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  1. I was so desperate for the first ride on my 2018 I rode in 20 below weather. The overnight low was 40 below, it warmed up to negative 20 in the morning. But I had glass smooth trails all to myself. I figured if the guys up in AK & the Canadians can do it us lower 48 boys should be able to do it to. A tall w/s and handlebar muffs make it not so bad.
  2. All is fair in love & war. If you get to ridicule the sled we get to ridicule you for starting a thread about news that's literally a decade old. Don't worry, we'll get some snow soon and you'll get your new Cat soon. We all know Cat has something ready to go that's just been delayed for one reason or another (merger / covid). How many will be willing to roll the dice on a first year model out of Three Rubber Balls ??? For the record I hope it's something awesome that leap frogs Poo & Doo in some way and gets Cat back in the game. We all benefit from competition & innovation like e
  3. That would be cool, I got bad wrists from a m-cycle accident so I'd be all for power steering. Truth be told BRP is the only one that really " needs " it. I haven't ridden the 21 or newer model though with the revised suspension geometry, maybe they're better in that regard with less transfer both back and forward.
  4. Well if you believe Joe Bastardi the pattern is changing, Jan/Feb/Mar are all supposed to be below avg temps. And if you want to go with JD's rose colored glasses northern MN is supposed to get a decent snowfall around / just after Christmas. It looks a little thin at the moment but probably still rideable. I plan on riding somewhere between Christmas & New Years. Who knows it could end up being like the winter of 2013, slow shitty start but finished strong and we were all riding into late March, knock on wood.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if reveal dates get pushed back. Some guys still won't have their 22s or only had them for a week or two come late Feb. I also see tighter limits on dealer orders so if you want a 23 I wouldn't wait till the end of the spring order period, that will probably get shortened as well. Oh, in addition to the normal MSRP hike we'll also get to enjoy commodity surcharges & extra freight charges. I should've stuck to my 3 year pattern and ordered a 21. On the sleds themselves this is what I see: Arctic Cat - Will they finally release something new or continue to
  6. Doesn’t look like Cat is doing much better. https://www.arcticinsider.com/service-bulletin-8000-c-tec2-engine/
  7. Don’t worry, Poo will have their version of smart shox soon.
  8. Are you kidding? Everything Doo does lately Poo does 1-2 model years later, they obviously have a mole in Quebec. 850 E-Tec > 850 Patriot, 600R > 650, Turbo Summit 850 > Turbo RMK 850
  9. Every time I think maybe just maybe I'll give Polaris another try...
  10. It looks like the Mach won the dealer prep runs or am I missing something?
  11. So Doo's 850 just competed against itself? How about 600s, did they run the 600R against the C-Tec 600? Now that AmSnow is gone which mag does the write up SG?
  12. DTR got 193.2 HP and 14.1 PSI on a new Mach. It’s supposed to be 17+ PSI. Maybe the puter is holding it back a bit for break-in?
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