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  1. Yep, the “ official “ measurements are taken at the air port which used to be out of town or at least on the edge of town. Now it’s been swallowed by the urban heat island. Gee whiz I wonder if that has any effect on their reported warming over the decades… What gets me is every time there’s a cold snap the liberal fucktards have to point out condescendingly that there’s a difference between weather & climate. But every time there’s a heat wave guess what those same fuckers just have to bring up, they can’t help themselves. Drought? must be global warming Flood? must be glob
  2. Poo & Doo were running ski tip to ski tip & both had a nice view of Cat’s tail light. The later CFI 800s were “ ok “ just like the later E-Tec 800s. In comparison to those two the Doo 850 is an anvil. And the Poo 850 has been a disaster. Year one was a joke. Then they seemed to be ok for a couple years but have now come full circle with a stop sale on the 22s. There’s just no comparison with the Doo 850 having a liquid cooled bottom end & boost injectors.
  3. The G4 was a big step forward in power, durability, and chain case serviceability but a big step backwards in handling. Too much weight transfer both back & front hence the heavy feeling front end. Supposedly the 21 & newer models address this. Check out this video, the 850 handles lighter than the 600R with the new geometry.
  4. Hey now, what’s wrong with the seating position? At least the seat doesn’t feel like a pile of bricks. The rock hard seat & excrement quality is what keeps me off a Poo.
  5. HCS was Pootalk by default. I was looking for more participants so both brands would be represented somewhat equally. I never told or asked anybody to lie in some attempt to skew the poll. BTW there was only one winner in that poll and that was Arctic Cat. Poo & Doo tied for last place. Cat guys may have been laughing back then, now not so much. Oh and it would just be too unfair comparing 850s, like a NFL team playing a college team.
  6. Ride quality took a huge step backwards with the G4. The RM worked like magic in the XP. The G4 had too much weight transfer so they had to fuck up the calibration to compensate. I haven’t ridden the newer version with the tweaked geometry which supposedly allowed them to soften up the calibration much less a version with smart shox. That will all change next winter.
  7. I only watched the first few minutes but the little bit I did watch was kind of a fucking joke. They made their bias blatantly obvious by starting the video off with fluff that doesn’t really matter. Gauges & hand warmers GMAFB. How about starting with substance that really matters like power delivery or rear suspension ride quality. We all know which one has superior DQR and which one might need jackshaft bearings before 2K miles or grenade itself before 5K miles. Which do you think will have better resale? Which one do you think even the butt blind brand faithful won’t even own out of w
  8. Yeah, that’s only like 2 tanks of gas.
  9. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/academy-condemns-will-smith-actions-launching-formal-review-chris-rock-slap
  10. This wasn't some seedy bar, it was the Oscars, you know - a black tie event. And maybe just maybe CR didn't know about his wife's medical condition. Comedians making fun of the appearance of audience members sitting close to the stage is about as standard as standard gets in comedy. If anything WS should've had words with CR after the show. To disrupt the whole event & suck up all the attention - yep, classless.
  11. Like I said, he's a " comedian ". That's what they do! They crack jokes, improvise / improv. They often " razz " audience members sitting close to the stage. Everybody knows it and picks their seats accordingly. Have you never been to a comedy show? Granted this wasn't a comedy show and WS was close to the stage cuz he was nominated. Still, he could've handled it differently ie. shook his head, given CR a dirty look, or said something along the lines of hey now, that's gettin a little too personal. CR on the other hand was nothing but a class act in the way he handled it and just made WS look
  12. And apparently WS is an asshole.
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