 & it ran fine the rest of the winter around the woodlot.
  2. I'm guessing Tory won't be voting for this guy: https://streetsoftoronto.com/former-conservative-city-councillor-rob-davis-is-running-for-mayor/
  3. Bush riding now...
  4. Hit 20,000 a week ago Sat' coming back from Mazinaw. Dropped it off @ the dealer for some PM work that's above my 'pay grade'. LOF when it gets home to the shed. Not sure what the issue is. Lets see how long this 1 lasts
  5. Last ride of the season
  6. Just off Baptiste Lake this morning:
  7. From Monday's ride on E208: 120 klicks between Ptbo & Campbellford w/ a side trip to Keene. I imagine the folks I was talking to last winter from there have had a few rides from home this season.
  8. From this on the weekend: To this today:
  9. God I haven't ridden in Ardbeg since the mid
  10. I had to laugh at 1 woman on the news saying, 'He's blaming it on COVID and being lonely...whatever'. Was he living in his office & couldn't make the drive home? A lot of people are saying what he did should be excused because he & the staffer are consenting adults. They don't seem to remember that he's married. I wonder if the missus has been as forgiving as the average Torontonian?
  11. It's been like that since day one hasn't it? A rider in our group had it on the wrong side. He's blaming the dealer, but the newer valtag is on the wrong side, but an older 1 is on the correct side. The reason I noticed is that I was standing on the left side and the sticker was expired. 'Mike you know you still need to get a val tag?' 'Yeah, this year's is on the this side.' Me: ? 'The dealer put this year's on it...' I don't know how the dealer would be involved since he's had the sled for a couple of years. Does he need the dealer to put his birthday sticker on for him?
  12. What did a glass of OJ cost there?
  13. Or someone else was aware of it? From what the Star said, they asked his lawyer about it & that started the ball rolling.
  14. Where do we start? An old fuck trying to act cool all the time. Cut from the same cloth as Norm Gardiner. Got stuck on a snowmobile trail near Lindsay blindly following his GPS As head of Rogers he was around during the fiasco of making customers opt out of an extra charge cable package (that nobody wanted) rather than opt in. When I went to their local office to cancel mine, people were lined up out to the parking lot to cancel the 'package'.
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