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50 minutes ago, SkisNH said:

Same thing as why some people wear their pants sagged....culture

We are a society of fast easy and cheap. 

How did it get this way? 

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1 minute ago, motonoggin said:


It was a question...just like your open ended question. I am pretty sure the only correct answer for you would be capitalism.  


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When you see coded, stealth racists everywhere, but you’re oblivious to  flagrant violent racism. :lol:



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12 minutes ago, motonoggin said:


Shouldn't we allow for the very change change her father dedicated his life to?

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9 hours ago, Kivalo said:

Ahh another meme lecture from Comrad Motonoggin.  :lol:

He went missing and I just figured he found a country that filled his needs but just it appears he turned enough empty cans to pay for some data

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