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  1. Mileage Psycho

    Twin Spar Cat guys I need some advice

    To answer the original question: The heat exchangers that run along the tunnel of the F chassis also act as a tunnel protector as they are aligned with with the track clips.
  2. Mileage Psycho

    Twin Spar Cat guys I need some advice

    Or get a Storm 150 track, which you can get pre-studded or you can use screw-in studs like I did. Nails are a pain in the ass, just a problem waiting to happen.
  3. I'm still a proponent of high speed rail to connect major metro areas, of course troglodytes like yourself have the inability to see anything that is innovative. It's going to happen, the ball is in motion.
  4. Mileage Psycho

    Arctic Cat....Pffft..

    Tucker is the arguably the best SX of all time, but CC is where it's at! I was talking to Kirk in 2011 at the 50th party in TRF and I asked how come we haven't seen Tucker race CC, the answer was is he didn't like the speed in CC. But the best overall racer of all is: The Captain pulls the holeshot on Air Morgan Leading Tucker in Duluth
  5. Mileage Psycho

    USS Hornet found (CV-8)

    Pretty cool how the ship is sitting with its keel on the bottom. Good video in the link describing the search, and an interview with one of the gunners describing the action that occurred on the day it got hit.
  6. Mileage Psycho

    Tweaked the fuck out of the 850

    On a damn service road for fucks sake, just stupid.
  7. Mileage Psycho

    Tweaked the fuck out of the 850

    Two lucky drivers with that one.
  8. We're thinking of watching GOT from the start, of course that's a lot of hours with it being sledding season and an April 14 start date for season 8. If I ever move to Indiana you will know that I have failed.
  9. I know you like Trump, but you have to admit he does talk like he's seriously deranged at times.