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  1. Lol! I was being sarcastic. My great grandparents came over on the boat, made a good living and raised a large family because of the opportunities provided by this country. It wasn't easy and no one gave them anything. I'd like to think their work ethic got passed down to my children's generation.
  2. Well yeah!! This is the country you come to to get all the free stuff......
  3. While I know I'm probably opening myself to criticism and that's ok, keep in mind that there may be a deeply personal reason why MC never had kids. Just a thought.
  4. It was tongue in cheek to his comment aboot the "left" side of the body. Get it. Left as in the left vs the right....... Annnnnd I was referencing the covid in U.S. Gawd dam Z why do I have to splain this to you??
  5. In case you don't know the difference it goes like this. Larry Nasr was CONVICTED of his crimes and it involved an adult with underage girls. None of the others your spouting off about have been charged with anything.
  6. Now how in the hell does a virus spread to half a person? Which half? Top or Bottom?
  7. Short shit for brains....... Probably too long.
  8. You're the guy in the commercial talking about coy fish, aren't you?
  9. Yes. That would be the humorless obvious answer. I guess I need to work on my delivery.
  10. It hasn't been proven that it's necessary for everyone, so no I don't think it should be.
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