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  1. If you ain't for us, you agin us......
  2. God I hope not. She's another one that needs to fall in a deep, dark hole somewhere.
  3. Exactly! My wife told me something interesting the other night. The hospital she works for is no longer requiring mandatory flue shots. First time in the 13 years she has worked there. Thought that was rather odd and makes me wonder if something else is going on from a legal standpoint. These places don't usually do an about face like that unless it's bad for business.
  4. How stupid. Invite thousands of immigrants to the US then claim the immigration system is broken. Full on dipshits in Washington.
  5. Mmmmmmm Apollonia. I remember dancing to this in the clubs all the time. Brings back a lot of memories.
  6. My immigrant ancestors came over on a boat from Sicily (I have copies of the ships manifest), went through Ellis Island (The govt had an actual immigration policy) and made a life for themselves in New York. If they would've had a free ride they might've moved further into the country and they sure as hell would have appreciated it as I'm sure most of these people do. You don't have a clue what my family would think of anything.
  7. This is the kind of spin that really pisses me off. You invite people to come here so they can reap the benefits of this country (political stunt), but expect them to be sheltered only in the states that lie along the border, unfairly burdening them (political stunt). Ignore the issue when it blows up in your face. Not close enough to Washington to worry about. MSM isn't going to make a big deal of it. Border state governors decide enough is enough and decides to spread the burden around and now they're being cruel, using migrants as political pawns, this is just a political stunt. Fuck you al
  8. Well then the repub governors were right in sending them there. What are you and the Prez bitching about? Don't you love it when a plan comes together?
  9. No shit. I get tired of the boomer this and boomer that. I'm selfish because I worked my ass off? Fuck you. My debt is my debt, no one else's and I'll make sure it's taken care of. I don't ask for anything from anyone else and I like it that way.
  10. Look. I get it. I'm not trying to over simplify the problem, but realistically what are the alternatives? For NOW, if I were going to buy a firearm or anything related to such, I would pay cash. It's still legal tender. In the future maybe it would be wise to set yourself up for the govt restrictions that are soon to come. Just my 2 cents.
  11. Well I guess if I were to buy a gun I would just pay cash.
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