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  1. It's not a conspiracy if it's in the realm of reality, and a drug cartel burning up the competition is very likely.
  2. The drug industry’s triumph over the DEA

    It's crazy how these fucks protected big pharma.
  3. Mr. Leahy won't be down for dinner

    RIP, good actor! 71 isn't long enough.
  4. Trumps just a real prick

    Trump is a pathological liar, is anyone surprised by this?
  5. Criminals, it's a long read and there is more at the link, this is the kind of shit that makes my blood boil.
  6. I'm on the board of a few charities, the money we collect is used to help people that need it, and haven't people been giving Harvey's money to charity? So now the charities that Harvey has donated to are supposed to do what with the money? /threadend
  7. Discuss

    She resides in the minds of many
  8. Discuss

    The numbers that really get under Trumps skin
  9. Sled pics from last season.

    Loading up at home for an early December ride in southern Wisconsin, lunch in Quebec, the signage, somewhere in the hills between Riviere Rouge and Duhamel, Superior sunset, good times in the springtime woods near Grand Marais, MI.