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  1. All the men standing with arms at their side, the women hands in front atta girl JT
  2. Just ordered a new heat pump to replace existing, earliest date to install is July 29th.....
  3. Sidewinder S-TX GT 2up Touring - $21,199 CDN dollars
  4. Rail trail from Bancroft up to Lake St. Peter has been groomed
  5. I went by on my sled a few minutes after this occurred, truck was sideways on the road and about 15ft from the crossing. Hit looked to be on the box just past the cab, was a good sized dent.
  6. On Sunday the e109 east of the rail trail barely passable due to downed trees, the 175 off of the e109 also in very rough shape due to downed trees.
  7. Thanks for the information, just started looking, price point was why we were looking at Sparks. Have not seen many non-currents on web sites, where are you seeing them?
  8. Has anybody heard good or bad about the Sea-Doo Sparks 3-UP 900 HO, possibly looking at purchasing.
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