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  1. I still go. Almost every sat morning first thing before I ride. Of course it’s a regulated transfer/recycling center now lol. They don’t even let you pick thru the steel pile anymore.
  2. My job 76-82 on sat mornings was to ride in the way back of my old man’s caprice estate wagon and hold up the shitty old galvanized trash cans from tipping over on the way to the dump.
  3. Times awasting! Better get packing for your vacation,
  4. Shouldn’t you be home packing?
  5. I wonder what toolkits exit strategy is this time
  6. You can see that he’s confused. What a joke we’ve become
  7. Maico’s were only seen in magazines back then in northern NH. More rare than a husqvarna. My dream ride was an 84 husky wr400 back then. Mr brother had a can am qualifier 175 when I had my kdx. It was rare and cool. But the kawi was better at everything. We had one friend that would show up with the oddest bikes. Jawas, CZs. They were always “ barn finds”.
  8. The best van Hagar album is crap compared to the worst Van Halen ( is there one?) album. Kill yourself
  9. Thanks. I thought I was pretty fucking cool lolz. I was so proud of that red Simpson 32 full face helmet. Ordered it from Dennis Kirk! And the bob hurricane Hannah lightning bolt stickers from the back pages of dirt bike or motocross action magazine.
  10. I’m surprised that a x racer bro of your current means doesn’t have a vintage moto bike to sit,sip, and look at.
  11. I was rolling on a kdx 175 in 84. It got stolen. Everybody had dirt bikes back then. At least the cool kids anyway lol
  12. My brother just bought a restored 73 rd350. It’s epic
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