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  1. We finished up the season for the northeast yesterday with some great racing. We had multiple 4 second runs. One stock chassis Tcat put down a 4.97 using a TAPP, a first. Noyzee racing pulled a second place finish with 3 runs in a row at 4.99, and top mph of the day at just under 136. And most importantly for us, our motor powered Noyzee racing to the northeast points championship for the 3rd year in a row. Great racing and great people in this class! 20210919_155124.mp4
  2. A mistake i can live with. Maybe try again and again until they get better at it?
  3. Tommcat

    Ultimax Belt

    Probably not. On a side note, the Gates Redline showed some real promise based on some brutal testing this summer on robby gordons sxs.
  4. Tommcat

    Ultimax Belt

    Not specifically on a poo, but we use, recommend and sell the ultimax for all of our turbo sleds as they have so far been the absolute best option. That's even what all of our racers use with great results.
  5. Roger. If you want to try anything at all with it, keep me in mind
  6. Yellow is under control. I still cant bring myself to waste time or money on the red stuff
  7. I couldn't make it past the first 30 seconds
  8. Want to pull the motor out and let me have my way with it?
  9. Have 4 or 5 bourbons, it will make more sense. That's how it was written
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