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  1. So yes? Thats pretty much always been the story on you
  2. Badger, are you a full level 3?
  3. For what?? They're huge, and smooth like butter. Not sure the point though?
  4. Your memory is fucking weird. Like when you "remember" people liking you and all joking around like the "good old days"
  5. Feel free to highlight the posts of me bragging about myself......unless of course you're just lying.....again
  6. I will never understand the compulsion to lie non stop. Just why?
  7. I thought you couldn't see his posts?
  8. I imagine a Frenchman and a Spaniard who speak no English, having a conversation in Louisiana redneck
  9. what a fucking clown. he doesnt even know what a dragy is, yet claims to have one and know all about them and how inaccurate they are. again, a post full of flat out lies
  10. Have you ever tried reading what you typed to see if it makes sense before you hit submit?
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