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  1. O red got dolled up with some tunes and exhaust, she’s ready to roll,
  2. Got the green one setup too, these clutches just flat out work
  3. Getting the red head setup with some clutch work
  4. Add another 10 grand in exhaust, tunes , clutching.
  5. Nothing on Mickey Thompson. tires , I may try the Baja Boss or legend, I’ve been running bf KO2 on all my rigs, great tire and wears well,
  6. I seen your video, pretty cool you were able to ride with them guys.
  7. I’ve never owned a red sled, in person it’s a beautiful color. Bet it’ll look Good on the white stuff.
  8. Picked up a couple 23 turbos, if it don’t snow, blame it on my dumb ass.
  9. Ask Herfindahl that. You think you’re manly enough to take him on his pro cross? You’d be peeing your pants
  10. Wait till his old lady goes to start his Poo and blows her weave off. 👨🏽‍🦲
  11. Just goes to snow you the bloodline these people come from.
  12. Would have saved him millions
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