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  1. Suppose that the earth is a sphere of radius 3963 miles. If you are at a point P on the earth's surface and move tangent to the surface a distance of 1 mile then you can form a right angled triangel as in the diagram. Using the theorem of Pythagoras a2 = 39632 + 12 = 15705370 and thus a = 3963.000126 miles. Thus your position is 3963.000126 - 3963 = 0.000126 miles above the surface of the earth. 0.000126 miles = 12*5280*0.000126 = 7.98 inches. Hence the earth's surface curves approximately 8 inches in one mile.
  2. Hardest part is that the paving projects can be pretty dynamic with last minute changes. It is a lot easier when you have an abundance of tanks and you can plan several days out and adjust from there. Gotta be way better than the hours you run now. There are times when we make changes 8-9 pm for the next morning, which as you know is very early for picking up the loads. Hoping you get it. Good Luck!!!
  3. I think it's round. Cause you can spin it like a ball in google earth!!!
  4. I gotta quit opening this thread! But it's just tooooooo entertaining.
  5. We fired one plant on the 13th and one on the 14th. Now we are in for some cold and snow. Typical.
  6. Some nice heat in the Bold.
  7. Yup. Was worth no discount since the mustard did not break this time. Have not had a chance to use the rubs yet but they smell awesome and are good on the "finger taste" test.
  8. Strange dog and his slightly less strange sister.
  9. ordered the sample pack of large rubs to try along with the sauces. fsce10 discount expired
  10. Got home from work yesterday and the wife had a couple pork tenderloins with asparagus and taters on the smoker / grill. First fire up for 2021 and the pork was GREAT! Been awhile since I got that "campfire flavor". Reminds me, got to order some more UTZ.
  11. Hate to put it this way but: "AWESOME SAUCE"!!! Reminds me I need to order some more.
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