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  1. Better watch out , the Bears won today LOL Oh those Packers that only show up in the second half on offense
  2. Had the weekend planned with the Sled Dogs in Marquette Just an Beautiful Event More 40s this weekend in WI
  3. Hopefully A Rod is right behind him holding his golf bag
  4. Glad I bought both of our new cars in 2018 Cant beat 0% Interest on 60 month loans I knew Covid was coming
  5. The day after , the Presidential adds will start You will need three mailboxes to contain all the bullshit
  6. Green Eggs and Ham Happy Easter
  7. Yes , Will Smith was clearly laughing at the joke - So what did wifey say to get Mr Smith to go for a walk
  8. Wife’s Birthday On Christmas Day If I got her nothing , I would get NOTHING for a very very long time
  9. Hitting this next month https://www.moparsinthepark.com Not near in size as the 50s show and Haydays however Iola Car Show got cancelled last year - However they had a pretty big car gathering car cruise instead thru town , no swap All Symco gatherings happened also last year Tons of car shows in WI start today , May 1st
  10. https://kenssports.com/Showroom/All-Inventory/Arctic-Cat/Snowmobiles https://tamotorsports.com/Showroom/New-In-Stock-Inventory/New/Arctic-Cat/Snowmobiles Pull your wallet out
  11. Grew up on my parents brand new Moto Ski Sonics when kids Never really rode after that or lost interest when older My first sled purchase s was a 1998 ZR500 and then the wife got a 1997 EXT 580 Deluxe It was new sleds every couple of years after that
  12. I loved the DD gearbox It was when Cat went with the rock hard Kevlar Belts associated with the DD setup / clutching And then add the problematic DD Secondary Clutch bushing and Aluminum Hub , was an RPM killer when worn Once you got those issues figured out LOL WHEN everything was working right
  13. Last Year Polaris defended MPH Cat E T Now This Year Just The Opposite Ski Doo Doesn’t have to defend or explain anything That’s why they are #1
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