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  1. Maybe a nose reduction would help. I hear it works wonders for women with big knockers.
  2. No you just throw shit, stomp your feet, call everybody fucking retarded derp stains and tell everyone to kill themselves if they don't agree with you.
  3. There are no good guys in this world. We should all kill ourselves.......
  4. He's absolutely wrong. To those of us who raised our children and were involved every step of the way that's bullshit. Stick to the reading, writing and arithmetic. That is your job. Period.
  5. What I don't understand is why he couldn't have assembled a "team" of experts. Seems to me putting someone with an ego as big as fauci's was a disaster waiting to happen given his "swamp" status.
  6. Good job. MC has to have his diaper changed again.
  7. Mom and pop donut shops for the win. Those of you that are from Michigan may know about the donut shop in Grayling. Can't remember the name of the place, but excellent donuts. I won't drink anything but Bigby coffee when I'm on the road.
  8. This subject cracks me up. When women are younger they say " is that it?" Get older after kids or menopause and it's "are you done yet?"
  9. Fine. I will do it....... No. That would be a picture of a bag of peas
  10. Anything by Tom Clancy before he passed. Goodfellas Anything by Cheap Trick
  11. Yeah I thought it had something to do with Hostess.
  12. Your supposed to put quotation marks around that when you quote MC.
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