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*** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

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1 hour ago, Blackstar said:

Planned? You want to go that far down the rabbit hole wit Polaris550?


Botched lab experiment I can almost believe, but you would think the security at that Wuhan facility would have been extreme.


So a botched experiment. Ok.  So they shut down all domestic travel while keeping and encouragaging international travel.  Wuhan security is a joke.

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She. I go to Lucy.    I gave the girl today an $18 tip. She looked at me like I had 3 heads. I said I’m tipping for all the other assholes who are going ask for their $2 change back.

Agree but that might not be enough............however, if he gains big ground and about to win, and I would support him, on the 11th hour some woman will suddenly claim she was sexually assulted by hi

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22 hours ago, 1trailmaker said:

Gas is pretty expensive I saw 147.9 key river 

Esso dropped 6 cents over night to 133.4


and a barrel is only 80 dollars :dunno: 

125.9 in Orillia and Cumberland beach, 134.9 Bracebridge/Huntsville.


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While Canada has around 200 cases a day Florida with its we don't care about life isn't doing so well.

In 5 weeks they have gone from 2000 a day ( horrible _ ) to 23000 cases a day....  So much for those thinking this is a weather related virus like a flu.


USA is now average 100 000 cases a day 

and 4000+ deaths a day while Canada has under 7


vaccines are working in Canada the numbers prove this to be now fact



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Was AC invited to the party


BARRIE, ONT. -- It was a moment Dieter Mueller had been thinking about for almost sixty years.

 On July 15, he and two scuba divers set out to Otter Lake, south of Parry Sound, searching for a long-lost case of whisky bottles that sunk to the bottom in 1964.

 Mueller was just 15 years old at his family's cottage when his neighbour returned to his cottage by boat with a case of whisky onboard. That's when it happened

 "He ran right into his dock at full speed," says Mueller. "He totalled his boat, the boat listed, and the whisky went down."

 Mueller says his neighbour wasn't hurt, but the damage was done.

He tried that same summer to find the whisky, but it was too deep without a scuba tank, and he knows of others who have tried over the years but failed.

Yet, 57 years later, he knew it was down there, and it was time to find them despite was others in the past have said.

"In all the time that I told my friends about it, they said how you do you the whisky is still down there, I don't think it's there."

Mueller reached out to scuba diver and the owner of Barrie Scuba House in Minesing, Dave Davidson, to help him find the lost treasure.

Davidson, who ironically was born the year the bottles sank, says he gets requests from people to find lost items such as watches, cell phones, and even boat motors all the time, but this time it was different.

"When somebody says, hey, I know where some whisky is, you go, that's a lot different than just going to find some drone or a ring or something, that's something that's interesting and intriguing."

In the water, Davidson would make several rounds in the area Mueller believed the bottles were, but he says it was murky and hard to see two feet in front of him.

But when he returned to where he started searching, something caught his eye.

"I could see something brown shiny through the silt, and I knew it was glass, but I had no idea what it was," he says.

At first glance, he thought it could have been a maple syrup bottle and brought what he found to the surface.

"I ascended to the surface and presented the bottle to Dieter, and he informed me that's the bottle," says Davidson.

When his treasure emerged from the depths of the water, it confirmed what the 72-year-old Mueller knew all along.

"It was a brown jug of Gooderham established 1832 bottle of whisky, crystal clear inside., beautiful condition, the real McCoy."

Neither of the men has plans to crack the bottle open and sample the whisky any time soon, allowing the mystery of what it tastes like to live on.

Davidson says he's already been offered a thousand dollars from a Toronto golf club to display it in the clubhouse, but he's not selling.

"What I'd like to do is put it in a display case, put a picture of Dieter and the bottle and myself and Adam who was with us on display so that we can talk about it and it can be a story. "

As for Mueller, he's already making plans for another dive out on Otter Lake, where he believes another dozen or so bottles could be sitting twenty-eight feet down. 



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I hope as cases climb rapidly (in warm summer months), I hope we don't go into Doug lockdown again.   If so I hope the anti vax people are happy with this hoax.   Your local business does not thank you for your efforts.


70 people still on ventilators 

113 hospitalized 


With the economy opening up we have to do better for these businesses - some just don't give a shit about them or care about the sacrifice made.

Funny the reluctant seem to be anti Trudeau people, just an observation the people that claim to be all about Businesses are really not that at all

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LockDownDoug says if you are NOT vaccinated by Thursday this week you can not run under PC party and will be removed from the Party

A few members will be ejected under DougLaw



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On 7/19/2021 at 8:43 PM, ArcticCrusher said:

So a botched experiment. Ok.  So they shut down all domestic travel while keeping and encouragaging international travel.  Wuhan security is a joke.

AC you okay?  

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12 hours ago, Blackstar said:

I like Doug over the other POS's.



I like that Doug forces private businesses to campaign against the Liberals with signage and decals. 

Comply or be fined $10000's 


I do like the ommison tests are gone.

I do like Smoke Pot anywhere you want is okay too.


not happy with the removal of Cap and Trade - this is costing us 


I am wondering if Andrea has a shot this coming spring?  I doubt it be you never know


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ADAM (dumdum) BBQ was just ordered to pay law suit for harassing a disabled person in his restaurant in front of a load of costumers.

The guy is filth and his anti mask shit is fucked up.   He had another restaurant in Aurora that closed due to not paying his rents....


I hope he goes to jail


A discrimination case has been added to Adam Skelly's long list of legal woes, with a customer at one of his Adamson BBQ restaurants successfully proving to the Human Rights Tribunal that they were refused service on the basis of their disability.

The applicant alleged that they were hassled when they tried to park in a no parking zone, as is permitted by their accessible parking permit, and told by an employee that they would not be served if they did not move their vehicle first.

The employee then was said to have retrieved Skelly, who when informed that the customer had a legal right to park in the location, allegedly said in front of a long line of patrons "I don't care. I can refuse service to anyone I choose to."

"It is frustrating enough to deal with mobility issues, without having to endure the disrespect and blatant disregard for the law that was exhibited that day," the applicant stated in their case — and the adjudicator agreed.

"I agree that the respondent's owner and employee behaved in a way that was disrespectful in front of the restaurant’s customers. The applicant was forced to explain his needs in front of a busy restaurant, and the owner did not even step out from behind the counter or stop his work to address the applicant," they wrote.

"No attempts to accommodate or even understand the applicant's code-related entitlements were made... The owner and his employees have an obligation to familiarize themselves with the code and to abide by it in their dealings with customers."

Adamson BBQ was ordered to pay $2,000 in compensation "for injury to dignity, feelings and self-respect" as a result of the incident, which took place back in 2017.

After opening his Etobicoke outpost last November for maskless indoor and outdoor dining in deliberate defiance of provincial lockdown rules at the time, Skelly was arrested and faced multiple charges under the Health Protection and Promotion Act, and was later found to also be operating without a business license.

He also racked up a $187k invoice for the police presence sent to his restaurant to deal with the drama, which lasted multiple days.

His Aurora location was then permanently shuttered last month for non-payment of nearly $50k in rent while Skelly was dealing with the legal challenge he launched against the province claiming that the government unconstitutionally forced businesses to close during the health crisis.

"In its response to the Covid-19 virus, the Governments (Federal, Provincial and Municipal) have invoked extraordinary executive powers predicated on unsubstantiated scientific and legal grounds with catastrophic consequences to people in Ontario, Canada and indeed throughout the world," his legal team claimed.

The buzzed-about case was eventually thrown out due to some problems with the documentation submitted, though Skelly has vowed to take the case through the Court of Appeal and potentially further, up to the Supreme Court, if necessary.

He also appears to be launching some sort of litigation against Toronto's UHN, ostensibly due to its new vaccination policy for staff.

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FORD government will make Vaccine Passports a reality coming Sept.

This isn't going to sit well with some people.


I wonder if the people scared of the vaccine will get vaccinated anyway, or just not go to a movie or any restaurant, Gym or really any recreational thing for the next few years :dunno: 



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