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  1. pretty scary, no doubt changes coming
  2. buncha bullcrap needed to stop b4 it started, too late now, very sad
  3. old schoolin' days phrase "science experiment" , remember -80deg WTF
  4. Twice now seen this fella out and about showing his respect for our PM
  5. BS is BS and will never go away
  6. when posted 120km/70mph the norm was +140. Less incidents back then, better driving skills including road manners.
  7. Speeding is speeding, call it what it is. Years ago when metric phased in divided highways posted 120km Exactly
  8. lotsa hrs but in a good year can make close to six figures digging ditches
  9. something outa wack when sleds list for more than some shit box cars
  10. nice set of "leathers"
  11. your trails look "large & in charge"
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