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  1. I forgot she married Michael Jackson. Rip
  2. I couldn’t agree more, blm my ass, should have picked the cotton ourselves.
  3. They always doo skidoo, fuckers have to de rail every thread,
  4. Michigan can never win those big games, they had a good year anyway, Happy New Year to you guys n gals.
  5. I hear ya James, who are the Spartys playing? Hop on the wagon , might as well have fun while we can. Can the Buckteeth beat the Bulldogs? I bet they get smoked
  6. He’s actually from Alaska AK’s distant cousin.😮‍💨
  7. You sap sucker Jimmy! Ima gonna sick this Dobie on your ass.
  8. Can you imagine how he rode in the hills,
  9. Tommcat’s a pusher , he supplies me with my go fast addiction. I use every bit of the power I can, when it’s safe to uncork it. There’s nothing like pinching off one of these turbos at 280 hp. I’m just an adrenaline junkie is all.
  10. Put on 125 mikes yesterday, hardly anybody out, sled runs so good with the 3” sandale exhaust compared to to 2.5 “ that I had before. Nobody at Boon fire pit. Figured I best get out before the rain comes.
  11. Merry Christmas you bunch of deplorable.
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