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  1. Trump is a master at playing the media

    Did Trump or the WH ever announce that his statement on that was fake news?
  2. Google "white couple"

    Momosexual says what?
  3. The accident was reported at 5:24 am local time, 10 guys are missing thoughts and prayers for those guys.
  4. Momosexual and his fascination with male genitalia is uncurable
  5. On ship that size there are port, starboard, bow, and aft lookouts, then there are a couple of radar officers, it just doesn't make sense that everyone was fucking off at the same time.
  6. Doesn't make sense for the bridge to be asleep, it's not the like the crew on the Fitz and now the McCain were both out partying with Joe Hazelwood before sailing.
  7. Not good, search and rescue efforts are under way.
  8. He was a good guy with his telethons raising money, but other than that he was an asshole. RIP
  9. Fail

    It would not surprise me if Charlottesville invigorates those DNC numbers, please be sure to post up next month's report.
  10. There has been nazis holding marches since I was a kid, in fact nazi HQ in Chicago was on the southside at 71st and Rockwell. While I don't agree with all of Antifa's tactics I do know that there cause is to fight the haters, and Antifa would do it's self a favor by not vandalizing property. The Antifa people did take off there masks in Charlottesville as the police were arresting masked people. I think yesterday's counter protest in Boston was a textbook example of what a protest should be, large relatively peaceful numbers that speak volumes. For a little history I'll post some pics of nazi marches in Skokie (Jewish burb) and at Chicago's Marquette Park on the southside that occurred when I was kid and an adult. 1976 1977 From 1986 1988
  11. ANTIFA domestic terrorists

    So is it safe to say that you feel the same way about these guys in Charlottesville?