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  1. hey MC, fucked my company for another 4 hours of OT washing truck
  2. No insult to family so what's the beef, he was just calling out your hypocrisy is what I see
  3. I am waiting at a highway department waiting on a empty trailer, part of the business so nice swing and miss...oh and making prevailing wage doing it
  4. Again funny coming from a ball lapping supporter of the party of free shit, got to give you cudos for your dedication
  5. That's fucking funny coming from a ball lapping supporter of the party that believes in infinite number of genders
  6. bullshit, no valid id no vote plain and simple, id's are easy to get if you want them, voter suppression is a crock of shit you stupid fuck
  7. Should be constitutional carry throughout the entire US
  8. Looking good 👍
  9. Working my way around the yard getting yard work done and putting new fence up for dog pen, haven't had time to clean bbq area, but charcoal side of Oklahoma Joe's was calling my name, first charcoal cook of the year, some strip steaks
  10. the names he would come up with were internet gold
  11. wish MOMO was still around, a lot more entertaining than most these sally's on here now
  12. 600hp twin screw MACK Titan, condo sleeper 45ft 5th wheel camper with slides
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