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Dark Brandon….

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Economy working for you :bc:

Wow. What a jobs report!

JUST IN: The US economy added 336,000 jobs in September – that’s another strong month of hiring that blows away the 170,000 forecast.

Unemployment rate: 3.8% (same as August)

Wage growth: 4.2% y/y (above 3.7% inflation)


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Left: Fox before the jobs report released this morning: “Economists warn of a weakened labor market”

Right: Fox after the jobs report released: “336,000, that is a BIG number... A blowout number”


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Stop the parade...

22% of these new jobs are in GOVERNMENT, which we all pay for.  Net loser.

Real inflation is outpacing earnings BECAUSE:

151k of the new jobs were entry level, part time.

Full time jobs DROPPED by 22k.  In the last three months, we've added 1.2M PART TIME jobs and LOST 700k full time.  A catastrophic drop off.


123k of these jobs are people's SECOND jobs they're taking to make ends meet.  37% of new jobs added went to people taking a second job because Bidenomics is so catastrophic to their well-being.

Oh, also, American workers are still getting fucked.  Majority of new jobs are going to foreign workers.  They've fully recovered their trendline from the pandemic.  Americans have not.


The headline that wage growth is outpacing inflation is bogus, even if you use the government's own estimated inflation numbers.  Both full time and part time wages are decreasing against inflation on a monthly basis.


Final point, in summary, people working two jobs are spiking the jobs numbers to look artificially prosperous, but real wages are down because SO many jobs are part timers replacing full timers.

All-in-all, this is a DISASTROUS job environment, reflective of out-of-control inflation.


So there you have it.  The truth of the numbers.  Fuck @SnowRider for being the ignorant parrot he is for not bothering to do 5 mins of research to see the reality behind the bullshit.

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6 minutes ago, SnowRider said:

Almost 14 million jobs created.  Bidenomics works.  Only a MAGAt roots for trickled on.  Biden FTW :bc:


Not created 

Fucking loser

Hows that crow taste?

 Better than Biden’s cock?

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3 hours ago, SnowRider said:

Almost 14 million jobs created.  Bidenomics works.  Only a MAGAt roots for trickled on.  Biden FTW :bc:


This is your Hero :lol:

A demented old pedo 

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