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  1. 1800 hp and 5600rpm. Pull against a guy with 2286hp and has rev limiter set at 6500rpm. Sounds crazy in person. (Big singles turbos) Haven't seen any one pull in a top level pulling class with a powerstroke in a very long time.
  2. Check your flywheel bolts!

    Thats my pass from the one time I hooked the bosses pull truck. Won by 8 feet.
  3. Check your flywheel bolts!

    We truck pull with a 2100hp motor. Drive shafts have 3 hoops each and u joints have an 8" long piece of thick wall pipe covering them. Seen some pretty nasty breaks but no one has gotten hurt with those as required equipment.
  4. Random Photo Thread

    A few from spring planting. And the pup and cat are finally getting along after 9 months.
  5. Weed killer

    Fyi roundup was originally discovered by a soap company throwing failed products out the back door onto the grass yard. And the shit they sell is stores is so watered down for what they charge it's a joke. Pure roundup in bulk is 6.50 a litre... (Ps farmers can still buy lawn spray if they have a valid pesticides license. (Anyone with a commercial sized sprayer))
  6. PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    I can believe that. The amount of times i am passed on the shoulder while driving a 14 foot wide tractor (partially on the shoulder) because they can't wait for a chance to get by. Have had more then one incident with people losing control doing it. Had a drunk hit the combine in mississauga 3 years ago. Took the mirror of his van and hit every panel on the passenger side. Kept going. (17 foot 8 inches wide. It's pretty hard to miss lol)
  7. New sleds???/

    Put 2 seasons of 2100miles each on my 16 800 pro s. Ordered an 800xcr this time.
  8. Puzzle....New 850 Doo burn down issues are real!

    850 beat an assault 800 by about a length in 3/4 mile race back to back. Assault driver had 80 plus pounds on the other guy. That 850 has had a catastrophic engine failure this year (crank came apart) and has been eating a belt ever 800kms. Edit-and it still sounds like he likes it better then his xrs.
  9. Winter 2017

    I turned around at kapuskasing. Wasn't any fresh snow once top of the trail and they were rock hard. My Sliders wore real bad at the curve in the rails this year so scratches wouldn't have helped. I was checking my Sliders every 20 miles yesterday as they were that thin. The club trails around moonbeam are really nice and we're in great condition on Thursday. I would avoid the centre of timmins as well it was ice and rock. Could bypass around the edge of town.
  10. Winter 2017

    Well the season is all wrapped up for me. 11xxmiles this week in 4.5 days riding. 2100 on the season. Pretty sure I'll order a new one as 4200 miles 2 years old with 2 years warranty left is a good time to let it go. (As far as cost per year goes) Sled has been alot more reliable then past 600s. Has had thumb warmer, and 1 snow flap rivet replaced. Put 2100 miles on both belts.
  11. Winter 2017

    It was a nice upgrade. I no longer find my self braces for nasty hits when you hit a hole in the trail. Edit. And I'll most likely pull it and out the stock shock in it when it goes.
  12. Winter 2017

    Yea it came from them. Sleds got 3800miles on it now. Sled runs good again and it's got a 4 year warranty. So long as it survives 2 more days it'll be someone else's problem next year most likely. A blue xcr is calling my name.
  13. Winter 2017

    Up to 730miles. Had to limp back in to town this afternoon. Turns out the spark plugs need to be tight or it starts to detonate and goes into limp mode. 1700 miles after they were installed. Meeting up with Kyle and rob in the morning.
  14. FS photo contest

    Abitibi canyon 460 miles since I got here late yesterday.
  15. Winter 2017

    They've cut the trail I to the bush at the top end now. No more road running. I saw 2 sleds before 10am. Probably another 50 all day. Westway lot is rammed with trailers. Edit. Hope with the cold now the get the groomers out. Trails close to town are getting pretty beat.