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  2. Not sure what sled you have them going on but I would go XPT's if you are running trails. Then set them up pretty aggressive. I really like mine. I had XCS for awhile and on hard snow they were a lot of ski. Great skis when the snow is loosened up though. I would think the XT's are the same way.
  3. Snake

    Yeah but Bill lied about a bj

    Clinton friends: All dead.
  4. revkevsdi

    Impeach proceedings

    Was holder President?
  5. Snake

    Impeach proceedings

    Remember when Holder was cited for contempt of congress? That was awesome.
  6. old indy

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    yeah i picked up the wild thing as a disposable tool myself , i beat the bag out of it but it just kept going till the lines let go a year or so ago. i really should fix it one of these days since it does start EVery time i need it when its not broke. ive got a newer Husqvarna that doesnt do that...
  7. Pffft...guessing it's a lot more than that.
  8. You have no idea how right you are.... @Zambroski
  9. IN THIS COUNTRY.....If you can't comprehend a simple sentence I can't help you.
  10. revkevsdi

    Impeach proceedings

    You claimed Obama was corrupt. Where are his indictments? more false equivalency from you. Sad. Do you really think what Trump did doesn’t fit the description of obstruction of justice? Do you think because people refused to follow his orders that he is innocent? Thats some high level stupid.
  11. Snake

    Impeach proceedings

    Lying under oath. From a President. And we were to expect him to follow the Constitution from there.... yep. Clinton invoked executive privilege 14 times. Trump?
  12. Ah the ole "for the most part they haven't caused any problems" line. Just sweep all the dead bodies under the Easter rug eh?
  13. Actually.....Rev has too...and MC. You may just be in the correct brain activity group.
  14. Oh please....I'm sure he and I aren't the only people that have ever said that to you.
  15. Woodtick

    Summertime snowmobile

    Looks great Vince. My buddy has the exact same one and has put 30k on it in two years. The trans did come unglued at 20k? Neilsons to care of it under warranty and took care of him.
  16. Trust me John he is an expert on this!
  17. Trumps friends. -Kraft busted at “happy endings” massage parlor. -Massage parlor owner, Ms Yang, has been selling Chinese execs and government officials access to Trump, his family, and Cabinet level officials at Mar-a-Lago and allegedly at the White House. -Massage parlor owner also, simultaneously, hangs out with Trump at Mar-a-Lago, and are in numerous photographs together. -Massage parlor owner also is working with the communist Chinese government and multiple murky organizations that seem to have no real public-facing purpose. Next, a new woman from China, Ms Zhang, was arrested at Mar-a-Lago when she was inexplicably allowed access while Trump was there. She claimed, at various times, to be there for: a “U.S.-Chinese Friendship Event”, or a swim. As described in a Secret Service affidavit she was found to be carrying: four cell phones, a laptop, an external hard drive, and a thumb drive infected with mal-ware. Upon further examination, the agents discovered that Ms Zhang had, in a nearby hotel room: a signal detector that seeks out various surveillance devices and hidden cameras, another cell phone, nine additional USB drives, five SIM cards, and thousands of dollars in cash. She has been held in custody since she was apprehended, has now been indicted, and it appears that Ms Zhang has links to, Massage parlor owner, Ms Yang.
  18. I swear..this shit sounds exactly like Tool Kit.
  19. Do you feel stupid? I would if I were you.
  20. Carlos Danger

    Impeach proceedings

    Again show me the indictments on Trump......I will wait....
  21. You keep repeating the same shit as if it applies to me...just own the fact that you really aren't that bright and move along. I hope the Sri Lankan Miltary crushes these people if they are found responsible.
  22. I was fucking around with the moderator functions that never get used around here and merged Joel's weekend thread with this one and it appears as though the only way to fix it is by going through post by post and moving the ones that need to be moved one by one. Sorry about the fuck up, but I aint spending the time to do that.
  23. The Christian's are a minority in Sri Lanka and for the most part the Muslims that live in this country haven't caused any problems. BTW are you a Sri Lankan Christian now....not sure how this was an attack you/us?
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