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  1. Yup. The construction business is all sorts of screwed up right now. Shortages of materials, labor, trucking, available subcontractors etc. Projects are running past completion dates with no hope on the immediate horizon. We quit bidding for 2022 work at the beginning of September, earliest ever.
  2. Random older pics found on computer.
  3. So if the market was up 1/2% then 55o has 18+ mil?
  4. Found this 2.11 lb porterhouse at Meijer for $7.99 per lb. Only one sitting there. It begged me to take it home.
  5. Only paved on Harsens Island in Lake St. Clair. Have to use small trucks so ferry can handle it. I'd rather send 20 flowboys down I-75. Crew gets bored if they have to wait for trucks and the cold joints are not a good thing.
  6. No longer a free livestream then? $150, guess I won't be watching this year
  7. 2010 Legend TM727TA35 Trailmaster. Low miles. Needs tires. Includes mats, spare and holder. $9,000.00.
  8. Suppose that the earth is a sphere of radius 3963 miles. If you are at a point P on the earth's surface and move tangent to the surface a distance of 1 mile then you can form a right angled triangel as in the diagram. Using the theorem of Pythagoras a2 = 39632 + 12 = 15705370 and thus a = 3963.000126 miles. Thus your position is 3963.000126 - 3963 = 0.000126 miles above the surface of the earth. 0.000126 miles = 12*5280*0.000126 = 7.98 inches. Hence the earth's surface curves approximately 8 inches in one mile.
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