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  1. IT’s Georgia, Big Blue, who’s going to be the other 2? TCU & the buckys?
  2. I hear ya Jimmy, what about osu & bambalamba?
  3. Nice day for a fire and some feetball,
  4. I guess he is a thug on the field,
  5. Just reading U of M was voted # 2 best college town, figures.
  6. Anybody picking the boiler makers tonight? M is on a pretty good roll right now #2 behind Bulldogs,
  7. That was dumb move Mazi, and I agree, he should not have played after the charges were filed.
  8. Apparently there’s alot of M fans out there, the game broke a record of viewers, ,19.6 million, snaks , were you one of them??fess up
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