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  1. Ontario has gone to hell under NinnyBag

    We plow the snow at metros 3 warehouse at Dundas and 427. Woth the amount of idiots working there in sure there is a few to cut that won't be missed. I wonder if they are thinking of moving again. Having your goods in 3 separate warehouses a half km apart can't be good for efficiency.
  2. cheep chain saws

    Lol at being heavy. I limb trees now with a 660 and 24" bar. Only use the 441 when I pinch the bar on the big one. But seriously the bigger motor stihl have a lot better reputation for starting after sitting. Little motors plug up the carbs so easily.
  3. Weed killer

    Shoot me a pm if you want some. Same goes for anyone else. Will be a sad day if they take it away from the farmers lol.
  4. Weed killer

    I can still get the good stuff here. 15 bucks a litre. Takes about 3 litres per acre to wipe out everything but the grass. Has shot up in price last few years. Used to only be about 8.
  5. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    If they muck with the capital gains exemption too much there will be some pretty passed off farmers. A lot of small farms that's one of the few ways the kids can ever afford to take over the farm short of selling it and getting out completely.
  6. Klim jacket. When/where to buy

    I need a new jacket and boots. Wanting to go klim in high end jacket and some kind of klim boa boots as I've had surgery on one ankle twice already. Opinions on when and where to buy? Royal no tax sale? Royal at sled show? Who else sells I'm in that actually stocks enough sizes to find the right one. If prefer discounted old stock.
  7. Ontario has gone to hell under NinnyBag

    What I don't get if they are going to sell it the same silly way as the liquor, why not just sell it at every lcbo store that already exists.
  8. Opps

    They bought out a farm of 40000 acres that went bust during 7$ corn. Rumour has it they have 3 businesses and 2 of them are flush. Those 48 row planters though
  9. 1800 hp and 5600rpm. Pull against a guy with 2286hp and has rev limiter set at 6500rpm. Sounds crazy in person. (Big singles turbos) Haven't seen any one pull in a top level pulling class with a powerstroke in a very long time.
  10. Check your flywheel bolts!

    Thats my pass from the one time I hooked the bosses pull truck. Won by 8 feet.
  11. Check your flywheel bolts!

    We truck pull with a 2100hp motor. Drive shafts have 3 hoops each and u joints have an 8" long piece of thick wall pipe covering them. Seen some pretty nasty breaks but no one has gotten hurt with those as required equipment.
  12. Random Photo Thread

    A few from spring planting. And the pup and cat are finally getting along after 9 months.
  13. Weed killer

    Fyi roundup was originally discovered by a soap company throwing failed products out the back door onto the grass yard. And the shit they sell is stores is so watered down for what they charge it's a joke. Pure roundup in bulk is 6.50 a litre... (Ps farmers can still buy lawn spray if they have a valid pesticides license. (Anyone with a commercial sized sprayer))
  14. PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    I can believe that. The amount of times i am passed on the shoulder while driving a 14 foot wide tractor (partially on the shoulder) because they can't wait for a chance to get by. Have had more then one incident with people losing control doing it. Had a drunk hit the combine in mississauga 3 years ago. Took the mirror of his van and hit every panel on the passenger side. Kept going. (17 foot 8 inches wide. It's pretty hard to miss lol)
  15. New sleds???/

    Put 2 seasons of 2100miles each on my 16 800 pro s. Ordered an 800xcr this time.