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  1. I have a 7 inch Garmin mounted on my glove box extension and it works great. I have Uclear communicators and I don't care where my riding buddies are and don't want to answer my phone when I'm riding. All I want my gauge for are the usual things like mph, rpm, time of day, engine temp and trip meter.
  2. I ordered a X pkg with the Mach engine for about 4500 dollars less than a Mach. I don't need smart shocks or a goofy gauge and have no idea what the fuck I would do with launch control. The Polaris boys are spooging all over themselves about their gauge. Someone needs to tell them it's still a Polaris.
  3. I had a Sidewinder for two seasons and the engine was awesome. The rest of the sled was poorly designed and the quality was garbage. I won't ever buy anything designed and built by Cat again. What you need to ask yourself is what will that Thundercat be worth when Cat goes belly up? Will the 1300 bucks you saved be enough from making you puke?
  4. I’ve been using shapers with woody navigators in my center and stock carbides outside on my pilot ski’s and they steer great and no darting.
  5. There are a lot of guys that have been banned over there the last few years. Many of them were fun and liked to bust balls. That’s not allowed anymore I guess.
  6. The stock 150 hp 900t is making between 160 and 165 hp with 12 lbs of boost. How much hp will the 900tr make with larger injectors and 17.9 lbs of boost?
  7. Look at the boost on all those 200 hp tuned 900’s and then look at the boost of the new 900tr. The new 900 has larger injectors, waste gate, intercooler, different intake and exhaust. It also has 17.9 psi boost. How much boost does the tuned 200 hp 900 make?
  8. Yep they are absolute garbage. That’s why nobody buys them and everybody buys Sidewinders.
  9. That’s awesome. We all have our expectations and opinions. I think all my sleds were the best sled evah until the next one. 6000 miles on a 17 isn’t a lot of miles. That’s only 1200 miles a year.
  10. The 900t wasn’t meant to compete with sidewinders or any other hyper sled. It was very competitive with sleds in the 800 class. The new 200 hp 900t will however compete very well with all other stock sleds including Winders and T Cats.
  11. The Mach is over priced but it will have close to the same power as a stock Winder. With the reported 17.9 psi boost I will bet it will be 200 hp stock. I wasn’t spending 20 grand for a snowmobile. I ordered a Renegade X pkg with the Mach engine for 5500 dollars less than the Mach. I don’t need no silly gauge or smart shocks or launch control bull shit. Should be a great trail sled for sure. I owned a Winder for 2 seasons and it was a great sled but there is no way I would want another one. This will be my 4th Turbo Doo and there is a reason I’m not on my 4th Winder.
  12. My kids know I won’t be leaving them any money. I’ve told them that many times already.
  13. No but I did order a Renegade X in black with the Mach Z engine. I didn’t want to spend that much money on a snowmobile. Besides I have a C8 Corvette on order and that’s where I would prefer to spend it.
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