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  1. they'll get their backs "wet" doing that.
  2. Going thru every nut, bolt, bearing, shock, spring, stud, carbide, and bogie wheel on my new to me 2016 Pro S Switchback 600. Might even update it with an Artic FX wrap.
  3. Skis are NOT sold. Dickhead backed out after giving his WORD that he would come tonight or tomorrow with the cash.
  4. Liggett

    C&A Pros

    My RED XPT's w/6" Shapers and 140 total miles, are for sale in Northern Vermont $350.00 SOLD.
  5. Liggett

    C&A Pros

    They won't push in soft snow and will rail hard show?
  6. Well, they look a little froggy.
  7. Liggett

    C&A Pros

    It could be tracking vs. darting. It was originally darting before I tightened the FTS spring preload and backed off the rear preload. That's calmed down significantly but turn in effort is still excessive. The XPT's are supposed to be the least aggressive that C&A offers, and I was trying to address soft snow pushing. Which they did. I'm probably going to go back to the Prosteer skis and the suspension settings I had before switching skis. The Prosteers with 6" deuce bars didn't dart and were excellent on hard snow. I'll just have to keep working on the soft snow pushing. Maybe I just nee
  8. RED with black handle XPT skis with 140 actual miles, 6" shaper bar carbides and Polaris mounting kit. $350 in northern Vermont. Cost me $490+ a week ago.
  9. Liggett

    C&A Pros

    Checked alignment 1/8"of the Prosteers before installing the C&A's. Then re-checked the C&A's for the required 3/8".
  10. Liggett

    C&A Pros

    With all the weight I can get off the skis, the XCR's with 6" shapers were too much on the hard snow yesterday AM. And in the fresh powder at altitude with a firm base. Down low in the sun and slush they were OK. I've got some Woody's on a round host bar ordered. If those don't fix the hard snow darting, it's back to the deuce bars on the prosteers and live with/try to fix the pushing in soft snow.
  11. Liggett

    C&A Pros

    Finally got out yesterday on some well grommed soft trails. First 5 miles the darting almost jerked my arms outta the sockets! Gradually increased the preload on the FTS and reduced on the rear shock. 1 change at a time and test ride. Ended up with clickers on the IFS turned down 4 clicks. Greatly reduced darting after all the adjustments which all-in-all took me about 25-30 miles to accomplish. The XPT's have cured my pushing issue in soft snow which I could not tune out with the Prosteers. The XPT's DO steer harder, still, but not harder enough that I'm giving up the performance and precisio
  12. I don't have a plastic bed liner. It's spray-in. Don't know if that makes a diff.
  13. Liggett

    C&A Pros

    Rode today for the first time on the C&A's. I "think" they're better in soft snow, but we got 12" last night and nothing was groomed where we went except by other sleds. You know what that's like. a real workout. I did not notice hard steering and have not touched my previous suspension settings yet.
  14. 13" today in Jay@ 1000'
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