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  1. 800renegaderider was off to a decent start . . . But, spend a little more and get a self contained Re - Breather System w/ liquid oxygen tanks, just like a Haz Mat crew has with a full NBC suit. That and decontamination WILL keep you 99.9% safe. Spend a little, live a little. . .
  2. Wasn't this tried 🤔 in Germany from 1936 - 1945, under National Socialism?
  3. Wow . . . What a gifted thought, my Macan, should go slower, because it's cold outside. Montana doesn't have that Thought! The Autobahn is GREAT with NO speed limit.
  4. Not the most practical, or safest airframe to circumnavigate the world in. . .
  5. Real job site safety cans are steel with spring loaded caps + flame arrestors built into the can. Sparks can be generated from static electricity from a plastic surface. Spills are safer on the ground than in a car trunk or splashing on you from a tailgate.
  6. $ 6.00 a quart SAE 30 full synthetic.. No problems, cheapest I can find.
  7. A hoopty is slang for a California ghetto type road cruiser (boat) car. Never intended to have a stylish metallic UPS Brown sled with electric yellow racing stripes.
  8. No, this would look more hoopty coming out of 800renegaderiders shop with a custom paint job with graphics in school bus yellow ( Doo will suffice) and UPS brown.
  9. You didn't specify 2 stroke or 4 stroke? Happy w/ Royal Purple in 4 strokes , price is right. Have ran synthetic royal purple 2 stroke. No issues. Redline 4 stroke expensive + burns 🔥 through rings . . .
  10. Maybe a little preventive bridge maintainance might be in order ? ? ? Foolish masks in public, vaccine mandates . . . Maybe a little common sense.. Put sand on the bridges..
  11. They'll know how bad they got hurt, Monday morning after calling 📞😪 the insurance company.
  12. Ironic, I was talking to a form contractor, that stressed he competes on 100% cash jobs. Pays supplier on discounted cash price. Who knows where the monkey business is happening?
  13. Wait .... are you complaining about a land owner using his property?
  14. In the wrong neighborhood, they will kill you for a lot less. . . Still remeber carrying in white money bags as a kid into the office to buy parents first new 50' Hatteras. Marina owner went bonkers, when I told him, we were there to pick up the yacht. No, happier when I told him we were escorted with armed body guard. I wouldn't consider that today. And yes, found a wallet stuffed with cash this summer, gave it to the cops to return. Couldn't sleep at night scoffing someone's wallet.
  15. What it doesn't have in looks, it has in rider comfort. The seat + backrest fit like a glove
  16. Bites. that I had to shovel 6 - 8" on the shoreline. SEND IT NORTH
  17. Yes, It would be bad for the masses, if only Ski Doo and Polaris were the only major players! Monopolistic, Fat and Lazy. . Product development, quality and pricing would all negatively impact the consumer market. Please Textron, keep Arctic Cat open
  18. I'm noticing the retarded behavior with out mandates. Society was starting to look more normal, before Omicron arrived.
  19. A Corporation wouldn 't be liable for the previous owners bills
  20. Studs are great on bad road conditions. . . Don't like the noise, but like the traction.
  21. With out judging my ethics, my car would get registered in my business name . . .
  22. The anti crowd is more on point! My tired eyes thought the Machines were. Adrenaline models.
  23. Yes. Heads Up display with interactive GPS system would be great. Unfortunately, with shortages of electronic components, it's probably not a priority at Ski Doo. . . Honda has factory GPS technology on their quads. . . And. Heads Up display on their new Honda Jet . . . Time will tell, but Japan's factories are capable of actually producing a complete Heads Up navigation system. . .
  24. There's NO snow, and these sleds have 2" track lugs.
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