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  1. Hate to put it this way but: "AWESOME SAUCE"!!! Reminds me I need to order some more.
  2. Location Hemlock, MI Price $1,500 each 99 ZRT 600 with Black Magic head and pipes, two up seat, digitron (one bad temp probe), 4,600 miles on odo but unknown on engine build. speedo not working, need bearing? 01 ZR 600 stock except power breather and handlebars. 3,600 miles. Both have new hyfax and carbides.
  3. Not much hair left to raise! Got to meet a few HCS'rs that weekend. I remember something about a kiddie pool in the bar later that weekend????? Here is another I found. I think that is the back half of my Yukon in the pic.
  4. Correct, Not sure the Sands has ever been the same. Had my appendix out just prior to the trip after a 10 day hospital stay so the sleds stayed home and we went up to get away rather than cancel. The first night up we went to the bar at the end of the hotel and it was pretty empty, they were making drinks like gasoline. It was like a game of pinball going down the hall to the total opposite end of the hotel. Good Times! I would be neat to organize another group outing like AOHL or SSGW.
  5. Michigan trails are always a "crap" shoot, no pun intended. depending on recent weather you can have awesome powder but many times they get quite icy in which case you can't steer with the front or back. Have to have the sled set up for the persons size, style and ability by adjusting weight transfer, front shocks, carbide length-type and track traction. I used to love rear-steering the old 79 Pantera with the 3/4 cleats around corners, could even do a 360 in the right conditions! (not necessarily on purpose either!)
  6. Two of these sitting in the pole barn. Have not had them out is so long must be time to get rid of them.
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