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  1. all he will ever be here is a lame ass cuck boy with zero mechanical ability. Less than zero ffs.
  2. A Child rapist got killed yesterday in a NH Prison.
  3. Pfffft. I had my AT-AT out on the pond recently and there was only 48”. I know cause I checked with my lightsaber
  4. Not a fan of Starbucks or dunks.I’ve been seriously cutting my caffeine intake for a few years. But love a hot bev in the morning. Tea doesn’t do it for me. Right now it’s 3/4 dairy free hot chocolate and 1/4 decaf coffee. Mocha ftw!
  5. My dealer is loaded with sleds. 2-3 of everything Polaris. 22s23s. Nobody is buying as we’ve had almost no riding this season. It’s 45 out right now ffs. Deals to be had this spring/summer.
  6. My local Napa is fully staffed with cunts.
  7. Not yet! My first desert experience. A bucket list thing. Now I’m hooked. Love the desert.humbling.
  8. The Mojave area is basically a big playground for off road vehicles. Huge areas specifically set aside as ohrv areas. So much riding opportunities in California.
  9. Temps would be in the high 20s at kickstands up 8am,high 60s by afternoon. I saw a road runner and a coyote!! No ACME crates, anvils or piles of free birdseed to be found though. Lots of wild burros. Loooong stretches of deep sand where you have to pin it to win it.50-55 or unmanageable. The sketchiest part was merging onto the 5 freeway inLA. fucking scary lol. Got over100mph on a dry lake bed. We had to turnaround at 5500’ trying to cross the Paiute mtns. Snow and ice. That was Charles Mansons power wagon supposedly
  10. Just finished a 6 day motorcycle ride from Southern California to Nevada and back. 85% off road. Beyond epic. 3 out of the 7 riders crashed and had to quit. We had the hammer down! I love the desert. 1120 miles
  11. I’d like to read more about the usmc units from prisons and asylums.
  12. I can make the same statement about not getting vaccinated once again , same statement, except they were vaccinated.
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