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  1. Hope it goes okay, Im 60 minutes from Ontario and its been 50 degrees for the past two days, weve lost almost everything.
  2. Yeah I won't deny that. The dual gauge is nice for base sled but, if I am being honest, they should have been offering a nicer option. I thought it was going to happen when they updated the panels and front suspension (2020 I think from the spindle update) but they never did.
  3. Cats priority hasn't been a gauge. Its been this chassis. Now they can start looking into a modern gauge although the Garmin add-on ain't bad. They've made the gauge pod frame much bigger and obviously they plan to put something nicer in there as a factory option.
  4. Well inflation was caused by printing a shit ton of money we don't have to win votes. Spending money doesn't cause inflation, printing it does. This is what happens when you have a generation of woke liberal brats who don't want to work, build and create, but would rather mooch and get free handouts.
  5. The woke liberal degenerate cunts who are trying to legalize pedophelia, take over school's and control all information don't like it when someone stands in their way. As soon as Trump or DeSantis win the Presidency, and one of them will in the next decade, CRT will be banned nationwide, gender clinics will be banned nationwide, big tech and the media will be put on a controlled leash and men competing with woman in womans sports will be banned nationwide. Then all you degenerate liberal cunts will have to go back to hiding in your basement to watch child porn.
  6. I watched the entire video last night and honestly, it looked like Polaris was going to win it. That recall for like every sled for the past 8 years was the finishing stake for Polaris. Although its only affected a small percentage of those machines, its still an embarrassing afterthought. Next year things will start to get spicy, although it may be 2025 before Cat is ready across the board. Will Ski-Doo and Polaris keep refining their chassis? Or is another newer one in the works? Will the Catalyst 860 be out soon enough for the comparative review? Or will only the Catalyst 600
  7. Doo won it this year in 23 and Cat will most likely win it in 24.
  8. We had a strange season (Upstate NY). December had a nice storm but we had this weird 40 degree shortly after with rain and it was mostly gone. January, almost nothing. February, nothing until about the 10th and then boom, huge ass storm...then about 10 days later or the 19th-21st, we get a week of 40 degree weather. Mountain maintain some snow but local trails don't. March was easily the best month. Had snow up until early last week. Overall folks could ride, but you have to travel or storm chase. Not the best year, but not terrible either.
  9. Tesla's patent's are open book. Anyone can look and improve on the design if they so wish.
  10. I gotta do the chaincase oil on my Rush. Took a peak the other day, oil is black and looks like shit. No particles/metal, chain case is in good shape but I'll need to change it before next season.
  11. All I gotta do it put smoked headlight covers on and starting bragging about the R-Motion and I'm in.
  12. Looks like that 8/9 year old Polaris chassis lost to BRP's 6/7 year old G4/G5 chassis. And Badger's Doo's take home the most coveted award in the land! This is why I'm considering a 18 850 ETEC 129/137 or 18+ 998 137. IMHO the 23 looks worse though, I get they gotta freshen up the looks to appease the consumer....maybe it looks better in life.
  13. That would be extremely dumb. In real world conditions, the Alpha ProCross beat the 850's up an actual Mountain. The Alpha isn't designed for hardpack and set tracks up a course, its designed for a specific area in the real world. The Catalyst Mountain Sled will easily win Mountain Sled of the year.
  14. Nothing said here has anything to do with flying straight up a Mountain. You sound like a butthurt baby trying to counter that point about no one ever actually doing anything close to this in real life. I mountain ride all the time, trying to compare that to a Jackson Hole climb is a pathetic whimper of a reach to argue my last point about it NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPENING IN REAL WORLD DRIVING CONDITIONS. EVER.
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