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Chevy And GMC Are In Big Trouble Over Diesel Engines

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While the ramifications of the Volkswagen Dieselgate scandal continue to be felt, it seemed like the dark fog over diesel technology was finally lifting. But now General Motors is dealing with its own situation regarding diesel engines. The Detroit News reports that GM is now facing a class-action suit alleging its 6.6-liter Duramax engine found in 2011-2016 Chevrolet and GMC models is not compatible with US diesel fuel.

Details of the lawsuit, which was filed this week, say GM sold "hundreds of thousands" of engines containing a Bosch fuel injection pump that pumps metal shavings into the fuel injection system, ruining both the fuel system and the entire engine. American diesel fuel is thinner than its European counterpart, allowing for air pockets that cause the metal to rub against metal and create shavings.

"The pump secretly deposits metal shavings and debris throughout the fuel injection system and the engine until it suddenly and catastrophically fails without warning," the lawsuit alleges. "Such catastrophic failure often causes the vehicle to shut off while in motion and renders it unable to be restarted because the vehicle's fuel injection system and engine component parts have been completely contaminated and destroyed. GM promised consumers the continued reliability of their diesel engines, but with increased fuel efficiency and power at greater fuel efficiency. However, this came with a hidden and catastrophic cost that was secretly passed on to consumers," the suit claimed while also referring to the engines as a "ticking time bomb."


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11 minutes ago, NaturallyAspirated said:

Sulfur isn't a lubricant in diesel.


it always was . but the EPA low sulphur US bull shit fuel directly correlates with the lack of longevity of modern junk oil burners. 


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2 minutes ago, Ez ryder said:

do your self a favour and do a 5 min web search on why modern oil burners don't last 


The processing used to remove the sulfur (not a lubricant) creates a situation where hydrocarbon molecules that are lubricants are destroyed.  

You are the one who doesn't understand what's going on bro.  Perhaps you need to do some research before spouting off.



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