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  1. Not the law - state bd of Ed guidance document - but that’s not the point. It’s pretty hard to fully support any child without having the parents. A student’s life doesn’t start at 8 and end at 3.
  2. The inevitable result of leaving parents out. The stakes for the child are far too high for the school to take the position of leaving the parents out.
  3. He saved this country from Hillary Clinton. That alone was the ultimate service to our country. So 30,000, 300,000, or 3,000,000 sq/ft - who cares?…. Of course if you suffer from TDS this is probably the kind of thing that keeps you up at night.
  4. Ouch - but compared to those loan companies charging 600% on a few hundred dollar loan it probably is a bargain.
  5. Agree - and it’s very weak on their part not to do so. Cat, today, being a company that follows instead of making their own trail, does the same.
  6. Arrest shouldn’t be the first thing done but a last resort.
  7. Former President Trump is right about the issue and in offering a solution that cleans up the streets of this problem while offering support services in place of incarceration. It’s a problem way beyond being out of control and good for him for addressing it.
  8. Still not Suzuki built reliable. Thank EPA. I had a 2016 6000 take out the connecting rod bearing at 7k - ran ctech oil exclusively too. Lots of carnage - ended up installing a long block.
  9. You’re in no position to give anyone advice.
  10. When one’s riding style is to get high MPG’s they don’t have to worry about breakdowns.
  11. I know Dumbstad will make excuses but the reality is that brand wouldn’t matter - this was no 5000 mile trail ride.
  12. Shoulda pulled the coil off the blown one.
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