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  1. Hey did I ever tell you that one of my snowmobiling buds is the father of Gin Blossoms drummer Scott Kusmirek ?
  2. Talk to Ben eyeball to eyeball and I'm pretty sure you would walk away thinking that he is a pretty sharp individual who is well read, you may not agree with him but you certainly would not walk away thinking he's a drunken idiot
  3. DId you really have to ask who is dumb enough to believe it?
  4. Who the fuck believes El Chapo has $11 billion???? EDIT: $14 billion
  5. It's how I got invited to the Bush Inaugural's Start going to republican township meetings, and you will meet true believers that make the RWW's here look like god hating socialist's, immerse yourself.
  6. The deficit is going to go up with the tax cuts, short term I will fill my pockets and at this stage of the game for me I say fuck the debt
  7. Yep, although I will say the S corps should not get a better rate than the C corps. Why? With all the high paying jobs in Indiana why would anybody commute to Chicago?
  8. Oh and how do we forget the drummer? I know many here will diss Ringo Starr, so what the fuck why not listen to what the pros have to say
  9. Just look at what Harrison, Lennon, and McCartney did after the Beatles, it was real far from being irrelevant. McCartney is still selling out huge outdoor stadiums, and the vid below with Rihanna, and Kanye was #3 on the charts in August 2015.
  10. Hialeah in Florida, and the Merchandise Mart being the largest commercial building in the country was nothing to sneeze at.
  11. It's crazy to even think of a band that has three of the top 100 songwriters of all time much less two of them that are ranked #2 and #3, I know I will never see that kind of talent in a band again in my lifetime and I would be surprised if it would ever happen again.
  12. Some of the posts in this thread are incredibly stupid, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Paul McCartney are some the greatest songwriters to grace the earth, and to have all three in one band for 10 years while selling over 600 million records is a testament to what a great band they were.