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  1. Yeah but is there a tool kit with it?
  2. Marquette has a very strong housing market if you're a seller. Asking price +++ is common right now. Contractors are involved in so many big projects that it's almost impossible to find them for smaller jobs. It's also getting more recognition for outdoor opportunities - bike trails; hiking and stuff like that.
  3. My middle son is attending NMU too (as did my oldest). I work 5 blocks from the campus.
  4. I'll probably get flamed for saying this, but it's my own observation. I think it depends where you live and drive it. Up here in Marquette county (U.P.) they use a lot of salt in the winter. GM makes some very nice looking vehicles but after 6 or 7 U.P. winters, I have seen a LOT of them lose paint and rust - especially around the wheel wells. I don't know if it's in the primers that have been used or why it is. I do think some of this comes from build quality and attention to details. My son's 2010 Corolla has a bead of sealant run all the way around the wheel wells between the outer a
  5. Not sure what's the point with all the cop hating news and threads. Flipping a coin was stupid and unprofessional but not newsworthy. Besides, the good stuff police do every day outweighs the bad by a thousand to one.
  6. Good topic. Trump has made some mistakes but has done a good job so far.
  7. America is on its way to divorce court
  8. Isn't it great to get up every day KNOWING that Hillary got beat by Donald Trump - just imagine that! All Slowrider's time and effort spent here mocking President Trump won't change the fact that that the Donald is the POTUS and Hillary is not.
  9. The U.P? Yeah, a lot of the real small towns are getting smaller. I live in Mqt county and I can tell you that construction companies are turning away work or bidding it up - they are very busy these days. Then there's this - the real reason we love the yoop (taken today May 18).
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