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7 hours ago, irv said:

I don't know the whole story, didn't even read this piece in its entirety, but, unfortunately, banning/ignoring the Salvation Army will only hurt the people who rely on and need them the most.  

From the reading I have done in the past, this is one charity that uses the most of their donations and pays the least to the CEO's and the like.

Definitely stupid of them if true.


The higher ups make plenty. It’s not on the check. Free house to live in,free car,free meals, credit cards to cover expenses. Like many non for profit,experts in cooking the books. I won’t donate a penny to them.

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11 hours ago, Big Crappie said:

 Irv is absolutely correct. Good Post.

Typical Knee jerk reaction that the American public has based on a headline. If you read Irv's link you'll see that The Salvation Army's message would be inline with Jesus's message. The problem with is they used the word apologize which we all know is a trigger word that they shouldn't have used. I don't have a problem with them asking us to look inside, think about the issue and do our best to kind and decent. :bc:

My wife and I donate food and money throughout the year to the local Sally Ann.

They run the thrift shop and food bank in my community.

The do good things with little overhead. 

Them and the red cross are the only two we donate to.


This was a stupid, woke person trying to virtue signal. Shoulda just stayed out of it.

Some of the anger is stirred on both sides, for the opposite reasons, but the result may be the same.

It's a Christian organization, and many hate Christians, even if they are doing good works. Shut them down.

Many are Christians, and hate being called racist, while doing good works. Shut them down.

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