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Blacks attack a table of whites- because their order come first

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12 minutes ago, DriftBusta said:

Good point.  I guess if its "just 2 consenting adults" when a 47 year old POTUS can violate a 21 year old intern, this is just a natural progression amirite?!   :dunno: 

Hey.... if you can't shower with your own daughter, who can you shower with?

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14 minutes ago, ckf said:

Should I just call you dink?

Call me what you like.... everyone else does.....

Don't get all bent out of shape because I made a FBI in social media joke here..... didn't realize it was a sore subject.

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7 minutes ago, Snake said:

The HSR and Dooski show!

Brought to you by Tampax Tampons... :lmao:

At least try and be funny. We’re already laughing so it shouldn’t be too difficult 

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56 minutes ago, 01mxz800 said:

blacks waiting on steaks? would think it would have been fried chicken:dunno:

You've never seen the movie "The Green Book" have you?


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On 12/26/2022 at 10:41 AM, J. Jackson said:

Looks like the crackers handled themselves pretty well against overwhelming numbers.

hell yeah they did. the crowd just moved away. no one trying to get close. not much "golden " in that corral

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