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  1. I know a husky named Steve. My cat is Ralph. Funny stuff
  2. I was working on the full restoration of a 1890 6000 square-foot “summer cottage”on the top of Sugarhill New Hampshire.I was fitting the banister in the carriage house. One of the guys dug a tiny old b/w tv out of the basement, we set it up on a lumber stack and watched the second plane hit thru the static.
  3. I got into the ground wasps the other day weed whacking. There were hundreds and super pissed. No stings but it was in an area that the public uses so I had to hang around and steer people away for 45 minutes.
  4. I don’t get tickets. I get pulled over every now and again but never a ticket.
  5. Great show. I like all the spin offs too. Roadkill garage, junkyard gold, and there’s a new one with same host, Steve magnante, as the junkyard show. The guy assembles an old school plastic model and talks about the real car. It’s super nerdy but I dig it lol
  6. It’s unfathomable that SS is doomed to go broke while we continue to throw money at other countries. Foreign aid should end. 100%
  7. I remember getting stopped on rt 3 near funspot by a bunch of bikers lining the road in ‘88. The toll was tits or burnouts. Since I was a dude I lit it up. 1980 Kawasaki Z1r 1000 did not disappoint.
  8. I like the old stuff but also drool over the HP / performance numbers today’s cars bring to the table. Just pulled the chevelle from my youth out of the backwoods. Pic from the ‘91 and then from last week.
  9. Somehow I doubt a lot of rich white kids are down there getting a free fucking school lunch in the summer ffs. Wgas it’s kids.
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