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  1. Sean, I thought if you say had a $20,000 SXS used on property if it was registered and you wanted theft insurance it would need to be insured. If its not insured then it falls under your homeowners insurance (as long as you let them know) just like a lawnmower/bicycle for fire and theft. Might be more of an insurance question. Just wondered why you said it "Proves Ownership". Ownership for what reason?
  2. This could be the beginning of the end for the OFSC. Any kind of investigation of this incident involving a bridge could make the MNRF enforce Engineer Stamped and inspected yearly bridges for all OFSC bridges. Maybe not this time but if someone ever dies in a bridge incident it will happen for sure. We need to keep our fingers crossed we can keep the bridges we have now and keep incidents low key but that won't happen.
  3. My Wife found a gold mine. Van Tuyl and Fairbanks Hardware in Petrolia, ON. https://vantuylandfairbank.ca/ She grew up there and was in the area. All nuts, washers and bolts $3 a pound. Up to 3/4" 6" long. So old some of the store still has a dirt floor. Been in business since 1866 supplying the oil industry. I'll be sure to check it out next time I'm there.
  4. Back in Windsor we had a place called A&H Nut and Bolt. You could go into their retail part and grab a paper bag and take hand fulls of what ever nuts, bolts washers etc and just paid by the pound. Is there anywhere around that does that? Not the Home Depot or Princess Auto where you put the Qty and item number on a bag and pay per piece.
  5. Its called a "Soft Closing". Most employees have their 30+ years and entitled to full pension. Plant closing contract language is very good for the employees. When the Windsor Transmission Plant closed, most were eligible to retire just like Oshawa today. They also got $70,000 to $80,000 for trades along with a $25,000 new car voucher. (This was 10 years ago). Some people that had 28 or 29 years seniority got to take a layoff till they got their 30 years then retire. Some that didn't have seniority to retire did a pref hire to London and Oshawa. The retirement package will be offered to St. Ki
  6. Hey back to the drone thingy. On this one................at least 5.6 km away from aerodromes (any airport, seaplane base or area where aircraft take off and land So does that mean any Lake where sea planes land and take off is not allowed or just a designated Aerodrome Lakes? Thanks
  7. Tom Monaghan would not be impressed with the way that pizza was cut. F'n Toronto can't make a pizza ever.
  8. On the BOLD. So true, after the USA election.
  9. I started with Home Hardware in Huntsville but the Guy there was a complete incompetent Dick and wasted 3 months of my time. I got the drawings from T-Mart and hired my own contractors. Started last Monday and putting shingles on today.
  10. I'm doing a 24 X 30 garage now. Engineered slab for floor. Got the "Kit" from TimBer Mart in Dorset. Awesome service. $350 for all engineered drawings and as many copies as I needed. No issues with the permit. Spent 15 minuets on the computer picking size, how many windows, doors, locations of each and bang. Print out pad and building drawings with a complete bill of material and price list for everything including how much concrete is needed to staples and Tuck Tape.
  11. The Doctor was right and that was the start of it. Jane and Finch. Sad but true and it will only get worse.
  12. Anyone from around Barry's Bay?
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