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  1. I had no idea, I love the cam on my Ram for lining the ball and receiver other than that it's useless besides scanning for a small kid before back up at the grocery store. I would love to see the Ford dash dial backup a trailer to the cat cave unscathed
  2. Are you talking about a backup cam or some other tech?
  3. That was brutal, watching the video of that murder in light of the jury finding that murdering cop innocent was sickening.
  4. WTF is backup assist?
  5. They don't build them because of the cost, my 1960 cement pond has at least another 57 years of life left
  6. Nice setup Sheldon Now what can I expect to pay on the street for 3" and 6" shells?
  7. I've launched more 3" and 6" shells than I can count, we used to put on a show at my buddies house that would rival some of the park district shows, when we first started we used cigars and cigs for ignition and after several years we progressed to flares on the end of a 3' stick of conduit along with face shields to stop the sunburn effect you get from launching up close. Yes it was dangerous and stupid but what a thrill it was to be up so close to feel the heat and the blastwave when it leaves the tube and the whole time you are in the fog of burnt gunpowder, the best part is that the people loved it
  8. It's been 10 years or so since I bought 3" and 6" shells, what would be a good street price today for florals and aerial bombs in those sizes?
  9. I guess it's called 1.3G now.
  10. To get anything serious you have to buy Class B fireworks which requires a BATF license, we use to buy a couple of hundred 3" shells and 20-25 6" shells for the finale from a guy.
  11. Congratulations Fireball and many good years with the ride
  12. I've been at a conference at the Grand Geneva, played The Brute yesterday from the championship tees, tough course.
  13. JT, what do think about this?
  14. Holy fuck, that was just fuckin brutal and uncalled for.