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  1. Anyone have any big touring trips planned this year?

    I checked out the website and that is way cool, that's a trip to be stoked about!
  2. Amsoil Sno-X Kick off in Duluth

    Someday I would like to get up there for that race but a 500 mile road trip on TG weekend just doesn't do it for me. Keep posting the pics Z
  3. Getting ready for the season

    That's very cool Jay You should post up the stock pic above or below that one to really accentuate the difference.
  4. I'm hoping to do something in Feb with the wife, and then something with the guys in March.
  5. Getting ready for the season

    Is it done?
  6. I think it's a great state to ride in, northwestern MN is all hold it to the bar riding as is all of it heading up and over to Voyageurs and the Range.
  7. No speed limit in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, 55 mph at night in Wisconsin, 50 mph in Minnesota, 50 kph in Ontario, 70 kph in Quebec. I've been stopped in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Ontario. The Wisconsin stop was leaving the Derby after Friday Night Thunder about 10:30 PM a few years ago heading up towards Land O, just north of the ER the trail kicks you on a 20 MPH road, Yamagoon and one of my Nook buds hammered it up, over the hill were the LEO's along with two squads that came up from behind...I'm thinking ohh fuck here we go with with police wanting to kiss us Good news is they only asked me and LACAT for ID as they only had the other two on radar, so after the ID check LACAT and I were free to go so we rode a mile or so into the woods on a -30F night waiting and hoping the boys didn't have any other issues beside speeding and they did not, just $275.00 speeding tickets The Ontario stop was a warning by the OPP just south of Chapleau along highway 129, went through a STOP speed trap just west of Timmins on the 101 back in 2002, other than that most of Northern Ontario is hold it to the bar until you get close to town. Minnesota was a warning on the Soo line near Remer.
  8. We Are a Strange Breed

    Who needs 3" of snow?
  9. We Are a Strange Breed

    I pay $10.00 for my Wisconsin permit, $48.00 for Michigan, a week in QC will be $215.00 CDN, Ontario will be $210.00 CDN for the season before December 2nd. By the time I'm done with permits for my sled, the wife's sled I'll be at $720.00 in permits, then there are the spares for friends and family
  10. UP Riders

    I'm hoping to get a two or three day ride in somewhere in the UP the first week or two of December.
  11. I've been mixing in more and more off trail riding the past few years, and I bought my 16 ZR 6000 137 with the intent of keeping it a long time for a boondocker and Wisconsin sled. The new Yammie turbo triple has me thinking about buying one more 4S and that I would just keep as my Canada touring sled.
  12. We met Mike on the backend of the trip at the Universel, and yes he did buy me and the wife a glass of wine
  13. So I wasn't born an Afghani - Liberal MP

    It's not a lie she is an Afghani and her family fled from Herat Afghanistan in 1996 to get away from the Taliban, the town of Mashhad Iran where she was born at is pretty close to the Afghan and Turkmenistan border. I think that if you took the time to read the whole story you would find that her story is pretty interesting.
  14. Hey is anyone going to the sled show in Milwaukee on Oct. 14th thru the 16th? Me and Anler are talking about going up on the evening of the 14th.