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  1. what did this snowrider feller's partner run off with a maga supporter? his hatred of everything conservative is not healthy, fellers going to stroke out we will pray for you at tonight's service
  2. you silly fellers are a hoot, we are all crammed around mother superior's desktop having a good laugh
  3. that holds true at the mission, if you smell the pussy over the weed, be afraid be very afraid
  4. here's my sweet lady Minnie shopping for our romantic valentines meal
  5. the snowrider feller is the whole reason for my existence
  6. we're not on speaking terms at this moment as I tried to pass of Minnie of as Mary Magdalene to take care of his "needs", but he was wise to me, as he is all knowing, he said I should expect a MUCH warmer climate on judgement day than I live in now
  7. for some reason kind sir when I use my early 2000's not so smart phone it does not show up as a CM, only when I hack into mother superiors desktop does show me as a CM. I was hanging out under the 490 overpass panhandling when I posted that, I am sure the hall monitor feller can verify it
  8. the CKF feller doesn't allow dupe accounts mister, how many times must you be told, Sister Mary Elephant is going to whack you with her yardstick
  9. we're going to have a special prayer service at the mission tonite for all you heathen sinner fellers
  10. we played that game with MD20/20, Night Train and some garbage can gin the Alfonse feller brewed up at the mission last night,, and son of a bitch we ran out of booze at 9:30........smells like vomit and piss in dorms this morning. Minnie was the life of the party and made "the rounds"
  11. this snowrider feller is going to ride the sinking SS bidum feller right to the bottom
  12. that's funny coming from the mouth of a moron you silly little feller
  13. I got to give this snowrider feller some credit, he's going to lick the window on the short bus until it crashes at the bottom of the cliff
  14. that would be the ailment that you suffer from silly little feller
  15. that's funny coming from a lightbulb salesman you silly feller
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