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  1. Left work 2hrs early yesterday to go for a rip as next week high temps may stick us with a fork.
  2. Blew 131mph 2:50am and -80.1f windchill 6:30am today. Wicked up there for sure
  3. Not disappointing Remembet, there sre akways people working up there. Several have to go outside every hour for some of their measurements and equipment. Update live conditions few minutes ago. Check windchill too.
  4. For people that don’t know, you can see current weather up here, updated every ten minutes here: https://www.mountwashington.org/experience-the-weather/current-summit-conditions.aspx
  5. CFM

    650 owners

    Cuz’s 650 stuck a piston. Only 30 miles on it at the time. Locked right up. I was riding right behind it when it happened. Not a cold seize as we had been riding a good 40 min without a break. Coolant temp was around 112. 20 minute later got engine to rotate and start (wouldn’t rotate right after it happened) and drove it under say 40mph home. Didn’t try over that. Seemed to run fine but a little down on power. Dealer did compression test yesterday and reported one cyl under 100 psi. They are tearing apart today/tomorrow to see what happened. I’d post it on HCS but I can’t. Doh.
  6. Moultonboro net gain 1/2” sleet Ossipee/Tamworth about 2-3” net gain sleet ThursNight/Fri am 5-6” snow will be very wrlcome
  7. I’ve been riding , and notably 3 x 90+ mile rips after work day central NH this past week. :thumbs With MA vacation in full effect here, thin areas got real thin last two days. Hopefully ee get done refreshening this week. I wouldn’t say best in several years but def had some great rides last week.
  8. Slydog trail. I’m in NH. Lots of Granite ! Reason we are called The Granite State.
  9. Yes they are soft because yes they are stainless. 3rd time I’ve done this. Lol. Funny thing is, my sled handled fine each time. Sure I left huge dart provoking grooves . Lol.
  10. One above from Noaa. This one from wmur:
  11. I bet, warmer means open windows and more noise heard, and if dusty conditions, I’m sure that can add to the dislike.
  12. As mentioned, lots of people with the ride lights in our area. I don’t mind either. Only ones I laugh at are those with lights who hand signal too. Wtf ? Also, those tat hand signal on rr grades. Unm,okay...I can see all 20 of you. Feel like giving these the finger. Lolokok Sunday, few green jackets (ticket writers) where out, so i gave fast oncomers my police light signsl, few got it, few crosseyed me. :)Whatever, I tried to warn them.
  13. Still better to clean, then polish. Simple too. Not much area on a sled.
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