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  1. Do the research for all his years in office, then you can decide if you’re example told the whole story.
  2. I’m Michigan, Rick Snyder and the republican majority at that time put a real hurting on education with unfounded mandates, budgets, retirement cuts, etc. Today the state has a massive teacher shortage.
  3. The Read by Grade 3 retention component of the law was, on its best day, harmful to kids. Educators knew this and used the watered down law’s many exemptions to waiver the students forward anyway. Also, students in Michigan will still be required to take standardized tests. That’s not going away.
  4. Michigan isn’t 2nd in spending - not even close. Our local district of 3000 students is running a $35,000,000 budget - or about 11,700 per student.
  5. In many places school districts rely on the teacher to determine what’s taught. Schools rely on the common core for the standards to be taught but give teachers carte blanche from there. Even if the district has the money to purchase curriculum materials, they sit on the shelf because they’re too old.
  6. Lazy response noted but that’s okay because you wouldn’t find it anyway. 👌
  7. Do you have data to back up your claim that ‘most’ parents who complain are uneducated shitty parents or is that just your opinion being passed off as a fact?
  8. Joey Hallstrom went to Argo last year. Brad Darling has brought several former Arctic Cat talent to Argo. Among other things, they build the Sherp which has to be the coolest vehicle out there. I think they’d be a legit sled builder.
  9. Would Gym build only 6000’s? Would Gym only build sleds for better mpg’s or will some be built to have fun on too? Would Gym offer a 10 year warranty to stand behind his faith in the brand? Would Gym make the new company slogan, “Cat rules Polaris drools”?
  10. Gives the northern dealers something to do/sell in the winter
  11. That may have been a factor pre Covid but any manufacturer of toys today is making money on them.
  12. Joe rarely takes questions because Joe really isn’t in charge.
  13. If by orange man you’re referring to President Trump, the man who saved this country from Hillary, it’s possible. After all we’re talking about New York. But one thing is for sure- even if indicted, he won’t be found guilty.
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