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  1. I'm not sure Gruden would stoop to giving hand jobs behind a bar to men......oh no I need to go resign tomorrow I said something bad on the all mighty internet......fuck....
  2. They read his post on freedom sledder about Mainecat and polaris550 10 years ago....
  3. Always wondered, assumed it was a last name or something. Thanks for sharing
  4. O.K. so they are told when they start to process for a transplant. Most people do what they need to 2 and are good to go. However, there are people who have not stopped the boozing yet, they still get the transplant. Once they are in the process no matter what they get it, from what I'm being told. It's just not a flat out "no" if the doctors know their drinking heavily.
  5. Not true. My g/f was a liver, now a lung transplant coordinator. They only have 2 stop for so long. She used to get so upset because they would get the new liver and within a year...back at the boozing, then lie about it. She would also get upset because it really wasn't about helping a patient, it was about meeting numbers so they could be #1 in the nation. If you look into these transplants a lot are BS. She would come home crying 😢 wondering why they did a transplant...told her it's about the money 💰 and there bonus.
  6. I know this is kind of petty but was watching SNF last night Tony Dungy, Mike Tirico, Drew Brees, and Rodney Harrison were all on the sidelines pre game talking about the Brady/Belichick saga. Rain was coming down, 3 of the announcers held an umbrella and mics, while the 4th held his mic, umbrella was held by a off camera hand! Looked stupid, thats all you could see was a hand. I can't believe these actors/sports players/washed up old retired sports players are that lazy. Or maybe its just cocky, like he deserves that...Oh well felt like ranting......
  7. Yeah that sucks.....this cancer thing is outta control.
  8. Great show, and yes have to agree Costner makes a great rancher....
  9. Posted this on another forum and it has been very interesting. I have been a member here for a long time and have had some great interaction with a lot of you. I have also received some great help and tips and appreciate all of you. I have another post about how do you relax after sledding and learned something very interesting about another member on here. When I go thru and read your posts, of course I look at the name and wonder whats behind it. This particular member I thought I got his name, but I was totally wrong. Some are pretty self explanatory I think! What you ride? How you ri
  10. I do it all the time, when I get mad at him I call him mexican....man he gets pissed!!
  11. Do u tell the hot ones your screen name??
  12. That's funny......Washington and working in the same sentence!!!!
  13. My laborer is Puerto Rican, hard worker. His English is for crap. I have had him for 4+ years. Only one in shop who can understand his babbling. Good guy, wouldn't give him up. We get a lotta work done in a day.....funny thing is he always refers to Pierto Rico as "his country" tell him all the time, it's mine to moron!!!!USA baby....
  14. Not every American was forced to buy a tow motor, however I agree with ya (can't believe I said that) there are a lot of tow motors....didn't realize some are battery. Ours at our shop is not, runs on LPG ...
  15. Called a snowmobile trail for a reason!!!!
  16. My Question is what are they gonna do with all these batteries after a few years? There gonna go bad and get replaced....cant go to landfills.....
  17. Yeah....but look at what ya get to replace.....all on their plan.
  18. Last time something tweeted.....shot it out of a tree..
  19. I'm fucked....dont know what a tweet is....ad my kids laugh at me and tell me to tick tock....I could care less. I'm an ignorant social media guy....guess what love it....dont have to put up with the BS yall do ..
  20. I was working for the cable TV company at the time. Was hooking up some dudes TV and he commented, wow the movies and shows these days are so realistic. Took us about 3 minutes to figure out it wasn't an upcoming movie.
  21. Our leader/government doesn't lie.....thats nonsense!!!
  22. Here in Ohio (I'm sure everywhere) they are hard to find. Yes you can go buy some junk but thats not me. I'm not just gonna buy to buy. I have my eye on certain things and if and when they pop up I will be purchasing. I have a few friends who work around the local shops, they have my list. Once it gets there they call I go.....
  23. Why do you even answer MC? You could agree with him/it and he will still argue!!!!
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