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  1. Of course, there are no corrupt judges. Or judges with skeletons.
  2. We have a 7500 watt gasoline portable wired semi-permanent in the shed attached to our garage. Manual start. I wired it to a 100 amp transfer switch in the basement by the entrance panel. You MUST have a transfer switch to protect utility crews! Our generator will start the 1,5hp deep well pump and run all our appliances including 2 window A/C units at once. It will not run our auto lift and we don't try to use the clothes dryer when we're on generator. Minor inconveniences. People ask why we need a generator if we have a propane boiler? Ya gotta run the circulators to push the hot w
  3. Biden won't be the Democratic nominee, that's for certain.
  4. I voted for Trump in '16 and will do again if he's the nominee. He did a lot right by the USA (and world) in 4 years while being prosecuted at every turn. Having just said that, he is too old now, and too polarizing. Too many R's and I's will vote D if trump runs and the country cannot afford another Democrat administration, IF, we make it thru this one. I'd rather see Desantis or Noem, or even Cruz, with Candice Owens as VP.
  5. It's "Mail-In Voting". Not to be confused with "Absentee Voting" which is dead since "Mail-In" became the norm.
  6. New A-Arm on, spindles back from powder coat. Still waiting for a couple parts I'm hoping will arrive this week. I had to do a preview.
  7. Thank you. I ordered some from Bergstrom but I'll compare them to your measurements. I'm supposed to get the spindles back from powder coat tomorrow.
  8. Yep, planning on it. The PO did not have them shimmed.
  9. Old bearings are off and new jackshaft bearing pressed on. Need to wait for a new driveshaft inner bearing mount thanks to ham-fisting the old one. Rebuilt FTS installed with new dual-rate spring; infinite easy-adjustable limiter strap installed. All thanks to my "younger" and more flexible bud that came 35 miles one-way to give me a hand today. I'll get the chaincase buttoned up and filled tomorrow and start on power-valve R&R.
  10. Yeah. And who is paying their living expense?
  11. She'd be one in a convertible with the top down alone wearing her mask.
  12. I understand that, but I prefer my handloads, tailored to our pistols, for competition shooting.
  13. Yep. Thanks. This is becoming more and more something I don't want to do. New platform to learn, the high mileage could quickly eat up any low price, parts supply to repair this year is iffy. Not to mention that we don't know where the economy and fuel prices are going by wintertime. If the economy goes really south and/or gas price is $10.00, maybe there will be reasonable 2015+ 600 ProS come to the market!
  14. Yeah, I'm hip on the shock and track part and both sleds tracks are good. (been replaced). '16 has had clutcher gone thru by dealer laft fall, new slides, wheel bearings and intake boots. I talked to the dealer wrench that did the work. Says it's a good sled but you know..... also said he has 600's with isoflex bearing out there with 14000 on them all original. exchange program? On crank parts/rebuild?
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