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  1. Does it need to have the same ecu part number from the side? Or just has to be a yellow ecu?
  2. Is digital wrench available to non dealers?
  3. It's a bad injector driver, mag side full load injector, non repairable. Just needs an ecu, but new is both expensive and currently unavailable. Used is my only good option, but im just not clear if i need this specific calibration, or if any "yellow" injector ecu will work
  4. 192 studs does 2 sleds? that's normally halfway there on one for me, lol
  5. i have a customers sled in with a bad ecu and have a question on calibrations. 2008 IQ600 with the CFI 600, 4 injector. In looking for a used ecu, do i need to match the exact ecu part number on the top, or am i ok just matching the side part number along with the injector color?
  6. No masks required in my shop. It's a mask free zone
  7. we put our logo on the inside
  8. I have a full test track this winter, so it wouldn't be hard. I'd just have to make sure nobody gets a pic of me bolting those things on.
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