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shooter resented having to attend Christian school

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Oh, and can we please go back a measley 25 years ago when a parent could walk through the school halls during the day and find their child in his/her classroom, walk up to the door, the teacher knows them and who their child is, say hello, take said child out of class to go to doctor, dentist, funeral, etc. without even so much as a note?


Fuck where have we gone in such a short time....never to return to those days again.:sad:

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4 hours ago, Highmark said:

While statistically that may be true but anyone who shoots up a school obviously is lacking the ability to feel remorse and is having serious mental health issues.   Do we have more people with psychopathic traits or are they just acting on them more often?

Notoriety is still one of the main driving forces when these individuals are interviewed after or their past looked into.  A psychopath who wants attention is a very dangerous thing. 

I don’t view the personality disorder of psychopathy as a treatable mental health issue. In fact, I don’t view it as a mental health issue. Otherwise it could be used as a defense. Which it can not. One of the few actual mental health disorders that results in violence would be paranoid schizophrenia. And ironically it’s one of the most treatable with patients responding to medication within 24-72 hours. 

There has been an increase in all cluster B personality disorders.  Both in society and among those in power. 

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15 hours ago, Not greg b said:


General public not at risk!!

All I hear on the news is how crime rate has fallen in mpls and St. Paul!!

compared to what!!

bunch of Girl Scouts shot up the other night!

must of wanted some cookies!!!

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3 hours ago, hayward said:

Ban music.  No more Snoop Dogg or Tupac for white peeplezzzz.  

It's a bad influence on their minds....

Snoop Dogg and Tupac was like nursery rhymes compared to some of the new Rap. Most of this new music is all about killing the "opps". 

Id blame Call of Duty before id blame Rap. 

And I use to love playing first person shooters but these kids nowadays are fucked. They have been so desensitized from movies and video games.  

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2 minutes ago, spin_dry said:

No one but you posts photos like that. 

Just pointing out the issues they seem to have, I'm cool as long as they are happy. :thumbsup:

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1 hour ago, Deephaven said:

The old man was like fuck the extra money TURBO

I'll ask my Dad if he will buy me a new sled also. It never hurts to ask. :thumbsup: 



That's right he's dead, well that won't work, dam!! :wall:

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2 minutes ago, Deephaven said:

Moved on, no gay shit, has no idea what the video was about.  Do you actually understand anything badger?


I was responding to you homos about my post, Dumbcunt Deepfaggot Deepcunt whatever your fucking name is.   

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