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  1. My wife is an EA for a Special Needs class, everyday gets spit on, punched, kicked, hair pulled and changes 8-12 diapers a day.$1.79 raise in 11yrs. They deserve a raise but the Union is asking for a lot.
  2. Perfect thanks, I'll check it out next year
  3. Where was this? When I was heading up to my cottage Friday I passed a few trucks with water sleds.
  4. Sorry to hear, thoughts and prayers for you. Dementia is horrible!
  5. sorry for your loss, condolences to you and your family Covid sucks!
  6. 1 sled done and ready. 2 more to go
  7. Great day at the cottage. Took my kids tubing. Told me I wouldn't be able to flip them Snapchat-971628973.mp4
  8. Been chilling on the dock most nights
  9. That poor boy wearing the tube top looks upset
  10. Beautiful morning at the cottage. Going to be a great weekend
  11. I coached against her for a few years.
  12. Kiln Shell we built, shipping from Ontario to South Carolina. Just the trailer is 160ft long. 13'-6" dia.. 135,000 lbs
  13. Lol. Thanks I do spend a lot of time out there pretending to do shit.
  14. Built it, ya I wish I saw the one that pivots earlier. Although its no big deal getting the top sled up there. I have a pulley system.
  15. This what I use to store my sleds. Has wheels on it so I can move it anywhere.
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