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  1. A smell of winter here in NH today July 30 2021 :thumbs
  2. Yup, SLP's make good ski's. Of all different models. Seem to work better than most others on trail. Can't go wrong for sure.
  3. Little while ago , about 2hrs, walking the dog, 3 baby deer. 2 really baby deer. You may have to zoom in.
  4. If at Epping that's crazy high DA (density altitude).
  5. OE catss worth a ton more than aftermarket
  6. I agree. Big difference , though, when from private business rules and gov’t laws. :thumbs Big one , obviously, is businesses won’t be paranoid about baby sitting patrons on mask wearing. Sounds petty but it’s not.
  7. Yes ! https://m.facebook.com/wmur9/photos/a.79879943716/10158568728723717/?type=3
  8. CFM

    Uh Oh

  9. Thanks. Yup, was able to finally see that on microfiche and finding pic of part. It’s like a mini lug nut stud. Lol.
  10. Sorry for bad typing. My finger tips and phone keyboard don’t work well together.
  11. Frigging thing broke when unbolting the tensioner arm/pulley assembly off from chsincase. It is pressed in from backside or pulled in from chain side. Looks just like very small lug nut stud for car/truck. Looks like I have to pull chaincase out or a bit to do this as it appears not enough room between brake rotor and chain case housing. Is their an easier way than pulling chsincase ? Like a bigger hole thru brake rotor i’m not seeing on quick inspection or is pulling chaincase haleay easy ? This sled has sat outside without cover and ravaged by chipmunks. Most things I’ve to
  12. Lol. I know. And I know you know alot about most all sleds. Rare someone asks for tech help here, so little tech back and forth stuff, which i prefer to read and participate in.
  13. If that guy asking POO 900 questions doesn't get anywhere tell’m to come over. Several of us can’t reply over there due to technical difficulties. Lol
  14. Because of work and taxes (I do my own including business) yesterday was my last. I’m sure the trails we ride yesterday (Sandwich) will be okay today and thru weekend. Lots of it heavily shaded. Just use scratchers.
  15. I rode yesterday in central NH till late afternoon. 6 pm ? . Everyone else says we have no snow. Okay, Right. LOL. Prob Sat or Sunday it will be done. But flat and fast now. Make sure you have scratchers as I do.....ie: the season extenders.
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