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  1. Meh, …all the clueless, pampered, concrete jungle Karen and Beta Chad hypocrites deserve getting the blackface, assaulting, temper tantrum, airhead, pandering racist they knowingly voted for; with all of the associated ineffective paper policies of his enablers and his kind…that mean nothing out here in the real world sticks. Nice to be able to ignore all of their meaningless changes and know that by the time anybody clues in to where I am, what I have, or what I’m doing, I can be airborne and hundreds of miles away…just like their leader and his string pullers.
  2. Bullet birds, another one of my favorites, well done sir!
  3. Whether it’s to own and occasionally cruise, or to daily-ish drive the new stuff is the smart choice. (And I have a few, some American some German…..buuuuttt Nothing shuts a car show down and diverts attention like a chromed up, brightly painted, big block from yesteryear that literally leaves tire marks just from sitting idling because the lumpy cam in the block causes the car to wiggle and shake so much! Not a vette, not a gtr, not a Lambo. The heart chooses nostalgia and classic idgaf unapologetic styling and brashness.
  4. Amount of nuclear fuel it takes to meet your individual power needs in a life time = 1 pop can and that also represents the waste generated for an individual. Compare that to your carbon footprint measured in tons per YEAR!
  5. He should be fine. South of the province along trans Canada highway was mostly freezing rain, especially in the east. Middle of province, by my farm land on the edge of the forest, got 14” on the flats. But you’ll see windblown drifts up to 6’ on the news in the cities and towns. Up here (just south of Lake Athabasca) we were untouched but are already sitting at 20” on the flats and shitty slush ice because of too much snow before the lakes froze well.
  6. 2019 Challenger Hellcat Redeye Wide-Body - 800 hp, 700 ft lbs ish Has the Demon motor but not the hood scoop, race ecu, suspension or trans brake
  7. Wow, this blows me away! Terrific man and mountain sled master!
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