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  1. Had this gem show up on my Facebook feed. Maybe you should get in contact with them Znutty.
  2. Thank you! I didn't end up seeing your comments till I was done lol. But did pretty much everything you said. According to the paper that came with the pistons, end gap is supposed to be 0.004" per inch of bore diameter. The example they gave was 0.012" for 3". The bore was 3.18". The end gap is 0.014". The I have the wrist pin clips openings facing down and off to the side a little to cover the opening in the piston to pop them out. I am a stickler when it comes to letting my stuff warm up. I won't touch the throttle on my sled till the gauge is showing 100°f. I even let my ca
  3. The cylinder with the "scuff" lines, you cannot feel them. They aren't on be just cosmetic.
  4. For reasons so convoluted and hard to explain, even I don't know why I am doing it for the most part, I am rebuilding a 700cfi. The reason it went down in the first place is a ring caught a port. That owner sold the whole sled to the guy I bought it off of. I bought the whole sled and took off what I wanted and was going to part it out. That was 3 years ago and well here I am. I have new Wiseco pistons, con rod needle bearings, used cylinders and used head, gaskets, ect. The engine has had the top end a part but sitting loosely together with no pistons on to help keep the dirt
  5. Need some help. So i have a '06 Silverado 1500 that needs a NP261LD transfer case. I found a unit out of an '03 1500 that has around 250,000kms on it. Buddy wants $200. I have also found another transfer case that was rebuilt by a local shop that has 35,000 kms on the rebuild. They want $400 but it is out of a '01 2500hd. So the splines are different. My question is, can I just swap the main shaft and run the NP261HD case or do I need get the NP261LD case?
  6. 3 gun or ipsc is where it is at if you own a handgun.
  7. I doubt the date is in the past lol
  8. He is not there either
  9. So I recently picked up a 2006 Silverado 1500. There was a clicking noise that I could here when going through a drive thru or other places where the sound could bounce back to me. I found that a front axle was loose. It must of backed off after the previous owner had the bearing replaced 2ish years ago. For some reason gm doesn't use a staked nut or pin. I tightened the axle but unfortunately the clicking is still there. I guess the bearing is gone from being loose for who knows how long. I have a camping trip coming up and i want to get it dealt with so it doesn't cause any
  10. Here is on of many examples of you hanging your hat on Hanlon.
  11. On a side note, not quite sure why you seem to think that "Hanlon" calling anyone a faggot on fs1 really means fuck all. Hell at the time he was a 18ish year old kid lmao.
  12. Tomas.


    My brother in law smoked this brisket last week. I think it was like 10 hours on the smoker and another 9 hours resting. It was phenomenal
  13. Not a meme but thought it was funny. I thought the border was closed but maybe not?
  14. I am confused as to when Canada eliminated all hand gun ownership?
  15. https://youtu.be/XeuXShFIgyc
  16. This is the one we got as a 8 week old puppy. The husky that was a ton of problems (like most women) is also doing very well though lol.
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