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  1. Holy shit. I 100% agree with you. Both of them, worthless, making millions off lies their audience gobbles up.
  2. So let's walk through this since I can tell you're getting frustrated with facts. If traffic dropped, say at any time in 2020, anywhere from 10%-50%, in any state, does that automatically mean delivery drivers stopped driving and delivering? Did you not see that UPS, FedEx and USPS drivers were deemed essential workers? Wouldn't that mean they still had to go drive their vehicles? Now, let's move to the subject of non-essential workers. Literally millions of people transitioned from travelling to their workplace, to working from home. The technology demand was insane trying to meet the de
  3. Wait, let me throw this in since you seem to communicate better with these.
  4. We were on the topic of automotive travel. Do I need to spell it out for you moving forward?
  5. Again, we were talking about gasoline demand and the drop in prices. Stay at home orders reduced traffic in just about every state. That drove down demand, which in turn drove down gas prices. What you're giggling about I have no idea. I didn't say every business was shutdown. There were "essential workers" that went about business as usual. The overall drop in automotive traffic though, drove down demand. Whether or not your boxes got made or you had record sales, has no bearing on that whatsoever.
  6. It's weird that I can order online from Home Depot and Lowes and don't have to travel to the store too. So weird. And I wonder how so many states had 40-60% reductions in traffic in 2020. https://www.ite.org/about-ite/covid-19-resources/covid-19-traffic-volume-trends/
  7. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-58899460 Interesting read.
  8. Times Square, March 2020 Downtown Chicago, April 2020 Neither looked too busy to me.
  9. Pretty simple, supply and demand. There was no demand last year. Everything was shut down. Now demand is higher, and the industry is recovering to meet demand after it shut down due to C19 and lack of demand. OPEC isn't helping either. Will be interesting to see if we tap the "emergency reserves" to keep the prices steady or lowered.
  10. Yet gas was cheaper in '15 and bottomed out in Feb of '16. Why the steady rise through the end of '18?
  11. So, I'll ask again, what is Biden doing to drive up gas prices? You just asked the same question with different wording and felt clever about it.
  12. Like I said, Freedom of Speech does not mean what you think it means.
  13. I think its too late to recover. Both parties have become "For Profit" organizations and they're in charge of making the rules. No way they'll give up their power and wealth. And they'll make sure no outside party disrupts it.
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