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  1. @Polaris 550 says you take the MAGLITE dry and hard...............I have know idea what he's talking about
  2. Johnny was alive and well when we talke last winter, he was recovering from back surgery last year and he was able to ride late season A zlzebub classic, the next day recovery of the ZL was even better, but now it's gone
  3. Still lots of great riding in northern MN and the UP with more snow on the way, I would have stayed another day in the Keweenaw if my right shoulder wasn't on fire, find out the results of the MRI on Monday.......I really can't swing a golf club right now......
  4. @old indy Awesome pics, I want to see that country on sled!!
  5. It's a wrap, the girl and I started headed up north Friday evening and started riding Saturday afternoon, between that and Sunday we rolled 200 stellar miles in just gorgeous weather and trails that were 9's to 10's, 2,275 miles this year, can't wait till next season
  6. Does the thin mountain air make the Busch Light go down easier?
  7. Not to worry fitter. the lake guns will be going off late next week
  8. Lies, the aftermarket fiber rollers in the driven disintegrated.
  9. I checked out the website and that is way cool, that's a trip to be stoked about!
  10. Someday I would like to get up there for that race but a 500 mile road trip on TG weekend just doesn't do it for me. Keep posting the pics Z
  11. That's very cool Jay You should post up the stock pic above or below that one to really accentuate the difference.
  12. I'm hoping to do something in Feb with the wife, and then something with the guys in March.
  13. I think it's a great state to ride in, northwestern MN is all hold it to the bar riding as is all of it heading up and over to Voyageurs and the Range.
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