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  1. Whatever happens I hope Yamaha stays in the sled business.
  2. I hope for your sake the Trump DOJ can find enough to bring charges against Hillary and her underlings!! Meanwhile Trump has hired the loudmouth and conspiracy minded DeGenova as an attorney, the "deep state" propaganda is gonna get deeper
  3. The fuck there isn't, when I kill a deer, a pheasant, etc. it's with the intent to kill, just like if some motherfucker comes hunting for humans, big difference between that and accidentally hitting and killing some animal or a person with a car, and if you can't understand that................
  4. So............

    May god bless you! Are you really dry when you have access to the products of the trade?
  5. Listen to the Judge closely, it's exactly what I have been posting here.....again listen very closely and think about what the Judge is saying...patience.
  6. There's a difference with killing someone intentionally with a gun as opposed to killing someone while driving or texting like an do understand that?
  7. History usually repeats itself, now you know what to expect.
  8. So............

    @Jimmy Snacks is suffering from deep withdrawal issues and deserves some slack..........................NOT
  9. Here's the problem with Hillary......she's already been investigated 10 different ways to Sunday, and I might add that she has been investigated by some pretty tough prosecuting hombres like Trey Gowdy and they got...gots. Session's came out and said you have to have something to go after, and until a prosecutor comes up with something he or she knows they can win it ain't going to happen.
  10. Woulda coulda shoulda, I'm no fan of Trump but there is no sense of speculating on theoreticals when Trump actually provides more that enough fodder by his words and actions.
  11. So............

    I have never had a problem with Preston, maybe it's you guys
  12. Spring Riding in Northern MN

    Very cool to hear that Monica's in, figure around Valentines Day next year
  13. Just remember a man is innocent in this country until PROVEN guilty, and what your feelings are for that individual makes no difference.
  14. Not with the nifty Twitter link embedded BTW, what Trey is saying is what I have posted here many times, if your innocent act innocent.