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  1. Let’s see one of those things tow a 4 place over Teton pass in January
  2. It is tough. I work in the Industryat an assisted care home. We constantly have family members lie about the level of dementia to get their loved ones in. And it ain’t cheap. We start at 5g/month for a small studio.
  3. They just found the missing hiker in Crawford notch. Wedged under a boulder in the river.
  4. I quit 7 yrs ago and still get cravings for a cigarette
  5. I love this. My college kid and his friends are going to crush these little nothings in life. They represent zero competition. He’s going to have everything because these kids are capable of nothing.
  6. Yes it has changed hands a few times since the original owners sold out a while back. The have snow cross and monster trucks in the winter. White mtn Motorsport park is in north Woodstock. It’s a bigger nicer venue. Really top notch for a small town track. https://www.whitemountainmotorsports.com
  7. It’s a good operation these days. Added a moto x track and really try to cater to kids and families. Back in the day though. Late 80s. It’s was capital R rough. Almost went under for a while. Like a lot of small town tracks.
  8. He’s #47 and there’s nothing legal anyone can do about it. It will be fun to watch heads explode again. The country is swinging right ( and will most likely over correct). This place will be hilarious in November.
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