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  1. Bout time Cat won it. SOTY is about new tech representing the future of the sport. The 24 Cat is the first factory belt drive trail sled. Course a certain 24 mustard bucket does feature the first weight penalty free electric start found on a trail sled. Does Polaris have any firsts for 24?
  2. Yeah, pictures of mountain sleds… One guy put 4,900 miles on his 23 XRS 850 and his held up just fine. Like I said, all 23 G5s got the new design not just the mountain sleds and there wasn’t a single failure reported on Dootalk in the trail sled forum. For 24 we now have the Turbo 850 mounted in a trail sled and most will probably be running tunes well north of 200 HP so I guess we’ll see how that goes. Worst case Doo could simply switch back to the old design. As for the cost, the new design adds pieces / parts so I would think it would be more expensive to produce???
  3. The G5 chain case is the same as the G4. It was the driveshaft that was changed to make for easier / quicker track swaps. I'm on Dootalk all the time in the G4/G5 trail sled section. And I didn't see a single post about any failures on any trail sleds last season. And there was plenty of snow / miles racked up last year. All 2023 G5s came with the same new driveshaft including my 23 MXZ.
  4. ^^^ Doo did their best to lock down the Mach Z’s ECU via encryption. They’re purposely leaving this one unlocked. And the Mach’s computer pulled power as soon as it got a little warm. With the meth injection Doo is designing this sled to maintain full power. I think this one is going to be different…
  5. Shoot, I forgot about the liquid cooled crankcase. So that’s 3 things the new flatland Doo turbo has going for it to help it keep cool that none of the competition has. Meth injection, boost injectors, & a LC CC. I think the Polaris Boost is toast and there might even be a few butt hurt T-Cat / Winder owners this winter.
  6. Well they’re kinda doing both. Remember the NA Doo 850 already has boost injectors to help keep things cool. They kick in around 7K rpm. And then it’s part DI and part old school throttle body EFI. So it does ride a little dirty.
  7. Side note: trail converted 146 = C-Motion or an actual mountain skid designed to transfer. I suppose the RMX might put a damper on things. In any case should be interesting. There will most likely be a turbo back country next year anyways.
  8. Nice sleeper! What’s he running? Motec turbo around 300 HP LOL.
  9. I found the post. And I guess I stand corrected. They’re playing with 270-280 HP tunes for the new Doo 850 Turbo R. “ Acceleration on an 850 turbo is nothing short of brutal. Tuner with a turbo R said 300 hp sidewinder had 2 mph more on the gun than his 850.......but in 2000 ft still couldn't get around his 850. Gonna be interesting.“ ” I've spoken to a well known tuner that says they're playing with 270-280 flashes already. “
  10. Yeah it probably won’t be running the outlaw class at Haydays LOL. But some guy had a trail converted 146 Doo turbo last year lined up with a 300 HP winder. The Winder got a higher mph reading but they ran out of room B4 the winder could catch the Doo turbo. Don’t remember the race length but it wasn’t short. I wanna say 2-3 thousand feet.
  11. The meth is not to keep it alive, it’s to stop the computer from raining on the parade when the air intake temps get a bit warm during prolonged WOT use. I’ve read about tunes as high as 260 HP for the new Doo 850 turbo. And it probably weighs 100 lbs less than the thunderwinder.
  12. Every other flatland Ski-Doo comes with 8 tooth drivers. And usually Ski-Doo has their ECUs locked down tighter than a snare drum. In other words they decided to unleash the beast with this model. Me, I’m just happy the words MXZ and SHOT are being used in the same sentence. I mean thanks to Ski-Doo we’ve all been enjoying weight penalty free reverse for years. Doo has access to weight penalty free electric start so why not let us trail riders have it to. Now they are. Personally I don’t have much interest in a turbo. The NA 850 is fast enough for me. Or so I thought until I got a l
  13. Can’t forget about the meth/water injection and the stutter mode/launch control. I bet tuned Vs tuned even the mighty thunder winder is gonna need a very long distance to try and get around one of these things.
  14. I guess it showed up with 9 tooth drivers and an unlocked ECU.
  15. If it is you can be assured it's in spite of the Biden administration's policies not because of them.
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