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  1. I’ve had some bad trips up there in a snow storm, we were staying in sand river, went to grand marais , coming back my buddy’s yammi broke on h-58, used his sweat shirt for a tow strap to get him to bear trap, rode all the way to sand river to get the rig, snowing like hell the whole time, got back to bear trap to pick him up and he’s so gooned up, got back to sand river in the wee hours , oh the shit that can happen.
  2. How bout Shadow, this is my Dobie Nitro and my buddies dogs Bella-boo & Bear
  3. My boy Junior, he’ll be 2 in a week
  4. Looking at my 17 super duty 100,000 mikes on it , frame and body look like the day I bought it, Michigan truck.
  5. Big Bay michigan, the ol cat had 12,000 mikes on it when I sold it, damn good sled ,
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