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F7 Ben and gang sighting in Kenosha!


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1 minute ago, Jerry 976 said:

Seems pretty dangerous operating a snow machine on the highway, there's no seat belts on those machines.......... WTF...:lol:  

Motorcycles don't have seatbelts either! OMG!


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I've done it 394 right in to down town Minneapolis.  Sparks flying under parking ramp Bridge.  Pull right up to target field shot the shit with 4 other guys who came from the north for a few min then boogy back to Tonka.  Did run painters tape over reg numbers . 

Prob do it again before I am dead but this time I will brapp all the way down Nicollet mall cut across loring Park and get back  on 394 there .

I know over 15 guys who have done the trip down the freeway to Minneapolis in a big storm 

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CKF and I got stopped riding down Route 2 in Gorham NH maybe 15 years ago now.   I was riding bitch because I sucked a rock into the tunnel of my sled in a water bar and it was dark and snowing and I was wet to my knees.  Cop wasn't impressed but after we told him the story he was cool and gave me the name of someone who in the morning would help with the sled.  took on hour or so to get the track freed up in the daylight.  

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9 minutes ago, Angry ginger said:

I was going to go through Syracuse to drop my daughter at school and going to the Dinosaur was the one positive to going that way.  

Great place to eat

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We trailered to a riding spot on the other side of the city I lived in back when I was in high school. It snowed like hell all day and there was no way we were trailering home so we rode straight thru the city. Most of the cops we saw just waved but one tried chasing us, absolutely zero traffic out but we must have triggered him for some reason. Got home and my dad said he was wondering if we'd ride home. This was back in 79 :lol:

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