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  1. Right there I know you ride alone . Do you ride with your wife ? to ride with one kid two kid three kids four kids or 3 or four kids and a wife? Then you’ll say you should either make more money or not ride with your kids. Skiing ? 80 per person per day. How about that gas in the truck that you need to do work out of that’s extra hundred a week. If You’re not an average American don’t talk like you are. Not all people do things on their own. There are things called families. And btw, everything else is up too. Makes it real hard for lots of folks. And since when is an issue fo
  2. So it’sour fault all you guys could produce is braindead Biden ? And used covid for mass non solicited mail in voting, and all but one tv news mecia and facebook and…….. That’s expected i guess. You guys blame society on most crimes and thus defund the police and have judges let criminals out. Fucking idiots. Fucking fascists.
  3. We locked in to $1.50 gal Propane earliet this year until next June. :thumbs
  4. It’s a business acct with both names and it is brought up because Joe shouting out he has no idea what his sin does for business. And if you read up on this acct and correspondence with a biz partner asking where a tax return. ant goes on it. So even more info needed…however….
  5. Hey, easy guys, his wife must had really hard labor and/or birth.
  6. Just saw on GMA a drone fall colors vid you (CKF) made. Was on about 8:15am. :thumbd a Just remembered to rewind tv and take a pic.:)
  7. Go choke on a plastic bag and i’ll show you how much i care
  8. CFM

    Meme thread

    And. 1/2 country wants more gov’t. Wtf ?
  9. He’s very racist, but yeh, he’ll sniff anyone.
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