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  1. Allegiant is it a 60 Minutes hit piece?

    Delta for the win.
  2. wrenchin sleds !!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111

    Damn , I don’t remember seeing that color in Barney chassis. What year is that ? Looks even better than copper /black 09 LE.
  3. Where do you shop for tires at ? Pure off-road ? That site is awesome
  4. Looking at Maxxis viper or big horn tires to replace this one. Only do 20% mudding and most of it is early may for any mud and I try not to hit mud if it can be avoided , I usually do mostly dirt roads, logging roads. also looking at new 3rd generation big horn. Suggestions ?
  5. Russia Responds

    Russians are claiming they have shot down several tomahawk cruise missiles with their S-400 air defense system also claiming they got videos of it , we will see if they are full of it.
  6. What ya watching?

    On history channel right ? Last week it was John Gotti and Pablo Escobar , I am sure they will rerun this one at midnight.
  7. Who's the biggest bully on this site?

    the “800 dragon” suspect list are getting longer eh ? But no sorry to disappoint ya, I am not him.
  8. Who's the biggest bully on this site?

    Polaris550 without a doubt
  9. Fucking super seriously scored today

    Nice score as long as they don’t come with 6.2L diesel
  10. The blowjob presidents wife

    I want one in 6.5 creed but right now there is serious shortage of 6.5 creed ammo going on.
  11. Canadian terrorist pleads guilty

    All he needs is 1 round 168 grains 30.06 total cost would be $2.00 and be done with it.
  12. The blowjob presidents wife

    not now. She lost. It was haunting me at one point pre election, not anymore.
  13. wrenchin sleds !!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111

    Piston pics looks good to me, looks way better than Honda CR125 pistons I had long time ago , that damn bike is sensitive to everything
  14. Sums Up.....

    What the hell is he drooling about ? Some Democrat won in a special election or something ?
  15. Scooter on TBP

    Hmm outty 1000 or poo 550 ? Poo 550 is total gay when comparing to outty 1000’s.