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  1. whoops nevermind, I backread some and I see pics of your new sled.. nice! the power is smoother than that 800r carb you had eh ?
  2. Nice, any chance its near St Lucie ? that area kicks ass
  3. Ouch lol, dont have much hope for your snowcheck to be in anytime soon huh ?
  4. yup, like right now at the moment its showing k cups and boots based on my recent browsing
  5. Oh shit, wonder if they will do the same thing when you try to register your new polaris 650 sled ?
  6. straight from DU. EDIT: holyhell DU site has tons of ads all over, guess they need the money I refuse to put on winter tires because: - Democratic Underground
  7. mich ultra golden light. its not bad and doesn't taste like an ass lol
  8. does that make you happy ? 1st its Trump and now its MTG pretty soon we going to have a dozen of them being banned by the big tech.
  9. oh shit, but he offer GDT for 5 grand or something like that I think GDT means gay detection test or something
  10. let me look on amazon, I remember seeing some studs for only $57 a week or so ago. I believe they were .875 or something like that. but under 1 inch for sure.
  11. good luck with that because 50 / 50 of the times I have missed his posts with pics because he removed the attachments but someone saw those deer pics he got was after hunting season were over or something like that
  12. the answer for that would be doo 900 ACE get your wallet out
  13. forget the lake , do like 25 miles point A to B cross country style him on his mighty Z 1000 SDI versus your xcr 850
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