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  1. Have a burrito on me Bennie, boy are we cranky this morning.
  2. They found they were sprinkled with steak seasoning to mask their odor crossing boarder, yum yum , must have smelled good in there.
  3. Now check this out, it’s Father’s Day in the hood, how’s that going? Must be confusing. And I have to work tomorrow on the New Holiday,
  4. Thanks Awful, Ol boy is as sharp as a bowling ball.
  5. Here’s the way I see it, take Floyd, and this black guy here in town that got plugged in the head a few weeks ago, if they would comply when getting arrested, both would still be alive, this guy a few weeks ago in my town that the cop shot, # 1 he ran, #2 he had a boc. Of way over the limit, and he was driving , this was at 8 in the morning , #3 he wrestled with the cop and tried to grab his taser, who knows , he may have had a gun himself, at the time the cop didn’t know, so he plugged the negro in the back of the head, all could have been avoided, had he complied, then after the fact his fam
  6. Just about ever night in my town it’s blacks shooting blacks, blacks shooting up gatherings from a vehicle, or blacks getting blasted by whitey because they tried to break into their homes, the other day I was getting fuel in my truck, 4 blacks pull up the next pump over, two get out and start looking at me groping themselves, I just ignored them, them they start doing it to an elderly white lady , she just shut the pump off and left, I did same.but Black Lives Matter.
  7. It’s been a rough go at it for my Brother, yesterday he had to get rushed to the hospital, he got sicker than hell, turns out the cancer is now spread into his story, it ate a hole in his small intestine, they did surgery, there’s so much in there if they can’t remove it all. I’m just waiting for the oncology team to confer, and it sounds like hospice is the next step, last Monday when we met with his doctor they gave him 6 months to live. Some heavy stuff going on. Lord give me strength to get through this.
  8. I just did a job using the expansion type with Milwaukee tool, that’s the way to go. In a 80 bed hospital, cold& hot going to a header in each room, then branching off to fixtures , I think I can count on 1 hand how many leaks we had, plus we use them on snow melt headers without any problems, one benifit is, if the joint does leak, I hit it with a map igniter torch a little to warm it up without scorching it, and it fixes it, not all the time but I’ve had good luck doing it.
  9. That’s one way to stay sober.
  10. I think on my dads old puma he had Kalamazoo Klaws .
  11. My brothers second surgery is today to remove the other tumor, , then in a few days he goes for physical therapy for 2 weeks, then hopefully he can go home, hope for the best boys.
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