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  1. A friend of mine has had a red and white one in his shop for a few years, the owner went to central america and has been paying the storage, just a beautiful bike.
  2. Still historically low rates, and all those with the 750 to 850 credit ratings have refied at 2% or lower already. Nice looking setup, I'd try it for a week or two and that would be plenty for me. Sounds like you have a great adventure planned, enjoy and be safe That's an excellent video, what do they pay those jumpers for beating fires, sucking smoke, and inhaling fire retardant? I hope it's a lot. Is that you laying marking smoke for the jet?
  3. We know this man is beloved and worshipped by many at FS, the question is why?
  4. The stupidity here is predictable in a Groundhog Day type of way
  5. The Made in The USA hat was well worth it, especially when I asked friends for there MAGA hats with the Made in China label inside. Plus they made some great vids and being smart capitalist's they pocketed a good chunk of change legally, just like Trump and his PAC
  6. Only 2 hours for anyone with an IQ north of 90.
  7. Do you have a problem with @SSFB smoking a sausage?
  8. Well Happy March 5th, and hey, hey to the 19th President!!!
  9. How do explain that wind turbines in the northern states are still spinning, or how about these in the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec?
  10. It's not only the windmills that were not winterized, it the water pumps that are needed for natural gas an oil extration along with the water pumps that are needed to operate a nuclear reactor that are not winterized. In life you're supposed to prepare for the worst and hope for the best, in Texas it's apparent they prepared for the least and probably prayed for the best. FTR, Texas by choice is the only state in the union that's not tied into the electrical grid, and that was entirely by there choice
  11. After how many years of McConnell running a one way street? Biden has reached out to republicans I hope it works, if not the dems will use reconciliation just like Mitch did so effectively. I missed the part where Trump apologized about the Capitol, Shumer apologized and Pelosi condemned it.
  12. That hurt, damn that looks like an ambulance ride for sure.
  13. Cat still has the better front end, I rode my VR-1 and my wife's RS 6000 back to back through some shitty section of trail this past weekend, Between the geometry and the shocks Cat has it. The best map is on my Lowrance Baja 5, second best is the package I got from Izzni, the Polaris app works fairly well and is convenient because it's already there.
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