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  1. Tommcat


    Me too Secondaries coming soon!
  2. Tommcat


    They are definitely taxed beyond their limits on big power turbos, and i fully admit that we dont do much with the smaller 2 stroke stuff so they may be holding up better and i just dont see it. But, the failures we see on the turbos are way beyond a simple power difference. When the entire moveable sheaves are exiting the vehicle, thats a pretty big deal. Our fix for them is to throw them in the trash on day one.
  3. Tommcat


    the team clutches absolutely suck on the 998, so it really cant be worse.
  4. 3000-540 is the part number. i just looked through my stock and i have nothing new or used. i'll see if i can find one somewhere for you
  5. I can multi task, he doesn't require much thought
  6. Just a suggestion, with it only being a 6, consider a track swap for a pre studded. The ice storm is pretty sweet
  7. Hit me up when you're ready for studs, i can definitely take good care of you on those.
  8. No idea, but if you decide to forego the gimmicks and just want some woodys, let me know.
  9. if you need any parts for this project, let me know and i'd be happy to check all of our sources
  10. does anyone have a good source for reman 800 etec motors? long or short block, doesnt matter.
  11. we use them pretty frequently for used parts that just arent available new anymore. they're really good to work with and i've never had a problem.
  12. In my experience, any chaincase F7 with an 06 ECU
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