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  1. exactly what does a registration prove? out of 8 sleds, i have 1 registered
  2. Tommcat


    up to what year accessories will fit a 2015 expedition SE 1200?
  3. I would have preferred for them to end the partnership with yamaha as of today
  4. i'm already working on getting some of them done by aftermarket companies, or building our own. we havent been able to count on cat for 1100 parts for awhile now
  5. Psi was a miss on every combo i personally saw, but i know the early stuff ran strong
  6. the engine management systems are still decades behind the automotive world, so there is a lot to be gained in the future factory systems, but also a lot to be gained from a current tuner coming from the car world.
  7. I've never been a speederx fan and definitely not D&D, but Black Magic had great products back in the day, and even great customer support to go with it. Same for SLP when Jim was there.
  8. Why wouldn't it be every police officers job to arrest illegal aliens? They are supposed to arrest people who break the law, all laws.
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