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  1. I am a feller with many secrets, I don't get on much as it's difficult to distract Sister Mary Elephant so I can infiltrate her office at the mission to gain interweb access
  2. Oh boy look who's back, my favorite feller is back, seems nothing has changed
  3. Minnie and myself will be soup kitchen hopping then a fine canned thanksgiving dinner at the mission followed by giving Minnie a hose down and dousing her in perfume and doing the nasty
  4. Wait, what, that CKF feller DUPED me? Wait until Minnie gets back to the mission she is going to be pissed
  5. FOR THE LAST TIME you silly feller there are no friggen dupes here CKF feller would never allow it, now you got my dander up and Minnie is on the rag
  6. Hey Mr ckf feller Minnie says she will work a little harder this weekend and pay for 550 feller she likes her some uncle snotty
  7. For the last time you silly fellers there is no dupes, proxies maybe, but no dupes, the ckf feller wouldn't allow it
  8. don't worry mr CKFfeller Minnie and I have your back
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