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  1. Mileage Psycho

    Summertime snowmobile

    I put 170 miles on a Slingshot last September in the area of the Northern Kettle Moraine between Kewaskum and Elkhart Lake, lot of hills and's when coming up to the crest of hills with a driveway when you really realize how close to the ground you are. The Slingshot is a blast to drive, lots of snort.
  2. Mileage Psycho

    Summertime snowmobile

    Have you ever got her on one? If you haven't she might like it Big difference between a F3 and a RT, the F3 with the lower CG is like a slot car and it rides great with the Sachs air ride shock in the back.
  3. Mileage Psycho

    Summertime snowmobile

    Take her to BuRP dealer and go for a test ride, she'll like it. I picked it up last Saturday and then it snowed on Sunday, and the weather has been shitty except for Wednesday, tomorrow is going to be nice but we have many baskets to bring to the Easter brunch...........🤐
  4. Mileage Psycho

    Summertime snowmobile

    Last fall I picked up a Honda CB500X to ride locally and up north on backroads, and while I couldn't really ride it with the shoulder healing last fall this spring I was riding it, and that's when I found out my wife wouldn't get on the back for all the tea in China. So I knew she would get on this as she liked an RT we test rode a few years back, and I'm telling you this thing is hoot to ride! Although I do get confused between the brain thinking bike then clutch handle (bike) no brake handle (sled), and sometimes I go for a thumb squeeze instead of twisting the throttle.
  5. Mileage Psycho

    Damn Muslims

    At the COSTCO bro, I'm telling you
  6. Mileage Psycho

    George Conway Calls For Impeachment

    Nothing. Can you imagine the book deal she is going to get when she leaves the admin, she could get $50 million......YUUGE money, all is well in the Conway house.
  7. Mileage Psycho

    Damn Muslims

    What I enjoy most about shopping at COSTCO is the hot Muslim chicks that shop there, something about a good loking wearing a habib that turns me on.
  8. Hopefully your brain will uncook itself from the months of living in the desert Anymore and I will have to put you on ignore out of pity, or just put you in that category of @Momorider
  9. Critical thinking on many planes, some of us have and some of us don't Assholes tend to like assholes In all seriousness I don't see how any of this paints the president in a good light.
  10. Adoptions, as I said long ago it was kids who were playing kinky, and at the end of the day it was the asshole who came up with shit like the adoptions
  11. In your world it is, but just remember Trump won in spite of losing the popular vote by 3 million votes. IMO this whole thing just needs to let the lies and obfuscation fester in the minds of voters, and then the dem candidate will just need to run on his or her vision of where the country should go. You're painting that in a broad brush, define exactly what's over. It's the attempted obstruction that fortunately was curbed by the presidents staff, at this point you can either see this man for the asshole he is or you can worship him for the asshole he is.
  12. The dems are not going to impeach, but there is a treasure trove of info; and quite frankly none of it will make a difference to the base. Adoptions