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    MBRP Header - XR1200

    What are you wanting for header
  2. Garrettv

    Skidoo side panel repair

    Anyone ever use jb weld plastic bomder or weld have a side pan,e which is cracked quite bad fixed a small crack with some wire stiches and Krazy glue and expo you on back but it broke an even larger area out after was thinking of bonding a aluminum. Sheet to back of panel as obviously the plastic is fractured some how and keeps breaking
  3. Garrettv

    Skidoo side panel repair

    Haven’t really looked for used yet I have found a plastic welder in Dundalk haven’t called him yet though
  4. Garrettv

    Heated gloves

    Mine are on 2012 not sure why it says 2015 and up ? These look identical to mine
  5. Garrettv

    Heated gloves

  6. Garrettv

    Heated gloves

    I know guys hate em but I have a pair of semi rigid doo muffs and only wear light racing style gloves all year, in the warm spring could wear no glocpves with them if you wanted to I wish I had tried them years ago on I think year 4 with them never going without them especially in frigid weather
  7. Garrettv

    2017 SBA

    Getting out ?
  8. Garrettv

    Nuts & Bolts

    Guelph to I believe
  9. Garrettv

    Closed Trail Thread

    Many clubs have been in this position often times because old blood was un receptive to new ideas and the those ideas left now the old volunteers get burned out and help dwindles
  10. Garrettv

    2018 polaris rush 800 xcr

    This for sure
  11. Garrettv

    Sled Show

    I ogled the rockstar and hooter girls and had two rockstars and a beer ! Bro bought some klotz oil for his etec
  12. Garrettv

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    Totally agree ! Maybe we should be teaching then how to properly shoot drugs aswell ! The health class I had in the 90 was fine and covered the basics of the human body and gays dick is the straight dick and same goes for the female parts it should be and is the parents job to cover the rest
  13. Garrettv

    Spring/Summer 2018

    Oh I guess that boat attracts a different kind of pussy !
  14. I have been the tech onsite dealing with the Tssa feild apprOving stuff like that tempering ovens, big part washers and such pin in the butt but they need something to do I guess !
  15. Nice ovens how many btu’s are those? I love big process gas jobs, anyone can do their own work and I get suppliers but keep in mind if anything happens your insurance might not cover damages if you preformed your own gas work.
  16. Garrettv

    May the storm be with you

    Wow that’s some damage ! And 10 gs to rent and deliver a 60ft boom you need to find a new supplier ! I was just busting your nuts bud
  17. Garrettv

    May the storm be with you

    10 grand you would charge your grandparents that for a hand full of screws and the chance to take your shirt off !
  18. Garrettv

    Looking for a stock muffler for a 1200

    What are you looking to get for this ?
  19. Garrettv

    Winter 2018

    If this is true it’s bullshit and not a smart move by club but whatever people will,do what they want and nothing anyone says will matter enjoy the sledding !
  20. Garrettv

    Got Diesel instead of Gas!

    Just googled it and that is exactly what it is 85 % denatured ethanol fuel 15% hydro carbon fuel I knew a guy who did lots of day o testing and their secret fuel was e85 lots of air needed to burn and lots of heat generated but pretty good hp gains so I hear !
  21. Garrettv

    Got Diesel instead of Gas!

    Isn’t e 85 mostly alcohol like 85% or something?
  22. Garrettv

    Missing boy near Orangeville...

    That’s a pretty serious bridge to fail aswell it’s crazy
  23. Garrettv

    Missing boy near Orangeville...

    Every year the river br aks the banks in grand valley and I would never have guessed it was a local that was sept away, I live down stream by belwood lake and hope This never happens to me, wish the best of luck but it’s been awhile for such a wee man
  24. Garrettv

    Douchebag club of the year

    Didn’t lake of bays atv club open some winter trials on the same trails the lake of bays sled club used and cause a bit turbulence I heard sled club just abandened trail and walked away?
  25. Garrettv

    Closed Trail Thread

    Weird I thought all northern trails were “crown land” and everyone could do what ever they wanted !