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  1. 2018 polaris rush 800 xcr

    It's mom and dad's at the farm.
  2. 2019 artic cAt preedictions!!!111

    Everyone sing the Simpson's monorail song!
  3. 2018 polaris rush 800 xcr

    Meh. I've had a few good years in a row. I've put 15000 miles on in The last 10 years. Got it out of my system for a while. If this doesn't sell I'll try and get an early trip in December then blow it out then.
  4. 2018 polaris rush 800 xcr

    2018 rush for 800 Electric start GPS 3 year warranty started Dec 1 2017. Comes with low and mid black windshields Tall windshield currently on it hand guards Windshield bag Rear sport rack with large sport bag C+A rzr skis. - stock skis not available 2018 trail permit 1604 miles Looking at houses. End of sledding for me for a while. $12400 with all add-ons
  5. Winter 2018

    Sitting in hearst for the night. Rip back to Cochrane in the morning then drive home. Trails are good.
  6. Ben waterskipping Don's Phazer.....

    Fuck I worked with the guy that recorded this for 2 years😂 What an idiot posting this on Facebook when the cops here watch for shit like this and while press dangerous driving and attempt to press dui charges
  7. Winter 2018

    In Cochrane now. Freezing rain from north bay to Kirkland lake on way up. Trails are good here. Will be questionable temagami south I bet after wednesday
  8. Sledding sucks pouch and I want a new hobby.

    Fun times. Sledding is probably alot cheaper. In Cochrane again now Ps thanks for calling me back today...
  9. Winter 2018

    How did Phil do?
  10. Xcr FTS for axys sleds

    Sold. Thanks Rick
  11. Winter 2018

    228miles today after a 1am wake up call to salt in etobicoke. Most was a nice ride. Odd spot had some serious drifting challenges to get through. 510miles on the season now. Not a bad start for me.
  12. Xcr FTS for axys sleds

  13. Trail Permits

    Sleds sell?
  14. Just Might Be Done With Sledding

    Haven't lost the baby weight yet? Lol
  15. Winter 2018

    I plan on riding tuesday if ya can keep up lol.