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  1. other good one is Velocity 220 from early 2000's very light even half ton trucks can tow it with ease and are fast as fuck but can only have like 3 people on it comfortable
  2. have you ever seen a Baja 292 with a diesel motor option on it ? is that a rare configuration ? personally I wouldn't want it and would prefer to go with 502 big block option , looking at new 2022 Yamaha boats, wow holyshit they are hitting 130k price range, at that price range might as well go with Baja LOL
  3. Yeah looks like her boyfriend is hiding somewhere too, so I bet he the one who will be getting charged with murder 1.
  4. give a couple of ivermectin pills and the lion would be GTG.
  5. Nice, how about have you been on baja 292 islander ? 65 MPH GPS verified not bad for the size eh? its one of my favorite ones
  6. its not out yet , check back around Halloween week. EDIT: Actually, Pfizer boosters will be out 1st before Moderna.
  7. he means most of clients he meets are cunts and has Hillary stickers on their Volvo or Toyota Prius cars , good enough? for this translation ?
  8. Damn, now thats one fucked up boot look at all those swiss cheese holes while snow are drifting over them!!!
  9. LOL, I gotta admit some of those banners have good taste just too much for me , that stove looks really nice but its $9700 for it
  10. Right now this ad I am getting are showing some $950 Gucci sneakers EDIT: had to clarify it and don't mean I am getting them
  11. Holyshit, almost 600 pages thread just for Justin Trudeau ? INSANE! I haven't even started reading from page 1
  12. So it got me interested in it so I clicked on it and WOW! Damn its over 30k for this chevy engine whew. @ckf do you get a cut from the company if someone actually buys this off this banner area?
  13. OK Ok don't get too excited dangerous side effects of TDS See Doctor ASAP.
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