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  1. Fuck. I hope moto and fam are good to go.
  2. Wtf. Pro sports needs to take these officials aside and let them know they are not the show.mlb Baseball umps are the worst.that ump needs to be out of the rotation. I love jomboy
  3. Wrecked my summer sled yesterday. My brother and I were back road cruising on our KLRs about 45 mph and a big fucking tree fell across the road barely missing him and right in front of me, just enough time to lock up the brakes and go down sliding into the tree bike first luckily. Fairing and gauge cluster etc on the bike. Concussion and broken c7 on me. I’m up and walking around. Furiously buying parts. On Vicodin so could be interesting what shows up lolz. Newly installed tusk crash bars worked well. Helmet took a good hit. Scorpion 950.
  4. 23,000 flawless miles on this beauty
  5. What whims are we talking about? Like when we blew the shit out of the Russian proxies in Syria? Those whims?
  6. RIP. pets are the best. My 5 yr old cat ralph is presently recouping from emergency bladder surgery at the animal hospital to the tune of $4500. He’s worth it. I’d be stacking bodies on the regular if it wasn’t for my doggos and cat. Lol.
  7. Had a great day running the trails of northern NH.
  8. Trucks loaded and gear is ready. Trucking 45 min north,dropping at nash stream and heading towards Pittsburg
  9. That conversation absolutely took place.
  10. I had no idea tony Stewart was so short. Maybe that’s why he was such a peckahead.
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