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  1. Disney is not doing well either. Massive stock drops, losing millions with these woke movies and direction.
  2. Rail welded/fixed, ordered 4 replacement idler wheels, h-shaft and h-shaft spacer, few bearings for a few good idlers, top end gasket kit, got a perfect used cylinder and new spi pistion coming. Right side is perfect compression. Will start putting it back together soon.
  3. Undisciplined children grow up to be undisciplined adults. Many of these folks are woke liberal brats.
  4. Level 3 IT Specialist here. Thunderbird is just a vessel for email, not email itself. It can be setup to host a variety of email accounts, from Google to Outlook and even Yahoo Mail. It sounds like your PC has a disconnect in the registry in relation to the software's installation location and/or security descriptors, and its acting buggy when you try to open it or re-install it. With todays operating systems it can be hard to manually repair things like this, even if you have the ability to restore to an earlier point. I would just re-image the device. Nothing helps a PC run better,
  5. https://www.foxnews.com/us/new-york-supreme-court-reinstates-all-employees-fired-being-unvaccinated-orders-backpay
  6. All those "numbers" are cherry picked nonsense. We are still in a recession, and the billions of dollars this Biden Administration has printed off means things will continue to get much worse before they get better. Todays inflation is worse then its ever been in our Country, ever. The last 2 years have shown why Liberals usually lose much more then they win, and what happens when they do. The Country will go back to red in Mid-terms, and DeSantis will be the President in 24, or 28. Then, and only then will this country get back on track.
  7. Maybe but their rate of failure is much lower then the others.
  8. My 2500HD LT Crew. Added 34" sneakers, stainless side-steps, tonneu cover, badass hood decal and put on a quality 2" leveling kit (comes with diff spacers and skid plate spacers). Its been a great truck, pulls 15000 on the hitch and 20,000 on the goose.
  9. I'll never do that again. My buddy had a 392 Dodge with a 10-speed, thing constantly hunted for gears. The 6 Speed may not be the best for mileage, but its strong and beefy, and you can manually shift it/choose your gear whenever you want. I want reliability and durability over everything, so give me the big no 4 cylinder mode, no shut-off all balls all business 6.6L making 470tq and a durable 6 speed I know won't let me down when I need it most. Just my .02, others who tow more may appreciate the 8/10 speeds, but for me, you can have them.
  10. I drive a Silverado 6.6L 2500HD crew gasser and I love it. It will be hard to go back to a little 1/2 ton.
  11. Doo and Polaris were even worse. Atleast the Zuke's ran good. Cat's were much more reliable. Doo had loads of issues in the late 90's/Early 200's and so did Polaris, not to mention they were still running trailing arms when Cat was running a double-wishbone.A 2000 ZR 800 was light years ahead of any MXZ or Indy at the time, and Cat's market share from the late 90's to the end of the Firecat's was really good, around 30-40%.
  12. The liberal/democrat party is reaching new lows, and thats saying something. People are leaving in droves. Its' amazing you have to tell people its not okay to silence everyone else, and its not okay to fuck children. At this point anyone still sticking up for this liberal garbage is just a woke liberal brat in denial, and there's alot of them. This is why liberals lose so much, and why they rarely never win. Look what's happened to the USA in only 2 years. It's a fucking joke. All you liberal cunts should be bent over and spanked like children with a paddle.
  13. I would say Ski-Doo probably has the least amount of innovation in the past 10 years. Polaris released the Pro-Ride, Cat released the Alpha 1, what did Ski-Doo release? A fancy gauge pod? Don't get me wrong I like BRP/Can-Am/Ski-Doo/Sea-Doo but IMO they are and have always been good, average products. Not great at anything but good overall.
  14. Not done touching it up yet, ill wait till i replace the h-bracket, lookin better though
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