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  1. Glenn in Caledon

    Weekend thread!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    Yesterdays task, 14 hours of trucking high moisture corn to a mennonite cattle barn. Finished the fireplace last weekend and hung a 55" Lg oled c9 over it.
  2. Glenn in Caledon

    Doggie pics

    3 year old goldendoodle
  3. Crop insurance date for beans is June 20-30 depending on area. Be alot of 40bu beans this year. Anything over 60 is above average for the june 20 date land.
  4. We are at 10-15 percent of total where I work. 4000 acres to go as alot of winter wheat didnt make it through the freeze thaws this winter and soaking wet spring. Crop insurance date for corn is in a few days. Inch of rain tomorrow will kill having insurance on the rest of the corn. Going to be alot of soybeans in Ontario compared to normal this year.
  5. Glenn in Caledon

    Why dogs spin when they shit.

    Dog spins until she gets the perfect spot. Has never once dropped that frisbee to do her business.
  6. Glenn in Caledon

    ****Official Pet Photo Thread****

    I left that mess for the girlfriend and left the house for a few hours lol.
  7. Been there tried that
  8. Glenn in Caledon

    Random Photo Thread

    moved in in August. have the master bathroom finished and the other 2 bathrooms are just waiting on counters after new years and the tile wainscoting after they go in. got the outside cleaned up before winter as well. 12 yards of mulch in and 6 pickup truck loads of rocks out. @Garrettv ill be here every day until new years swing by. shouldnget you to install a tankless water heater
  9. Glenn in Caledon

    Random Photo Thread

    the dog likes the new couch
  10. Glenn in Caledon

    ****Official Pet Photo Thread****

    2.5 year old goldendoodle. her favourite sleeping position
  11. Glenn in Caledon

    2018 polaris rush 800 xcr

    and she pays the mortgage 😂
  12. Glenn in Caledon

    2018 polaris rush 800 xcr

    lol.hell she put a 100grand more into the house then i did.
  13. Glenn in Caledon

    2018 polaris rush 800 xcr

    fuck off lol. as far away as possible on both fronts
  14. Glenn in Caledon

    2018 polaris rush 800 xcr

    all sold. sledless for the first time since i was 14